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    Ryan Machell reacted to elliotick in Gazza's European Challenge   
    Here's a thread to discuss Transfers,Reslults and the ussual for Gazza's European Challange!

    Arsernal Players For sale!

    Eboue for 14 million or A Right/Left back 91+ in the deal
    Eduaro is also for sale but only if we get a 91+ striker (unless he can go with them in the deal!)
    basically anyone rated 89 or under is for sale at the right price!
    As you can see we need a striker,left back and right back 91+ so if anyone is thinking of selling one of those please contact me first
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    Ryan Machell reacted to leigh1 in Gold Championship 7   
    Re: Gold Championship 7
    New Chelsea manager Leigh Auston is delighted to take the coveted post!!
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    Ryan Machell reacted to Nick Gilardino in Gold Championship 4 Transfers / Match reports Thread   
    Re: Gold Championship 4
    Werder Bremen new Gaffer is Nick Gilardino
    The new Werder Bremen manager has been revieled today and the choosen one is Nick Gilardino, he has been saying he is thrilled to be in charge of such a talented club and a great set of players he has been saying he is lookin to bring in 2 wingers to strenghten his squad even more
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