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  1. Re: £10 > £20,000 - Sports betting.

    Like Allan said Paddypower do and so do Bet365.

    With Paddypower I have problems getting the money back in Romania (some taxes and I don't want to get complicated)

    On Bet 365 I've already tried and at least here it isn't allowed to use paypal.

    I'll just go with bwin as soon as I'll have some time to go to the bank. I also have a 200% bonus there for deposits till 10 euro.

  2. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kun,BRNL and Jor||-

    Same scenary in Romania too.A match between Petrolul Ploiesti-Steaua Bucharest.A stupid Petrolul fan entered on the pitch and hit a player.After he hit the player and team-mate hit him in the face and got red...match stopped and Steaua won 3-0.That's the esential from this :D

    But here the match was stopped by the referee (after he gave red cards to 2 of the players who defended their team-mate -stupid refs-) , but this time it was the AZ manager who retired his team from the pitch before the end of match was announced.

  3. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kunasher and Jor||-

    You traded got Carroll for Mounir? That's a great deal as El Hamdaoui will simply drop as he won't play. Toivonen and Lens won't get 90' date=' PSV doesn't play CL and I doubt they'll win the Eredivisie, though their team has had much improvement over the summer.


    Yes I've got Caroll for Mounir ..but I've also got Lens and Toivonen for Elia and Ola John and some cash ...

  4. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kunasher and Jor||-


    Burnt his bridges with Ajax' date=' Frank de Boer sent him a letter saying he wasn't going to be playing first team football. And yet, he hasn't moved from Ajax(he could still, Turkish window not closed and Galatasaray linked). If he doesnt get the move to Gala, he'll be on the bench a lot and could drop from 89.

    Avoid for the moment.[/quote']

    Hahaha ..traded him for Andy Caroll and I was worried that with Caroll's form and his chance of playing in Ch League I could have done a bad deal :D Looks like I haven't

    What do you think about Lens and Toivonen? Any chances for 90 ?

  5. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

    If it weren't for Porto he'd still be rotting away in Romenia. He has no reason to let his game be affected. Mind you' date=' I do believe he will move to Chelsea today.[/quote']


    He was by far one of the best players from ROMANIA while he was at Cluj. I do have to agree that Porto helped him to get such a big international recognition , but it could have been other team too and even CFR played in Champions League .

  6. Re: How do i beat man united? pls help!!

    try 3-5-2 and push the 2 wingers forward .

    it usually works pretty well against simple 4-4-2.

    now, considering that he has some players with different positions I'd recommend 5-3-2

    it's like 3-5-2 , but more defensive and it's a little risky .

    I usually need to see more that this to decide over a tactic but I'm 80% sure that with 5-3-2 (with those two full backs pushed forward) you can't go wrong.

    good luck.

  7. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III)

    It's back on now' date=' for some reason SM dropped it but now it's back on the list and will probably be done right after England and Spain ;)[/quote']

    I noticed that too and I'm pretty happy .

    One more question for Phil:

    How far do you see Robert Ron Zieler(hannover GK) go ? Is he ever going to reach 90 or at least 89 ? i'd like to know if I should sell him after the rise or still keep him , at least in my GC teams...

  8. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II)

    As you mentioned.. Milan won Calcio 2010-2011 but i dont agree with a 96 for Ibrahimovic. He improved during the last few games but that doesnt takes away all that gray period when he was Torres-like in Barcelona and a little bit better after his transfer to Milan.

    After Internazionale' date=' he never played to deserve such a high rating. Do you think his name is sustaining it for such a long period?[/quote']Check his stats from Barcelona period and compare them with Milan.

    He scored more goals for Barca than Milan , the only difference is that he got more assists. Can't really compare him to Torres ;)

  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Bayer Leverkusen have made a counter offer to FC Metz to exchange Kevin-Prince BOATENG and Eljero ELIA for Arturo VIDAL

    It's in a GC and I have enough midfielders and defenders. I was just trying to get rid of Elia and get a players who's more likely to rise not drop.

  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Tottenham Hotspur have made an offer to Real Madrid for Cristiano RONALDO of £60,000,000 plus Rafael VAN DER VAART and Aaron LENNON

    Internazionale have made a new offer to Real Madrid to swap Esteban CAMBIASSO and Fernando TORRES for Cristiano RONALDO

    I have 184M cash in a pretty new gold championship ...

    should I do the second deal? what you think about Cambiasso/Torres?

  11. Re: A Guide- How to build a team.


    I want more people to see it :)

    Saw it and.. I have to admit ... tactics aren't always working... I've lost 2-0 to an unmanaged 2 points lower average Toulouse team:mad: ... it ended my 20 matches undefeated row :(

    I'm gonna go get some top guys now , I have enough 88-89ers to trade :D

  12. Re: A Guide- How to build a team.

    You seem to be an excellent manager then' date=' being able to win trophies and matches with a team that wouldn't normally do well, but I suppose pretty much every new manager has no clue on what to do with tactics, like I did :P

    Maybe you should make a tactics guide like Sir Metz did :)[/quote']

    Yeah there's a connection between his name and my team , but I had no clue about that guide till a few weeks ago when a friend pointed it out. And honestly I don't really like it because it works only in like 75% of the cases and even then only if you're having an equal opponent and you're a little lucky .

    There are more details to set than a 442 or 433 ... and if you're really up to something and planning to win a trophy you'll study every single detail.

    For example my next match is against Lyon and it's an important one (they're 20 points behind , so I'm not scared it's just that I want to keep my unbeaten row). The manager will use a simple 3-5-2 and will probably go on attack counting on his top guys as he always does . I've studied all his last matches and right now I'm thinking whether to use 3-5-2 defensive and also use all my 89 players and try to get lucky or to use 4-2-2-2 and hope the same thing. Till now none of them sounds good to me , so I'll ask a friend to do a friendly with me tomorrow and to use the same 3-5-2 that guy uses to test something new, probably 5-3-2 which worked pretty well in the past


    As far as I can see SirMetz would recommend a 4-3-1-2 , a formation which I've crushed a few weeks ago using 3-5-2 , why should I use it now against Lyon? It would be almost suicidal.

    He also seems like a 4-5-1 fan which is not effective at all in my team .

    So it's all about details , opponents and so on .

    If I'll write a guide I'll need more than a day to do it , maybe a week or so . And also I have to admit that I still haven't tested all the formations , so it would be incomplete.

    However it would be interesting to have a general topic with different information from different managers and put them together.

  13. Re: An elaborate cheat?

    You're a little bit too obsessed about cheating.

    You should make a difference between cheaters and idiots (mostly newbies) ... Also they're probably three because they're all friends and joining GWs to have fun together. They might also know only a few things about football , like they saw Arbeloa while he was at Liverpool ...same about Crouch ...

    But just a small detail. Have you tried to report them as multiple accounts in same GW? Not for their transfers.One of them might be the Real Madrid manager using another account somehow and using that they'll check the IPs .

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