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  1. I don't bother much with the Championship now as it's not worth it. Unless they will be a significant riser (mid 70s to 80+) for a decent team, with the league capped at around 85, player values will not be anything special.
  2. I remember Sterling going from 75 to 89 in the space of about 15 months. One of my best ever buys. Mbappe went from 78 to 91 in less than 1 year. Felix going from 77 to 90 in around 7 months has to be a record though, surely?
  3. Very much part of Lampard's plans. Has been one of the rare bright sparks to Chelsea's start to the season. No brainer i'd say.
  4. My predictions would be Pedrinho +1 (would prefer a +2 but SM so unpredictable) Soteldo +2 (70%) +3 (30%)
  5. I have the same picks, but on the smaller risers side, you can include Luan Santos (Sao Paulo) - £300k Igor Vinicius (Ituano FC) - £1M (can he rise based on his stats at Sao Paulo?)
  6. All the best Rahul. Nothing more important than living your life the best you can. I took a 6 year break after being very hooked on this game around 2010-2012. I came back this year just for fun and nothing too serious as i'm now married with kids. Hopefully you will return one day too - if this game is still around. (doesn't seem as popular as it once was)
  7. Would you guys swap Gundogan for Ndombele?
  8. I sold him earlier today. SM sometimes makes random changes, so it wasn't worth the risk of hanging on to him. Is he a starter, and if so, do you have a good alternative or would you need to make a replacement?
  9. Thanks. My thoughts too. Had to be sure. Thanks.
  10. Which 1 do i sell for my CB position? My thoughts/queries are provided, please let me know if you agree/disagree. I also have Sule in my squad, who i plan to keep as he is best of the 4. Azpilicueta - Oldest of the 4. Will he be a Chelsea starter for the next couple years? Rudiger - Will he be Chelsea starter for the coming season? Lenglet - Same as above. If he doesn't get the game time at Barca, will not improve his rating.
  11. Alaba turned 27 on 24th June. Will his value drop in the next week or so, or is this his value until his next change (of age or rating)?
  12. What is the current concern level at? A concern is usually updated every 12 turns (Concern level 3 is normally the max within a season) I don't think he has played enough to get the +1 but SM has been quite generous to some teams, but unfair on others so who knows at this stage?
  13. Nice rise for Chukwuese in all my lower rated teams to 86 (+6)
  14. Thanks guys. Meret is my preferred choice because he is in a better team, but will he be first choice at Napoli for the new season?
  15. Italian GK experts. Who do i keep? Meret or Audero? Both same age and got their rise to 87. Who has the better future?
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