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  1. Re: Aubameyang or Andre Ayew - who buy??? Aubemayang definitely, he will be a starter for BVB next season in most games, in the next few IRL seasons i could see him being a 93-95
  2. Re: Buy,keep or sell? also have a look at david luiz mate but i would buy the players in bold
  3. I dont think i have ever came across a 4-5-1 opponent before so not sure how to go across countering the formation. It is in a Scottish Championship 1st season, I am Dundee United and they are St Johnstone. They have Yossi Benayoun sitting right in front of the midfield who i think the play as a playmaker. Florent Malouda is the LM and the rest is just St Johnstone players
  4. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld any chance i could get put on the manager list for this please?
  5. Re: a little impressed pretty much they were losing loads and i didnt want to sell alot of players
  6. Re: a little impressed about 3/4 days and im in EC 27777&SC 419
  7. Re: English Championship 27777 - Discussion Thread New Swindon Town manager here.
  8. Re: South African Championship 16 sorry to leave so early but this just isnt the set-up im looking for.
  9. Re: a little impressed wow, sorry you feel that way. I'm hoping you get a reply too because this must have took you a good while to write, took me a while to read. I have no problem with you using my thread so no need to apologize. Thanks for welcoming me back also, hopefully you get a decent reply and they take your opinion into matter.
  10. All kit request will be attempted to my best ability, I cannot guarantee your kit to be 100% accurate the way you want it but I will try my best. EXAMPLES Right click examples and open in a new tab, I have no idea why they are not showing thanks. Examples will be updated with some of my best work.
  11. Re: MR - Hammer Fair Well Party I would be interested in joining with Chelsea FC, thanks if possible mate
  12. Re: South African Championship 16 Sundowns win on penalties, good start for new manager Wilkinson
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