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  1. Is Emerson worth keeping? Does he have a future at Chelsea? I know most of his games he has started this season have been in the past couple months so most likely won't get a rise, but are there better alternatives rated around 86-88 risers at LB?
  2. How many games have they played and what turn is your season at? Sub appearances count as half appearance. If you use subs in all games, it will give your players rated 89-91 a chance of game time to help with concerns. It does not guarantee to bring their concern down though as that would depend how many games over the season they have played. You could try to start them in as many games and bring your higher rated players on as subs instead so they do not develop concerns in the future. If they reach level 3, you would have to think about selling them.
  3. The ones i've put as bold have a good chance of rising in the next review, so i would personally wait until they rise until you consider selling.
  4. Sule. Gimenez won't get a 92 anytime soon, however Sule definitely will in the next update and has potential to go higher. Bayern and Germany's future
  5. Italy have a few good ones. Lafont, Audero and Meret stand out.
  6. If he continues to start the remaining games of the season and avoid relegation, he should rise to about 84 (not sure how often rises of 5 happen to players in the 80s), then will probably rise again at the end of the year if he is a mainstay in the team.
  7. Lozano or Andre Silva? Both 23 rated 90. Who has the better potential? Does Silva have a future at Milan? Is Lozano linked elsewhere? (seems to have hit the limit for PSV)
  8. Been offered Ronaldo and Sule and some cash for my Hazard. Cash can get me Lenglet. I've accepted.
  9. Can the following keep their ratings on the next review? Milner David Luiz Koscielny Pedro I need to start clearing out deadwood over 30 years old.
  10. Thoughts on Patricio and Moutinho's 91 ratings at Wolves. Can they keep them? Probable top 10 Prem finish and in semi-finals of FA Cup. Will that be enough? Edit: Also, would you swap Neves for Martinez (Inter) and Gerson?
  11. For me, it would require a top 4 finish and to get to last 4 in CL (getting past Barca 😐) with continuous strong performances. Even then it's not a guarantee due to the first half of the season under Jose.
  12. David Silva for Torreira and Guendouzi? Surely a no-brainer?
  13. Thanks. Meret is taken, so these 3 were the obvious choices, and of course i missed Lafont. Lafont or Audero?
  14. Any Italian experts here that could let me know which young GK has the best short/long term prospects out of Musso, Audero and Radu. Also, is there anybody else i'm missing rated 87 or less?
  15. We (Forest) brought Carvalho from Benfica for 13M and while he is technically brilliant, he isn't physical enough for our league, and his workrate is poor. We also have Goncalves on loan from Benfica, and while his workrate is good, his physicality also lets him down in the Championship. Figuerido who we also have however, has been very good at CB. Although he gets injured a lot. No luck with the Portuguese in my team unfortunately
  16. John Stones - If they win CL, yes (not sure if League will warrant his rise just yet) but currently injured so not sure how active he will be for rest of season Van Dijk - surely has to get the 94. Great season and possible trophys? De Ligt - yes guaranteed 90 Marquinhos - No Robertson - yes will get 92 Frenkie De jong - will get 90 Pogba - not sure. Revitalised under OGS, but depends if Man Utd get top 4 in my opinion Bernardo Silva - not sure Kai Havertz - yes will get 90 (deserves 91 but i think Leverkusen are capped at 90) Mbappe - No Leroy Sane - No, imo Gabriel Jesus - No, not active enough
  17. Gabriel Jesus or Christensen + Willian? I don't have great depth so is it a risk to let the duo go? I can't see Christensen getting a rise as he hasn't played much under Sarri, and Willian has surely peaked as he hasn't been great this season? Jesus hasn't seen much action but looks better for long term. My depth isn't great though.
  18. If the player gets a rating above 85, do you have to sell? If so - would it matter which one you go for? Short term: Olmo - playing more regularly but Zagreb are capped at around 87 so will get a rise to 85. Long Term: Nelson - had a great start on loan with Hoffenheim (6 goals in 5 starts) but hasn't started regular games since the new year, not sure why. Definitely a better long term option and has a higher ceiling with Arsenal, and is a future 90+
  19. Calabria (Milan) or Emerson (Chelsea)?
  20. Here's something fun. What signing has been your biggest disappointment ever? A promising young player that had huge potential, but never quite made the rise you had hoped for?
  21. Disappointed Grabban didn't get the +1 for Forest. Looks like i'll have to sell as i can't see the +1 happening unless we get into the playoffs (and chances of that are slim to none)
  22. Van Dijk. Higher ceiling at Liverpool, and should rise to 94 end of season. Koulibaly won't rise anymore unless he moves, or Napoli win the league (not happening)
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