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  1. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread does anyone know how to get the best teams in GC's cos everytime i try i can never get a decent team
  2. Is it likely that he will drop as yet he may of not found his amazing form, he was at 98 when he was at the best of his form which everyone goes on about he hasnt achieved at RM. He is still 97 standard i believe but is this drop certain, he's still playing at top flight football for one of the best teams in europe???? whats your opinion? thanks
  3. please help, i need some players rated around 70-80 who will be getting large +7 +8 +9 +10 etc in the next rating changes Thank you
  4. Re: Fiorentina - Who should I keep and sell ? pepe is a solid 93 maybe even 94 if madrid do well this season (as well as barca last ) Midfielders maybe makoun as i think he is under rated at 91 atleast 92. De Jong at city doesnt get as much game time as he did since viera came to the side so i dont think his 91 is too solid
  5. Re: Fiorentina - Who should I keep and sell ? hope i helped there
  6. Re: Can you name the 43 Premiership Clubs? 35 but forgot some obvious ones like reading, watford lol
  7. does anyone know whether or not it is possible when you find a good game online to convert it somehow, on some site, so that it works of symbian series 60 5th edition??? (on my Satio)...for example i found a game called cube runner whihc is amazing but cant find it anywhere for my phone, just iphone lol help thanks
  8. Re: How to beat 442? 4-3-3 is a good way to counter it or match his/her 4-4-2 if you have a better and fitter team...with 4-3-3 have the three midfielders making forward runs with the LB and RB doing this also... hope i helped!
  9. the name speaks for itself, the RSC Anderlecht rating changes apart from the obvious lukaku , thankyou
  10. Re: need help with my newcastle
  11. Re: Standard Liege risers, quick answers rewarded with reps!! thanks anyone else got any, even small +2 +3 risers, im wondering about Mehdi CARCELA-GONZALEZ thanks, theve had a decent season in the europa league
  12. standard liege risers???? need help quick as it is a competative gw im in. thankyou
  13. Re: Winger/Am needed, 90+ if poss. 18m to spend Ramires of Benfica 90 likely to rise to 91 next time Candreva of JUventus 87 likely to rise if he still plying at juventus hope i helped a little
  14. Re: 10k-500k big risers please, all answers will be rewarded thanks, any others?
  15. i need some 10k-500k risers in either USA, Uruguay, Korea or Belgium???? please help, i'm attempting the division four challenge with bury fc repps will be awarded for good answers thankyou
  16. i have a dilemma people, of who to buy/bid for, money isn't an issue btw: David SILVA 93 AM/Wing Gerrard PIQUE 92 CB/DM Carlos TEVEZ 93 CF/AM Raul ALBIOL 92 CB/RB Giorgio CHIELLINI 94 CB/LB Juan Manuel MATA 91 Wing/Fwd thank you
  17. Re: some players' next rating changes, please help thats what i feel it could do??
  18. Re: help needed with transfer, reps awarded for all answers!! yeah i have an excellent first team squad, average rating of 95 and age 26!!!
  19. out of these players i bought before the rating changes, before they got increases, who should i sell and who is s keeper?? and btw non of these feature in my first team apart from MARCHISIO with a few apearances. CANDREVA AM/Wing 87 MARCHISIO CM/DM 90 SIRIGU GK 86 KJAER CB 89 CISSOKHO LB 89 RAMIRES RM/CM 90 IVANOVIC RB/CB 90 EVANS CB/LB 89 Milner RM/CM 90 MACHUCA CB 83 PAREJO CM/AM 86 EKDAL CM/AM 83 POLI CM/AM 86 thank you!!
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