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  1. 50 minutes ago, Soccahappy said:

    Brazil Players I've just bid for:-

    THULER, Matheus @ Flamengo £400k

    SOTELDO, Yeferson @ Santos  £2.2M

    ANTONY, Matheus@ Sao Paulo £1.0M

    PEDRINHO, Delmino @ Corinthians £5.0M

    I have the same picks, but on the smaller risers side, you can include

    Luan Santos (Sao Paulo) - £300k

    Igor Vinicius (Ituano FC) - £1M (can he rise based on his stats at Sao Paulo?)

  2. All the best Rahul. Nothing more important than living your life the best you can.

    I took a 6 year break after being very hooked on this game around 2010-2012. I came back this year just for fun and nothing too serious as i'm now married with kids. Hopefully you will return one day too - if this game is still around. (doesn't seem as popular as it once was)


  3. 1 hour ago, Real Xabi said:

    Will Filipe Luis go down anytime soon?  I know he moved to Flamengo, but he is still a 91.  Juanfran said he wasn't going to go continue with Atletico and he dropped to 89 during the LaLiga rating changes.

    Any idea when Brazil will do their rating changes?  How long do I have before Filipe Luis drops?  Should I go ahead and sell him now to maximize profit?

    I sold him earlier today. SM sometimes makes random changes, so it wasn't worth the risk of hanging on to him. Is he a starter, and if so, do you have a good alternative or would you need to make a replacement?

  4. Which 1 do i sell for my CB position? My thoughts/queries are provided, please let me know if you agree/disagree. I also have Sule in my squad, who i plan to keep as he is best of the 4.


    Azpilicueta - Oldest of the 4. Will he be a Chelsea starter for the next couple years?

    Rudiger - Will he be Chelsea starter for the coming season? 

    Lenglet - Same as above. If he doesn't get the game time at Barca, will not improve his rating.

  5. 17 minutes ago, RhysMorgan said:

    Does anyone know when the last concern update of a season takes place? Waiting to see if a 95 player puts in a request having played 25/38. The season has ended yesterday and I'm surprised he hasnt already. Does this mean he won't go up to level 5?

    What is the current concern level at? A concern is usually updated every 12 turns (Concern level 3 is normally the max within a season)

    1 hour ago, WeAreBlades98 said:

    Dani Ceballos +1?

    I don't think he has played enough to get the +1 but SM has been quite generous to some teams, but unfair on others so who knows at this stage?

  6. 18 minutes ago, zsp2 said:

    Meret, plays in a better team and has more potentiality


    2 minutes ago, sirmarkhughes said:

    You would have to chose Meret. His Serie A record is much better(goals conceded) and also they have the same Serie A clean sheets although Meret has 11 in 27 whilst Audero is 11 in 51. Both have good potential but at the minute Meret's is greater.

    Transfermrket values at 25m/15m in Meret's favor.

    Thanks guys. Meret is my preferred choice because he is in a better team, but will he be first choice at Napoli for the new season? 

  7. 1 hour ago, hesselink said:

    OFF Topic: How to report manager, is there any e-mail because, official 'report Multiple Accounts' not working. I always get automatic answer about investigation, and nothing happened. The same is the case with other managers from the league, we are reporting unsuccessfully.



    Also, first review from TOP 5 is Germany or France?

    I have the same problem is some of my leagues. Blatant cheating of multiple accounts yet nothing happens from reporting. A new user is set up, and magically sells its best players to a rival team. It's very obvious to everyone but SM

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