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  1. deeno

    Quit a Job

    Very helpful! Thanx!
  2. deeno

    Quit a Job

    I'm trying to get in touch with this new ... thing ... but... guys, there are still bugs noticed during the previous releases (in Italian we can't see rating changes and role changes, there is no more holiday option and so on). Anyway... i simply cannot manage a lot of teams with this new soccermanager and i have to quit some teams: but i can't find out how to do it...
  3. So, i'm trying to get in touch with this new UI. Trying to get a new team: once there was a search option by type of Championship. Exemple: European Championship 4000. Now i can search only by ID. It's that true or i simply cannot find where to search corectly?
  4. Riferimento: "International Forumers Championship" Don't be like the ostrich's head in the sand... you get mine, don't you? :D:D
  5. Riferimento: "International Forumers Championship" Real Madrid? Chelsea? Bayern? Nope. Who needs Cristiano Ronaldo if you can have in your team Simone Ganz? My choice is simple. If we have to be global, as some of you already did, i chose mine local team. Write this down Frank please! Stadio: Giuseppe Sinigaglia (13,602) Average Team: 75
  6. Riferimento: "International Forumers Championship" Very cool Franklyn. I'm in ... it would be a great challenge if you can make this happen.
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