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  1. Re: Mosquito (Thiago Rodrigues da Silva) - Next Brazilian Sensation On database now
  2. Re: Pique for Aguero Not a bad idea at all, will put it to him and see what he says. thanks mate, & everyone else for their advice
  3. Re: Pique for Aguero tried to offer Higuain + Subotic but my chairman was having none of it so stuck pondering original deal.
  4. I've been after Aguero for awhile and his manager has finally offered him in exchange for Pique. i have a back 4 of Marcelo, Silva, Pique & Lahm with Subotic & Varane as back up. is it worth breaking up such a formidable defence to get Aguero, as at the moment i have Suarez & Higuain up front with Javier Hernandez as back up.
  5. Re: should I sell Messi Cheers guys. I've tried a completely different formation to give him a chance, will give it another 10 games or so if not i will negotiate a better deal for him. thanks again everyone
  6. I cant seem to get the best out of Messi, he hasn't been on fire for me now for a couple of seasons. Ive been offered 42 million plus Suarez in a very highly competitive game world should i take it in the hope that he can fire back up the table. (he also has Falcao, who he may swap in place of Suarez)
  7. with him being linked to numerous clubs such as Liverpool, Arsenal and Man City is it worth snapping him up in a highly competitive. he wont get near my first team but could go out on loan if he has the prospect to rise once at a bigger club.
  8. I'm trying to get Damiao but the seller has asked for Isco + El Sharaawi which I rejected but I'm thinking of offering 10mill + Oxlade-Chamberlain is this too much and how good can Damiao be? I'm confused on this one so could use some help!
  9. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Going to offer one up as part of a deal to get Damiao, but which is the one to keep (who can be the best) either Jack Wilshere or Oxlade-Chamberlain and is Damiao even worth going for
  10. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Is Alex Sandro worth getting, how good can he be?
  11. Re: Star of the 2012 Copa SP - Valdívia
  12. Re: Most profit made on one player Bought Mario Gotze for 2mill sold him for 50mill now buying him back off unmanaged club after the guy I sold him too quit recently for 23mill, profit all round.
  13. Re: James Rodriguez Defo worth keeping, almost certain to join Man UTD in the not too distant future
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