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  1. Re: Henri Saivet i've just sent a few minutes ago an message to soccermanager database and i told them about henri and bruna:D
  2. Re: Henri Saivet but if you don't like saivet then where is bruna from liverpool . he is considered the new messi:p
  3. Re: Henri Saivet he played for u-19 france and he played in the last bordeaux's match in cup and today he is a substitute in the match against lorient:mad:
  4. Re: Henri Saivet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henri_Saivet watch here
  5. Where is Saivet from bordeaux??/ it is said that he is the new thierry henry but he is nowhere:confused:
  6. Doru

    Players Pool

    Re: Players Pool aguero deserve 93 at least
  7. Re: Real Madrid Ratings robinho is surely at 94 maybe 95 and ruud i think that will decrease to 95 because i don't think that he is playing like in the 06-07 season
  8. Re: European XI casillas ramos nesta lahm gerrard fabregas iniesta c.ronaldo klose ibrahimovic torres
  9. Re: Chiellini Increase AND positional change?
  10. Re: Real Madrid Ratings casillas-96 heinze-91 drenthe-87 marcelo-89-90 salgado-89 cannavaro-95 s.ramos-94-95 metzelder-91 pepe-92-93 m.torres-89 sneijder-93 guti-92 gago-90 diarra-94 baptista-90 robinho-94-95 robben-91 raul-94 saviola-91 higuain-89 nistelrooy-95 soldado-87 is my opinion !!! what do you think?
  11. Re: Bargain buys (italian league) ok it was my opinion because nesta is playing constantly and is one of the best defenders in the world while seedorf will be an substitute soon because Pato is a great talent
  12. Re: Spanish Ratings some rating changes: valdes-93 zambrotta-93 abidal-94 puyol-95 marquez-93 milito-93 iniesta-95 toure-92 deco-94 ronaldinho-96 henry-96 eto'o-96 messi-97 simao-92 reyes-90 forlan-92 aguero-93 heinze-91 marcelo-89 drenthe-87 cannavaro-95 ramos-94 pepe-92 gago-90 diarra-94 robinho-95 robben-91 raul-94 saviola-91 higuain-89 d.alves-94 escude-92 adriano-93 capel-87 navas-92 kanoute-93 l.fabiano-92 l.miguel-93 d.albelda-93 d.silva-93 d.villa-94 m.fernandez-90 ayala-93 d'alessandro-91 d.milito-92 what do you think?
  13. Re: Bargain buys (italian league) these are some of my predicts mutu-94 frey-92 pazzini-89 chielini-92 andrade-91 tiago-91 trezeguet-94 julio cesar-93 maxwell-91 maicon-94 chivu-94 vieira-93 cambiasso-95 stankovic-93 figo-92 ibrahimovici-96 crespo-92 cruz-92 pandev-91 m.oddo-92 nesta-97 seedorf-93 ambrosini-93 emerson-90 ronaldo-91 pato-88 juan-92 mexes-93 what do you think???
  14. Doru


    Re: What rating should Jan Huntelaar be? he deserve 93 because is his 3rd good season and he is twice better than farfan
  15. Re: ANDERSON, luis (man utd) he is a wreck and if he is 89 than i think that nani deserves 91-92:mad:
  16. Re: Barcelona rating changes! valdes-93 abidal-94 zambrotta-93 puyol-95 marquez-93 thuram-91 milito-93 xavi-96 iniesta-95 toure-92 edmilson-90 deco-94 ronaldinho-96 henry-96 eto'o-96 messi-97 gudjonsen-89 bojan-85 gio dos santos-85
  17. Re: British Changesl-COMPLAINTS i think that when they changed anderson from 86 to 88 and then to 89 it was an mistake maybe they were thinking at nani the second time(nani fron 89 to 90) and eboue , eduardo and reina (i'm not sure about him) they all deserve +1 and rooney -1 and maybe j cole.
  18. Re: Players you want to see in the England squad? theo walcott
  19. Re: C.Ronaldo Compared to the best of Europe! i think that he deserve to be 98 but in this case only kaka ,ronaldo and messi deserve (ronaldinho = 95-96)
  20. Re: Who Is The Ugliest Football Player In Europe? ronaldino???ribery???tevez??? what do you think about ronaldo??? from milan not cristiano but i think tha one ugly player is sol campbell:eek:
  21. Re: Best Coach In Europe victor piturca
  22. Re: Who do u think will win the UEFA Champions League this season? in my opinion this season the best final would be inter-liverpool:D but it is impossible to be so maybe the best final is between liverpool and real madrid
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