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  1. Riferimento: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Hello! I lost most of the english changes because i was not connecting, is there still some good moneymaker that I can buy that has not been re-evaluated but will in the next days?
  2. Riferimento: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 So at the end which one are the best money-makers?!?
  3. Riferimento: Finland and Iceland, best risers! Thanks guys, i'll buy them all hoping to make some money
  4. Please list here the best risers for the two next leagues to be revised!
  5. Riferimento: Re: Best risers Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
  6. Riferimento: Lithuanian 'A Lyga' Risers Awesome job, i'll buy the best 10-15 of these players! If you know something also about Estonia or Latvia let us know
  7. Riferimento: Re: Best risers Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
  8. Riferimento: Best risers Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania Does anyone have an idea? Come on, let's make some money together!
  9. Riferimento: Re: Which of these 4? Yeah, they were 4 but then 1 got another offer! Thanks for your help!
  10. Dears, Soon it will be the turn of these 3 nations in the revaluation. Do u have names that can make me/us get some money? So that we will be ready for the changes I found Sergei MOSNIKOV and Aleksandrs CEKULAJEVS, they should get some points because they scored tons of goal in the Estonian league and they are young, but I started playing not that long time ago and so i don't know how to rate them! Waiting for your infos!
  11. Riferimento: Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues) I bought the three from Malta, let's see
  12. Hi all! I'm looking for a player 90 from a free team in a specific world, and there are three which are available: -DIARRA, Alou -NIANG, Mamadou -RAUL, González Which one do u think will keep the value for more time? Thanks a lot!
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