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  1. Re: Of mice and men - HELP!
  2. this is my real madrid team and i was jst wonderin if it is worth buying Ronaldo for 25mill plus kaka, Iniesta 25mill plus kaka or vidic 35 plus pepe??? 4-3-3 GK: Casillas 96 LB: Cole 94 CB's: Ramos 94, Pepe 93 RB: Maicon 95 LCM: Ribery 95 CM: Essien 95 RCM: Kaka 97 Fd: Messi 98 Fd: Hugain 93 Fd: Torres 96 Bench: Milito 94 Sneijder 94 Silva 93 Robben 93 Diarra 92 Other player i have: Zhirkov 92 Ivanovic 90 Milner 90 Marchisio 90 Valencia 90....... thankyou!
  3. Re: Nani or Valencia? for now valencia as i think nani is too inconsistent :L
  4. I have sneijder and 18mill and just wonderin wether i shud do 15mill plus sneijder for with fabregas or iniesta? whats you opinion on this? thankyou
  5. Re: Riferimento: SM Predict Season 5 Week 38
  6. Re: how does 433 work sorry mate i dont know how :L
  7. Re: Worst GC Dealing(s) Ever! selling pique for 23mill
  8. will any of the bayern munich stars get any rise if they win the Campions league, league, cup treble like robben, shwinstiger? thankyou
  9. Re: Korean K-League Risers so agree bought the +5's and they got +1's and +2's :@
  10. Re: players? i have heard of them oviously and i think they shud rise but i want to see other peoples opinions, thats what most of these threads are for
  11. are any of these barca stars likely for a rise and if you know of any young talent please add, r e w a r d e d! Valdes 91 Alves 94 Pique 92 Xavi 97 Iniesta 96 Messi 98 Ibra 96 thankyou!
  12. are any of these players worth buying? Torres 96 L. Diarra 92 Gourcuff 92 Hamsik 91 thankyou
  13. Re: Premier League Team of the year.....@ 15th April 2010 ---------Friedel-------------- ---Evra--Dunne--Ivanovic--Vermalen Valencia--Milner--Lampard--Fletcher--Malouda ---------Rooney--Drogba--Bent i know there's 12 players, couldnt decide!
  14. Re: 250million to spend!! Help!! GK:Lloris, De Gea, Sirigu... CB's: Vermaelen, Pique, Kjaer... RB's: Ivanovic... Wings: Ramires, Silva, Valencia, Robben... CM's: Marchisio, Milner, Hamsik... Fwd's: Huguain, Pato, Bendtnar, Lukaka... hope i helped pal!
  15. Re: Pay By Mobile i proper agree cos ma parents wont let me on their cards :L its probably gonna be more expensive tho
  16. i was just wonderin if you could list player who reached and of there ratings in the past like atm messi, ronaldo, xavi, kaka etc...
  17. Re: why ROBBEN only 93 ? mabye not 95 a +1 to 94 mabye, if he keeps up his form till the next rating change
  18. Re: Barcelona VS Real Madrid help! what about mine? last fixture Casillas 96 10 Maicon 95 9 Cole 94 8 Pepe 93 8 Ramos 94 7 Essien 95 10 Kaka 97 10 Ribery 95 10 Milito 94 10 Messi 98 10 Hugain 93 10 Bench Luis Fabiano 93 David Silva 93 Benzema 93 Sneijder 94 Zhirkov 92 Guiza 91
  19. I have just come back to soccer manager after my previous accounts gold membership expired a few year ago and back then when you bought GM you would be able to make your own custom GW but the small print now say you dont. does this mean that you have to buy a GW?
  20. Does no-one else think that the Pay by Mobile system should be used for all gold membership packages and not just for the monthly one. Because i like SM so much i want to become a gold member but ma parents wont lets me use their credit card and i dont want to have to pay every month for it... thank you
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