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  1. Re: Mario gomez Neymar, Lucas, oscar
  2. Re: Young attacking midfielders/wingers I would sell maher Kovacic Lamela But that's just my opinion, the rest are either world class already or close to it (though Maher is a close call)
  3. Re: cavani or sanchez? Cavani is the more consistent player in my opinion
  4. Re: Isco Is he really doing that well to warrant a +2, I hope so I've just had a bid accepted
  5. Re: Isco thanks guys you helped make my mind up
  6. I've got the chance to buy him for 5million, is he worth the money IE will he get a rating change soon? or do i save my hard earned cash?
  7. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread I love the idea of a reserve team tab, it would make organizing squads a lot easier. For one of my teams I have 75 youth players which I can just forget about in the youth team, but then I have 10 players rated 89-90 who are not anywhere near good enough to get into my first team yet.
  8. Re: Eden Hazard or Neymar Hazard for me the lad is world class already. Wish i would have signed him cheap when i had the chance
  9. Re: 75 to 80+ players also I think Suso Andre Wisdom both getting good game time at Liverpool
  10. Widely regarded as one of the greatest prospects Newcastle have ever produced. Adam Campbell (born 1 January 1995 in North Shields, England) is an English footballer who plays for Newcastle United. He made his competitive debut against Atromitos in the UEFA Europa League on 23 August 2012, becoming the youngest player to play for Newcastle in European competitions.[/url] Campbell is regarded as a big prospect of the future, drawing comparisons with Paul Gascoigne & Wayne Rooney. A product of Wallsend Boys Club, which has produced other players such as Alan Shearer, Peter Beardsley and Michael Carrick, Campbell has attracted a lot of attention from a young age. Campbell won Most Valuable Player award (previous winners include Iniesta, Tevez and Torres) at the 2010 Nike Cup at Old Trafford, In addition, Campbell was awarded Premier Player of the Tournament at the 2012 Milk Cup. not yet on the database but will update when/if I find him
  11. Re: The New Players Thread how do I suggest getting a player added?
  12. Re: Draxler vs cleverly Cleverly in my opinion, no where near the finished item yet but buckets of talent
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Looking to offload some baggage any advice on which of these to sell would be appreciated Sturridge, Ganso, Smalling or Tim Krul. not sure how much more any of these can rise
  14. Re: squad advice sorry my mistake it was Remover!
  15. Re: squad advice just my opinion on the matter, no one has to take that advice it is as said just my opinion, *2006* asked for peoples opinions and that was mine be it wrong or right it is netherless an opinion. which not many others have offered theirs, just criticized mine. so why not help the guy out and offer yours.
  16. Re: Higuian snap their hand off, cavani will rise and gomes is as solid in bayern as can be
  17. Re: suarez or rossi?? think they both probably at the top of where they gonna be, maybe suarez could rise +1 but its a long shot thought Brendan Rogers style of play suits him better and may get the best out of him yet
  18. Re: suarez or rossi?? My personal choice would be Suarez
  19. Re: squad advice I would sell Valencia, he's on the way out of man utd and unless he gets a move to a big club hes not going to look as good.
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