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  1. Yes friend SM removed him from the GW.
  2. I would prefer a suggestion from SM but don't hold much hope.
  3. Are there any conditions that will result in getting a cheating manager removed from a GW.
  4. Agree with every word you’ve posted my friend and mirror everything that has occurred in your GW. SM have no more interest and will not reply or implement your suggestions in anyway. Instead they will continue to take your money but leave those who invest nothing to destroy and ruin GW’s. I for one will refuse to renew Gold anymore. Hit them in the pocket. Take Care
  5. Just wondering if anybody in SM is still there. Are you listening or logging in to read issues or concerns? Have the lights been switched off? A simple one word answer will suffice.
  6. Yep Should be a big option. Sadly it's not and a lot of GW's are ruined by renegades.Have been calling loudly for many years for this option but no body in SM listens or at least replies with an answer explaining their reasons. Poor form.
  7. Another year gone by and still SM refuse to co-operate in consolidating Custom Rules. Custom games incorporate rules to make the GW unique, but none are binding. Renegade players take away the enjoyment and destroy established game worlds refusing to accept the in house rules. They can’t be removed or disciplined. Simple rules like supporting squad caps would go a long way in helping. This year I feel compelled not to renew my Gold Membership. Happy New Year ‘nuff said.
  8. Some custom game worlds I’m in have agreed squad caps but there’s always 1 or 2 managers who agree to the rules at first then refuse to play ball and build massive squads. They can’t be removed and the Game World will fall apart or just live with it. SM have never commented or replied to any communication. It’s buy the GW and have no control
  9. Sorry to say it, but maybe it's just because your managerial skills are limited.
  10. Sorry lads but there is no facility to impose a squad cap other than good will and everyone agreeing. And if some managers chose to ignore the cap there is nothing the owner or anyone else can do. SM will not interfere and all you can do is isolate the offenders, don't buy or sell to them and hope they finish in the bottom 3 where they will then be sacked.
  11. How hard can it be to include a squad cap in the Custom World set up. Game worlds are on the brink of collapse because some managers refuse to play to a squad cap. Deliberately and brazenly going over into 100's of players. C'mon SM help the guys who want to enjoy the game.
  12. Open icon top left and click account settings. Small icon extreme right accesses database update Jimmy
  13. Nordsjaelland have become available in 87+, time to apply, id is  154503

    1. themd21


      Thanks for the invite but I've recently taken on 2 GW's and beginning to get overloaded. Must decline in this instance. Thanks again

  14. Can't open GW Stoop Premier 6569 on my iPhone. It's my only means to log on and I have a match tonight. Anyone any solutions. Creating a bug ticket is down at the moment. Clutching straws.
  15. Liverpool de Montevideo have become available in 87+, time to apply, id is  154503

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