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  1. hello, do you think dybala will drop ort stay? and pjanic, i'm pretty sure will drop. do you think it is time to sell them?and what about saul as well? will is stay? should i try to sell him now? thanks
  2. manolas and dele ali for upamecano? --considering it is a competitive gw and need a long term result.. (not sure upamecano is so good to give alli).. let me know thanks!
  3. yes, the one that seems not to log in before he was nominated manager was created at the beggining of december. the other one is older. both of them took temas recently in my gw. the guy is quite certenly one banned months ago from the gw another nik but same name... in any way it is clear he is cheating, and using a kind of bug...
  4. hello, I know this is not the correct topic , but seems to be the only that goes on... Just wish to know if you can help with a new cheating tecnique and a possible bug to fix. In wg5 there are manys and a new kind came out... two teams managed by same person, man city and oxford utd are doing ridiculous deals, but the interesting thing is that if you chek on the oxford utd page, it tells the manager has not logged in for 23 days, and transfers where made in last 10, as also he was nominated in last 10 days or less moreless.... looks like geri the man city manager (professional cheater), find
  5. sorry, again... zaniolo for dembele and caqueret>>? competitive gw, in a long term view. thanks
  6. zaniolo for dembele and caqueret>>? competitive gw, in a long term view. thanks
  7. valverde or odegaard in long term vlutation. thanks
  8. Hello, I'm talking about a deal for Courtois, I have Neuer and the guy asked me to add one of these players in the exhchange (marquinhos,saul,sane,alli,gimenez,goretzka,lemar,christiansen) ... I'm wondering,..would you do the exhchange? Courtois will probabbly become stronger in next revies and not sure what will neuer do... I' m in a really competitive gw. and need to think about the future.... I have my idea on who I could possibly give but I'd like to have your opinion. thanks!
  9. now also prtsmouth.... please do something!!
  10. yes, i informed some other managers , hope they'll join the discussion soon,,, now i think we have just to involve all the managers we are sure about and than decide a strategy to deal with this mess
  11. in any case - Wich are the teams we are sure the cheaters are in? this is my list: Nottingham Forest -Lee West Ham united Queens Park Rangers west bromwich albion manchester city leeds united reading derby country Aston villa
  12. AND BY THE WAY, IF YOU ARE SURE ABOUT OTHER MANGERS JUST TELL THEM ABOUT THIS FORUM - I already INFORMED YOU AND harvey of barnsley -mustafa of bolton - pal of southend AND joseph of arsenal
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