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  1. Well it seems we are getting back to winning ways... for now!
  2. Not a great start to my title defence, lost two out of three games already this season, not looking good!
  3. animattion


    I stuck with 35+ right till the point you said you where going to leave? just because i don't post every day on the forum doesn't mean I'm not making effort...? Don't know where you got that from. I have never left a game world after a few weeks. i Was in this for 4 seasons before i took a break from SM and then i was in 35+ until you said you where going to leave so i don't know how you can say i was never committed to it?
  4. animattion


    are there teams available in this again? as you know i started off as FC Barcelona B and left the game for a while, now I'm back and hoping to get back into this, maybe even with my barca b one day
  5. MANAGERS NEEDED Right guys and girls we now have 2 open slots for new management New York City FC PFT Neftochimic if anyone knows of someone who is looking to join a game work like this then please let me know or send them my way
  6. I have always from the start of the set up said exactly what this prize was about, people even brought them last season after winning and you didn't say anything... and as everyone else understood what was going on i presumed everyone got it
  7. Did you just miss the end of season awards post? kind of explains it all
  8. Just also to say any teams who incurred a transfer ban last season for going over their squad cap can now bid on players again
  9. basically you can buy one player who is 31 years old or older no matter of rating and you have until the last game of next season to do so
  10. After some randomer i'd never heard of tried to apply for New York i have taken charge of them myself to stop unwanted pests applying for it and also so the team doesn't end up buying New York players and us getting into a situation like before. If anyone knows of someone who is interested in taking control of this club, please send them my way
  11. END OF SEASON AWARDS Well it has been a very close season for everyone but me lol Here are the final awards for the 31+ player prize for the forthcoming season Win Division 1 Everton Win Promotion Tottenham, Leeds Win Cup South China AA Top Scorer Huntelaar Toulouse Top Assister Menez Sabah FA Best Captain Drogba Kashima Antlers Best Attack Scoring 41 (38 Lg 3 Cup) Union Atletico Maracaibo Best Defence Conceding 24 Swansea Finishing Dead Last US Palermo The Pity award (for having their team ruined before taking control) Harimau Muda
  12. Right guys and girls we are in need of a new manager. Do we know anybody who is interested?
  13. actually scrap that, i gotta wait for the playoffs to finish which could change everything so, got a few days to wait
  14. A thrilling match ended 4 - 4 between Everton and Toulouse FC in their Division 1 encounter. Keita, Popa and Gauld were amongst the goalscorers. Record crowd watches Everton. 38,065 fans turned out to watch Everton against Toulouse FC breaking the previous home record attendance. Everton have won Division 1! After a prolific season for Everton, Carlos TÉVEZ is awarded the SMFA Golden Boot. After a fantastic season with Everton, Carlos TÉVEZ is awarded the SMFA Player of the season. ​Well what great season for the Toffees, absolutely delighted, now we have our eyes on a few players to bring in to strengthen the squad Now i have the glorious task of working out all the prizes, will bring the results in the next hour or so
  15. Everton allow Mata, Tevez, Hart, Rabiot and Schulz to leave on extended holiday before next season so will not be featuring in tonights game.
  16. What the hell is this forum... I'm so lost now!
  17. Re: Buy Me Out £160m is a cruel amount of money to be given, I'm not overly happy with my squad, definitely not even enough depth in the starting 11 let alone the rest of the squad, had to rely on hopeful risers to fill the squad with. Positives though i do have quite the powerhouses in midfield and not a bad front two. GK: Ter Stegen & Big Niall from the Chip Shop down the road DEF: Ginter, Can, Boyata, Garbutt, Kane, Magnussson MID: Schweinsteiger, Pirlo, Bale, Herrera, Draxler, The Younger Hazard Brothers, Teixeira, Fredericks (some lad i found running from the cops who seemed pretty quick so i signed him up) ATT: Mandzukic, Podolski, Yesil
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