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  1. Re: New setup? No Country For Old Men
  2. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 I don't need Soldado as i have Llorente, but i need a good young riser. Jovetic is a player on form, but i'm just wondering if he's capped at 90 as he's at Fiorentina.
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Sorry, i think my question has misled. The only player i have is Rodwell, but i was thinking of swapping him for one of the others. I'm not fully convinced Rodwell will rise in the next changes, so wanted thoughts on the other players. Thanks.
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Please list these players in order, and will any of them rise in the next change? Shaqiri, J.Rodriguez, Griezmann, Rodwell
  5. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 Can Jovetic get a 91 at Fiorentina, or will he have to wait for a move to a bigger club? He's been stuck on 90 for 2 years now.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I like both very much, but i'm leaning towards De Vrij.
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Many thanks, repped. Shaawary is most definitely a great talent, and like you said, i hope he keeps it up for the whole season. He's still very young, and has much to learn so i think your ratings estimate is about right. I'm hoping Garcia can also get enough gametime in a tough midfield for competition, well.....enough to earn a 90 by the end of the season anyway.
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I've always admired the prince, and he is a current starter in my team, but based on form this offer seems too good to pass on. Just needed clarification. Thanks. El shaawary to rise to 88/89 you think? Lol, yeah it seems stupid for me to ask, but the Prince is a starter in my current team, and El will go into the youth team and Javi will be a sub. I'm just hoping for a good rise from El Shaawary to justify the swap.
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Prince Boateng or El Shaawary and Javi Garcia?
  10. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 He has been of fire so far this season. I'm sure he will get an 87 in the next changes, and a possible 88 - 89 max if he keeps his form up. He has been a standout.
  11. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread I can't complain with the way we are playing to be honest. With the exception of the Leeds game, i'd say we've dominated most of the games so far. Playing pretty football, and creating a LOT of chances, but our biggest problems is burying games. We just seem to struggle in actually converting our chances, and with the attacking talent we have on board, it's very frustrating. So far we've got the 3rd best defensive record in the league, and we've only lost 2 games out of 11 which is least games lost in the league joint with Blackburn, so yeah very frustrating lol. Tough game away at Blackpool for us next, so a positive result is needed. Remember, we're only 5 points off the top, and we still have to play you boys. Tasty!
  12. Re: Frank Ribery+Gareth bale=Neymar? Accept the offer!! Bale is a young riser, and is very probable for a big move next summer (possibly Madrid) Ribery won't drop just yet and is a very solid player. Neymar can't achieve more than a 91 at Santos, so unless he moves, he will NOT rise.
  13. Re: Counter formations Playing against a 334 who's team average is around 2 ratings higher than mine, with the following; Tackling Style: Normal Mentality: Attacking Passing Style: Mixed Attacking Style: Mixed Tempo: Fast Pressing: All Over Will a 352 really counter this?
  14. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 Very good prospect. Almost looking like a natural replacement for Lavezzi, although the more experience he gets at the the top level can only help. He'll probably raise to an 87 in the next ratings and possibly hit an 88 by the end of the season depending on performances.
  15. Re: The Official Npower Championship Thread That truly is a poor punishment.
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... He's just way to injury prone to justify staying at a 92. I think he only just appeared as a sub recently for the first time in months for Milan. As for Milans poor start to the season, i think its only right for him to drop to a 91, if not in the next changes then he really needs to impress this season (injury-free) and for Milan to get form back to keep the 92 before the season is up.
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