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  1. Re: Mosquito (Thiago Rodrigues da Silva) - Next Brazilian Sensation On database now
  2. Re: Pique for Aguero Not a bad idea at all, will put it to him and see what he says. thanks mate, & everyone else for their advice
  3. Re: Pique for Aguero tried to offer Higuain + Subotic but my chairman was having none of it so stuck pondering original deal.
  4. Re: should I sell Messi Cheers guys. I've tried a completely different formation to give him a chance, will give it another 10 games or so if not i will negotiate a better deal for him. thanks again everyone
  5. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Going to offer one up as part of a deal to get Damiao, but which is the one to keep (who can be the best) either Jack Wilshere or Oxlade-Chamberlain and is Damiao even worth going for
  6. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Is Alex Sandro worth getting, how good can he be?
  7. Re: Star of the 2012 Copa SP - Valdívia
  8. Re: Most profit made on one player Bought Mario Gotze for 2mill sold him for 50mill now buying him back off unmanaged club after the guy I sold him too quit recently for 23mill, profit all round.
  9. Re: James Rodriguez Defo worth keeping, almost certain to join Man UTD in the not too distant future
  10. Re: Wissam Ben Yedder - Former Futsal star Bought him for my Wrexham team in Div5 for 260k now worth 6.6mill thanks guys
  11. Re: Gael Bigirimana - Likened to Essien! How far do you think this lad could rise to? is he worth an investment?
  12. Re: MY"CAntera" Cheers mate some really good advice, I'm gonna just sell the very bare minimum of what I can to balance the books
  13. Re: MY"CAntera" Got 35 others out on loan just now but cash is still running out quickly
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