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  1. Re: .:10000 bc:. Cheers fella's. I've had him on my shortlist ever since he got sold from his previous club, and prayed all the way until he came off his transfer ban that nobody else would notice him. Looks like it paid off!!
  2. Re: .:10000 bc:. Celtic are proud to announce the signing of; DAVID VILLA (94) Signed in a swap deal for Humberto SUAZO (88), Mikele LEIGERTWOOD (84) and a paltry sum of £180,000. This could turn out to be one of the bargains of the season as Celtic add to their strike force in a hunt for the Division 1 title with only 4 games to go.
  3. Re: Northern European ICON (The ICON Games) I'm not sure how i missed this to be honest as the player was played against my team. I really want to see how a punishment will be resolved, as this is a huge cause for concern regarding the rest of the season and the problems we could face. Note: Bulthuis (Holland) rose after the game, so Brood can't be punished for that.
  4. Re: Northern European ICON (The ICON Games) Like Gorbash previously linked, from post 103 of this very thread, i made it quite clear to everybody of the situation. I bought Yago when he was an 80 rated FRENCH player. A few days later, he rose to an 83 and changed Nationalities to Burkino Faso. Nothing i can do about that. If you don't believe me, go check Soccer Wiki on his recent changes. He OBVIOUSLY won't be playing any games this season, hence why i have had him nowhere near the first team. He'll be sold immediately from his transfer ban. In other news, France go top of the league with back to back thumping victories.
  5. Re: The ICON Games - World News Poland in the Northern European sector also got a Chairman cash boost after the first game of the season. I'm not sure what the outcome of it was on when he can use it, but he did go through Gorbash for an answer so i suggest you do the same.
  6. Re: Which young GK? Courtois. Simply because he will rise wether he stays at Atletico, or plays a part in Chelsea's future with Cech getting on a bit. Being a beast only helps. Ter Stegen and Leno are the next obvious choices. I have a quick query regarding young keepers. In 2 of my teams, i have Leno as my second keeper (brought at 87, now at 89). He now has concerns from a lack of games in both teams since his rise, even though my number 1 keepers are Casillas and Cech respectively. Should he be so concerned in not starting over them 2?
  7. Re: Northern European ICON (The ICON Games) It's a rarity that only happens to the lucky ones. In this case, it's you. I'm sure that money can go into your budget, but i suppose it's better to get conformation from Noisy or Gorbash.
  8. Re: Northern European ICON (The ICON Games)
  9. Re: Northern European ICON (The ICON Games) On the day of the big kick-off, France get 2 risers One of them risers (Yago) has also shown where his loyalties lie, by changing his Country/Nation to represent Burkina Faso in future.
  10. Re: .:10000 bc:. Corrected for you mate;)
  11. Re: .:10000 bc:. Juventus 2 - 3 CELTIC It may only be on goal difference, but for the first time since entering 10000BC, the Scottish giants find themselves at the top of Division 1. In a tight tactical affair, helped by the sending off of R Costa (Juventus) the Bhoys displayed a calm measured approach in keeping possession and making their chances count. A hat-trick from Dirk Kuyt (all goals coming from free kicks) sealed the game after Celtic had earlier found themselves 2-0 up in the first half.* Despite having a man sent off mid-way through the first half, Huntelaar scored a brace either side of half time through a valiant display from the Turin team. Kuyt however had other plans, and a fine hat-trick from free-kicks decided the result.
  12. Re: 60 million for Xavi Never sell Xavi for cash. You could get 2 other world class players in a swap deal if you need depth? 2 94+ rated players could be fair depending on your squad. Bare in mind, there isn't any other player that would reach 97 in the near future.
  13. Re: Northern European ICON (The ICON Games) Emre Can?
  14. Re: Northern European ICON (The ICON Games)
  15. Re: Northern European ICON (The ICON Games) Accepted bids uncontested. How nice.
  16. Re: Find Your Europe Player Name Toni Kelly. That's about as feminine as it gets.
  17. Re: Northern European ICON (The ICON Games) Quick query. We've been given a £30m starting budget in the gameworld, but in the Icon Games thread, Gorbash has it listed as £25m. Do we stick with the £25m, or has the budget been changed?
  18. Re: Northern European ICON (The ICON Games) *cough cough* I actually suggested it, Racky just agreed with me. Just saying
  19. Re: Northern European ICON (The ICON Games) Yeah, i was just throwing ideas into the hat, but i understand we have to come to a decision very soon. I'm happy with the idea you suggest, if it's to everybodys taste. NB: The points total per season idea wouldn't be too complicated. Say team A achieved 50 points in season 1 (league winner), 38 in season 2, 32 in season 3, and 28 in season 4. That gives a total of 148 points plus 10 for a league win giving a grand total of 172. Team B could achieve 44 in season 1, 40 in season 2, 41 in season 3 and 40 in season 4, totalling 165 over 4 seasons without winning the league, but say they won the cup one season earning 8 points (example) making their grand total to 173 therfore beating team A. Maybe i'm just waffling on over a bad idea:D
  20. Re: Northern European ICON (The ICON Games) The only issue with this idea is what if the most form cup team is among the 3 highest earners from the 4 seasons? Then who gets the fourth spot? The 4th highest point earner? That would then make the cup insignificant. Most of the other sectors seem to be adopting some sort of method involving an aggregate of all 4 seasons with the cup playing a part in the scoring. An interesting concept i saw was an actual point total from all 4 seasons being added together. That way it wouldn't be too unfair on for example 3 teams finishing with the same amount of points, because the GD would make one team earn more points than a team that finished with the same points. So for example, in a 22 game season, the maximum points you can score is 66 (if you won every single game). The league winner could perhaps have 10 bonus points. That way, every single point your team earns in the league, counts towards your total over the 4 seasons. The cup points also add bonuses to the fortunate teams. This would also give a good chance for a team that finished at the bottom for 2 seasons, as their points total might not be too far behind a mid-table finished team for example. That way it would be a very open league over the 4 seasons, making it more exciting, and hopefully leading to nobody leaving teams due to a poor league finish. Thoughts?
  21. Re: THE PROTÉGÉ - The Battle for the Big Break Pleased with that result to be honest considering the state the first team was left in. Not 1 first-teamer was fit to play (all below 70% fitness level), so i played a bunch of players rated in their 70s, plus 3 loan players from PSG rated between 81 and 84 and still came out with the 1-1 draw. Cavani aside(out injured for a couple weeks), my first-teamers are slowly regaining their fitness levels, and i hope to play them for my next game.
  22. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread 5th place at the moment after beating 2nd placed Hull. That's 6 in a row now under Billy Davies. Undefeated since he's taken back his reign. Only 8 points off automatic. Here's hoping:D
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