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  1. Re: What is your best 11 football team?? buffon s.ramos toure nesta chivu c.ronaldo gerrard fabregas robinho torres messi subs: casillas lahm gattuso van der vaart klose
  2. Re: Prediction of top 4 players of the top 4 teams in the EPL cesc 96 gerrard 98 lampard 95 ronaldo 96-97
  3. Doru

    Sergio Ramos

    Re: Sergio Ramos 180 M euro is his release clause wow
  4. Re: Best PA Announcer liverpool's announcer is the best and the atmosphere in liverpool's home matches is great
  5. Doru

    Sergio Ramos

    Re: Sergio Ramos i think that at the end of the season he'll be 95 but in 1 or 2 years he'll be at 96 and if real or spain will win any cup or championship he can be even better(97-98) because is wery talented
  6. Re: Ever Banega he is now at valencia and if he'll play match-by-match he'll be the best young miedfielder in europe:D anyway i think that at the end of the season he will be at least 90
  7. Doru

    Sergio Ramos

    Re: Sergio Ramos i think that he deserve 94-95
  8. how much can sergio ramos get increased ? i saw that milan want sergio and real want more than 100M for he and i think that he deserve moe than 93 , isn't it?
  9. Doru

    Rate My Team Thread

    Re: Rate My Team Thread my senior squad at ajax look like this : Goalkeeper : BUFFON, Gianluigi G 29 96:D Defence : ABIDAL, Eric LB 28 93:D MARCELO, Vieira LB 19 87 SERGIO RAMOS, Garcia CB/RB 21 93 HEITINGA, John CB/DM 24 91 CARRAGHER, Jamie CB/RB 29 94:D JUAN, Silveira CB 28 93 Midfield : DIARRA, Mahamadou DM/CM 26 93 SNEIJDER, Wesley CM/AM 23 93:D SCHOLES, Paul CM/AM 33 94:D GAGO, Fernando CM/DM 21 89 NASRI, Samir AM/CM 20 91 NANI, Luís W/AM 21 89 QUARESMA, Ricardo W 24 93:D BABEL, Ryan W/F 21 89 BEN ARFA, Hatem W/F 20 86 WALCOTT, Theo W/F 18 85 Atack : SUAREZ, Luis F 20 89 MUTU, Adrian F 28 93 VAN PERSIE, Robin F/W 24 92:D TOTTI, Francesco F/AM 31 96:D BENZEMA, Karim F 20 89 AGUERO, Sergio F 19 91:D FERNANDO TORRES, José CF 23 93 GOMEZ, Mario CF 22 92
  10. Re: Most Hated Team & Player on SM barca because i love madrid and inzaghi for many , many reasons FC Liverpool will be the proud winner of UEFA Champions League in 2008
  11. Re: Which footballer would you most like to see in a 50/50 challenge Gerrard and Kaka
  12. Re: Official AC Milan Thread i'm not sure who's my favoriter club from italy (milan roma inter fiorentina juve) but dida is the worst golkeeper ever seen (watch the match against inter) and buffon is one of the best from milan the best players are kaka , nesta and gattuso (in my opinion)
  13. Re: Bobo's Personal Rumour Thread! Actually it will be an change of players Drenthe fo Malouda
  14. Re: All these will increase by 5 or more... i think that one good player is jack hobbs (68) from liverpool but he can go up to 75+
  15. Re: MANCINI, Alessandro if goes to 93 i think that sneijder or torres should go upto 95:D
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