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    Tranmere reacted to Cam Lucas in Custom Setup Requires Managers   
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    Tranmere reacted to Gozzy in Noisy's Youth League   
    May I join? I've been looking for GW with similar concept like 87+ and it looks like one
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    Tranmere got a reaction from Nikidinho in The Battle of Britain   
    Time to win this then   Caledonia sounds good, although would have preferred being in the Red Rose region being from Liverpool 
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    Tranmere got a reaction from Sir Rahul in 87+   
    Congratulations to Guaratingueta, Nordsjaelland, Zalaegerszegi and Como for gaining promotion to Division 1! 
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    Tranmere reacted to pedrooliveira in We Are NOT The Champions - 264074   
    Just a suggestion, mate:
    I'd only forbid people from buying players from the CL and Europa League champions, plus the top 2 in England, Spain, Germany and Italy and the French champion.
    None of the clubs, from other countries, are the cream of the crop.
    For instance, Wijnaldum moved from Dutch champions, PSV, to a team that is always battling against relegation in England.
    This would:
    1 - make the setup more realistic;
    2 - widen the signing pool;
    3 - save people the burden of checking which club was champion, in many rubbish leagues, whenever they wanna buy players.
    Just my 2 cents.
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    Tranmere reacted to Ciuzz in The Under 21 Risers Thread   
    Now that the top 5 leagues are over, I start to find some other cheap risers around the world. 
    Two conditions:
    - Risers must be U21 (born from 1994)
    - Risers must be rated under 80
    That's what I found and my personal predicitions. Advice/critics/feedback/other risers will be appreciated:
    PART 1:
    Keita Chieck 70--75/77
    Odjer, Moses 75--78
    Yao, Eloge 77--80/81
    Drole, Jean Armel 75--78
    Zebli, Pierre 75--78
    Sadiq, Umar 75--78
    Gasbarro, Andrea 78--80
    Boscagli, Olivier 78--82
    Ait Bennasser, Youssef  77--82/83
    Lafont, Alban 73--77/78
    Centonze, Fabrien 76--78/80
    Miguel, Florian 78--80
    Slidja, Pierre 78--81/82
    Cissè, Pape Abou 78--80
    Onguene, Jerome 77--80
    Sanches, Renato 78--82/83
    Monte, Nelson 78--81/82
    Graca, Joao 75--80
    Gleison, Wilson 75--80
    Balde, Romario 76--80
    Rashica, Milot 78--82/83
    Marinus, Wouter 76--80
    Drommel, Joel 76--78/79
    Dammers, Wessel 77-80
    Bikel, Janio 78--81/82
    Straalman, Bart 77--80
    Vida, Kristopher 77--80
    Stay tuned for Part 2 and 3.
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    Tranmere reacted to KopStar in Prime Draft League   
    Thats a great looking squad!
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    Tranmere reacted to Mr Noisy in Prime Draft League   
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    Tranmere reacted to KopStar in Prime Draft League   
    Yup. Defeats the purpose a bit though so rather he doesnt pass.
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    Tranmere reacted to KopStar in Prime Draft League   
    Im thinking if we make it 25+ that also allows you to get cheaper oldies post dragting to get around the cash concerns?
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    Tranmere got a reaction from Sir Rahul in Prime Draft League   
    The idea of the macro was to pass on 1 higher normal draft pick (92-94 was the original idea), to get 2 players from a lower rated bunch (90-91 in the original). So it was exchanging quality for quantity, the opposite of the superdraft. So the macrodraft would still have to be lower that the normal draft. We will just have to adjust the ratings though to make it work, as the original ones don't seem to add up correctly in the financial department.
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    Tranmere reacted to BigGameMo in SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players   
    I need someone to explain this to me because it is possibly the most infuriating rating change I've ever seen since I started playing this game.
    How did Cyle Larin get only a +1!?!?!? You could make an argument for +8, but it's MLS so I didn't expect them to give him that. I didn't even expect +6, though he's already a player with far more quality than 98% of 83s in the game. But +4/+5 would've been fair, and +3 would've been harsh but possibly explainable by SM's slow-rise system.
    But a freaking +1?! What, has SM decided that MLS is a purely garbage league that caps at 80 for non-DP players? Or does a player have to score 100 domestic goals before they hit 82 in MLS? And when did national team caps become worthless? Larin is arguably the best, or at least in the top 2, player playing for Canada, yet there are a host of 84s-86s that start for Canada. I'm not asking for him to get there yet, but +1? It's absolute lunacy.
    I've already stopped renewing my GM, and I said I would be patient, but I'm reaching my breaking point. If SM does not get its act together with player ratings, SM economy, and start asking community members to have a role and take clear steps to implement feedback, I'm going to join the already significant exodus from this game. 
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    Tranmere got a reaction from Basnandez in The Scouting Network   
    the 19 year old who looks 50! 
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    Tranmere got a reaction from Basnandez in The Scouting Network   
    Game World ID : 252558 Time to apply! 
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    Tranmere got a reaction from Huddo in The Scouting Network   
    Game World ID : 252558 Time to apply! 
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    Tranmere got a reaction from Huddo in The Scouting Network   
    darkblade is now the manager of Lens and Peter Grady the manager of RC Deportivo, meaning Gozzy gets Palmeiras and ill manage the club i support here in Greece Olympiacos since no one wanted them 
    This means we have a full house ladies and gents and i am going to create the gw! It will be through private application to avoid the bug that doesn't let you offer the club to people some times, so ill let you know the id 
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    Tranmere got a reaction from Basnandez in The Scouting Network   
    Done, good to have you! 
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    Tranmere got a reaction from george25 in The Scouting Network   
    Yes of course, welcome...i love the fact that we now have 3 Greek people on here now after myself and Mitroglucky Look! Lets hope we can stay out of debt unlike our country!    What is your in game name ?
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    Tranmere got a reaction from Mr Noisy in The Scouting Network   
    Ok get scouting Argentinian and Brazilian leagues then 
    3 managers left to go! 
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    Tranmere got a reaction from Sir Rahul in The Scouting Network   
    I like to do a bit of research on potential people coming in! 
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    Tranmere reacted to MitrogluckyLook in The Scouting Network   
    Hi, you 've been doing a great job in the 87+ after Monkeyshuffl left, and this looks great. i would really like to join this one too, PSV would be my first choice but olympiakos would do fine too
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    Tranmere got a reaction from Ron Diapper in The Scouting Network   
    Ah billy gray fantastic, welcome!! 
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    Tranmere reacted to Mattsson in 87+   
    when I signed up for 87+ I mainly saw the challenge to find potential risers....and of course you guys already picked most of them.
    now I realize that the challenge is just as much about which players to keep. with the low attendance you can't support the salaries if you got a big squad. So you need to sell off some players...but which ones? who will get stuck at 82, who has mediocre talent and will get a rise to 85-86 and sit there for a bunch of years and who will race quickly to 87 and get limited time in the first team?
    A lot of interesting choices that you don't have in other GW's.
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    Tranmere got a reaction from Basnandez in 87+   
    Congratulations, see you in division 1
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    Tranmere reacted to Mr Noisy in The Future is Asia   
    don't over complicate things, worlds that get over complicated fizzle out rather quickly.
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