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  1. Re: players ratings, will be rewarded what do you mean
  2. can you give me rating predictions for these players please and who i should buy to improve my squad, it will be rewarded. DONI, Alexander GGk 29 91 ASENJO, Sergio GGk 20 88 OIER, Olazábal GGk 19 78 SALCIDO, Carlos LB-CBLB/CB 29 90 FEDORIV, Vitaliy LBLB 21 85 ANTUNES, Vitorino LBLB 22 85 HELDER, Santos LB-LMLB/LM 20 84 REGINI, Vasco LB-LMLB/LM 19 76 SIMSEK, Ridvan RBRB 18 78 BRUNO ALVES, Eduardo CBCB 27 92 POLGA, Anderson CBCB 30 90 DAINELLI, Dario CBCB 30 90 SIDNEI, Rechel CBCB 20 87 MUNIESA, Marc CB-LBCB/LB 17 75 OJO, Funso CB-DMCB/DM 18 75 BAJRAMI, Emir LM-WLM/Wing 21 85 CAMORANESI, Mauro RM-CMRM/CM 32 92 ROSI, Aleandro RM-LMRM/LM 22 85 CAMBIASSO, Esteban CM-DMCM/DM 29 95 LUCHO GONZALEZ, Oscar CM-RMCM/RM 28 93 MAKOUN, Jean CM-DMCM/DM 26 91 BRIGHI, Matteo CM-DMCM/DM 28 90 ZUCULINI, Franco CM-RMCM/RM 19 86 DE JONG, Siem CMCM 20 86 VAN DER VAART, Rafael AM-CMAM/CM 26 93 DZAGOEV, Alan AM-CMAM/CM 19 88 FARFAN, Jefferson W-FWing/Fwd 24 91 GIULY, Ludovic W-FWing/Fwd 33 91 TADDEI, Rodrigo W-AMWing/AM 29 91 WILLIAN, Borges W-AMWing/AM 21 88 AYEW, André W-FWing/Fwd 19 84 DAVID VILLA, Sánchez FFwd 27 96 DEL PIERO, Alessandro F-AMFwd/AM 34 94 VÁGNER LOVE, Silva FFwd 25 91 FREI, Alexander FFwd 30 90 GUILHERME, Milhomem F-AMFwd/AM 20 89 MIRALLAS, Kevin F-WFwd/Wing 21 86 ZAKI, Amr CFCF 26 88 OKAKA CHUKA, Stefano CF 20 84 and posibily Aguero 94 Athletico MAdrid De Jong 91 of Man City i also have 200mill to spend so and ideas of who i should buy thanks
  3. will any of these players rise POGREBNYAK, Pavel CF 91 CAHILL, Tim CF 91 CORLUKA, Vedran RB 91
  4. Re: The Division 4 Challenge! i had a bury fc team in div4 i got them promoted one season and it all went wrong, i sold all rated 80 and under players and brought in 85 rated players. got relagated only winning 2 games even though my team wath mathmatically batter so its not easy:D
  5. ASENJO, Sergio OIER, Olazábal FEDORIV, Vitaliy ANTUNES, Vitorino HELDER, Santos REGINI, Vasco SIMSEK, Ridvan SIDNEI, Rechel MUNIESA, Marc OJO, Funso BAJRAMI, Emir ROSI, Aleandro ZUCULINI, Franco DE JONG, Siem DZAGOEV, Alan WILLIAN, Borges AYEW, André GUILHERME, Milhomem MIRALLAS, Kevin OKAKA CHUKA, Stefano what could these players reach next rating changes?
  6. Re: My Squad can you tell me the rating predictions for these players
  7. Re: Player Ratings: Rise, Stay or Drop Thread FREY, Sebastien OSPINA, David JANKULOVSKI, Marek MARCELO, Vieira ODDO, Massimo CHIVU, Cristian MILITO, Gabriel UJFALUSI, Tomás BONERA, Daniele LAMPARD, Frank AMBROSINI, Massimo FLAMINI, Mathieu GUERCI, Alex DIEGO, Ribas GOURCUFF, Yoann QUARESMA, Ricardo MUTU, Adrian QUAGLIARELLA, Fabio PALOSCHI, Alberto GILARDINO, Alberto what about these;)
  8. Re: My Squad can i also ask about my milan squad rating changes, who i should sell or buy to improve my squad. GK Frey LB Jankulovski LB Marcelo RB Oddo CB Chivu CB Milito RB Ujfalusi CB Bonera CM Lampard CM Ambrosini CM Fameni CM Diego CM Gourcuff Wing Quresma Fwd Mutu Fwd Quagliarella Fwd Gilardino thanks
  9. Re: My Squad thanks:) any ideas of who is likely to go up
  10. I just wondering who i should sell out of this Barcelona team or who i should keep i.e. whos ratings will go up or down. thanks:) GK Frey GK Valdes RB Castro CB Chelleni CB Carrager CB Milito Def Puyol Def Caceres LM Cranjcar CM Toulalan CM Yaya Toure CM Meireles CM Raul Garcia Wing Iniesta Wing Helb Wing Benzema Wing Farfan Fwd Etoo Fwd Mutu Fwd Adriano Fwd Bojan CF Kanoute CF Chamakh thanks...
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