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  1. i think he will drop yeah. hes not what he was a few seasons back and neither are spurs, down to a 90 maybe?
  2. 2 bad games against torres... going on that logic you should really bring up VVD backpass against napoli that lead to their goal... means he should go down to a 93 now surely using that logic
  3. I definitely said Premier League, not A league, what you're referring too is the old league one because you have to go back that far... 30 years ago i believe. Don't get me wrong i too believe Van Dijk currently is one of the best defenders in the world however to claim he has no weaknesses and is greater than some of the best defenders to ever grace the premier league is very narrow minded for someone who has to bring up that you won a title over 30 years ago
  4. You know Shearer has more premier league trophies than liverpool right?
  5. Hahahahaha he is not on Vidics level, come back when hes won 5 prem titles
  6. Am i missing something with this thread? you post all these risers 2 or 3 days after they happen on soccer manager?
  7. So i don't know if anyone has brought this idea up before but myself and a group of my friends who all play this think it would be a fantastic idea if you had a game world that included legends of the game in their prime. A little bit like the icons in fifa ultimate team. There would be many more top quality players to choose from and would stop the worlds from going stale after a few seasons once all the best players have been brought by everyone who has stuck around
  8. Im seeing an awful lot of managers not logging in to their teams, there is about 5... This could be the beginning of the end
  9. ok well we will get you in but we will all be keeping an eye on what you're doing as you're a new player to this kind of thing
  10. RULE BREAK!! US Palermo after still not listening from the last time are now two men over the squad cap. this will leave me no choice but to ban the last two players you brought until you resolve this issue and as you didn't take notice you are transfer banned for the remainder of the season Those players are jose Rodriguez and Stefan Kiessling
  11. END OF SEASON AWARDS Here are the final awards for the 30+ player prize for the forthcoming season Win Division 1 West Ham United Win Promotion Palermo, Kashima Antlers Win Cup Everton Top Scorer Huntelaar Toulouse AGAIN Top Assister Lampard South China AA Best Captain Falcao Swansea Best Attack Scoring 52 (40 Lg 12 Cup) Southampton Best Defence Conceding 26 Union Atletico Maracaibo Finishing Dead Last Chennaiyin FC
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