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  1. Re: SM Westgate - Test Game World I'd like to help you too as long as my time will allow me to do it . Just let me know.
  2. Re: Some random player rating requests... 92 ...
  3. Re: Some random player rating requests... no one noticed that Giuseppe Rossi is 91? .. good help guys Gilardino 93 CF stay for now Gomez 93 CF drop to 92/91 Thiago Silva 91 CB - 91/92 I think he'll be an important player for Milan this season Diarra 92 DM stay ... in pre-season I've seen Mourinho playing him a lot and also giing him the number 10 , but his position in the team was unsure , it depends if he'll play or not Riise 90 LB stay - he just got a rise from 89 and I don't think that he deserves a 91 already Montolivo 91 CM stay/rise - he's playing regularly for Italy and he's one of the best players from Fiorentina... although many guys don't like him I think he deserves 92 Lisandro 92 FWD stay - he was the best player from France last season , but it's pretty hard to reach 93 there , so I think he'll stay Giuseppe Rossi 91 FWD stay/drop - villareal is only in Europa League and unless villareal is having good season or Rossi plays more for Italy I can see him going back to 90 And what's the best GK to have out of this lot: Adler - the best keeper in Germany ..anyway..I was shocked to see him getting 6 goals in Leverkunsen's last match..but the defence was horrible . he'll be 93-94 one day..but that will be in 2-3 years ... Akinfeev - unless he's moving to a top club and plays regulary he'll keep his rating for a long period of time Neuer - great keeper and with shalke playing in champions league , I think that he can reach 9 even this season Valdes - without barca's defence , Valdes would be a poor 88-89 keeper in my opinion ... I don't like him at all and he rarely proved that he's actually a good keeper ... might rise to 93 , but in that moment we'll probably see Casillas rated 97 My choice: Neuer
  4. Re: Gourcouff He just moved to Lyon last week... He played 3 matches for Bordeaux He'll keep his rating with big chances of a +1 increase if he performs well with Lyon
  5. Re: SM Predict Season 6 Week 3 Saturday Boca Juniors 1-1 San Lorenzo Sydney 2-2 Adelaide Southampton 1-2 Rochdale (ESB) Chicago 1-2 Los Angeles Sunday Flamengo 0-2 Santos (Neymar) Brentford 1-2 Sheffield Wednesday Livorno 1-0 Siena Barcelona B 2-1 Xerez
  6. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Can anyone describe me a little better Tomas Costa's playing position and how good is he as a player? CFR Cluj took him on loan as a replacement for Dani who was the best DM from the country and I'd like to know what will the manager do exactly with Tomas . We also got Kivuvu who seems a very good player , but he played more as a CM/AM than DM ...
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Transfer Message Dynamo Kyiv have made an offer to Bayern München for Ivica OLIC of £8,000,000 plus Yevhen KHACHERIDI and Andriy YARMOLENKO I'm Bayern in GC 132 .. should I accept or reject it? Quick answer pls because the ratings are close
  8. Re: How to report abuse on translation program ? Ask one of the top translators for your country . They have a button to report users .
  9. Re: Things you did when you first joined SM I've got an Ajax side with Gareth Barry and Santa Cruz in it , but I quit it because Huntelaar was missing ..then I've got another one and I started signing the New added player.. I've got some interesing names anyway .. I remember that I had Fabio Coentrao who was rated 72 and Alan Kardec who was 73 or 74 ... I've also started signing some Romanian players because I was expecting them to grow at 90+ because they were the best from our league . I've also bought Torres for 29M from unmanaged and it is still my highest transfer sum paid. Although I have some guys like Xavi , Casillas , Gerrard , Lampard in my squad...
  10. Re: MiR challenges you!! New setups (suggestions expected) I'm thinking at 2-3 divisions of 10 teams and the letters will change every season , or half season :-?
  11. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  12. Re: MiR challenges you!! New setups (suggestions expected) Ok then . I might do one of the Game worlds using this idea. What other details should I add?
  13. Re: MiR challenges you!! New setups (suggestions expected)
  14. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  15. I have 2 slots for new Custom Game worlds and I'm searching for ideas. I already have one with transfer limit at 90 and with medium level teams , another one with transfer limit at 88 rating . I'm looking for something more interesting and of course for members to join it. Name suggestion accepted too !! Thanks
  16. Re: SM Predict Season 6 Week 2 Saturday - August, 21 Lens 1-2 Monaco (ESB) Rennes 3-1 Saint Étienne Hamburger SV 2-3 Schalke 04 1899 Hoffenheim 0-2 Werder Bremen Sunday – August, 22 Nacional 2-2 Benfica Borussia Dortmund 0-1 Bayer Leverkusen (FGS - Derdiyok) PSV Eindhoven 4-2 AZ Alkmaar PSG 2-1 Bordeaux
  17. Re: Important poll please vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Badstuber would be my first choice then Pastore. Holger has a sure place at bayern which will bring him at least 91 at the end of this season and also big chances to start for Germany . In a few years I can see him up to 94/95 even if he'll stay at Bayern .
  18. Re: SM Predict Season 6 Week 1 Saturday August, 14 Tottenham 2–2 Manchester City (ESB) Aston Villa 0–0 West Ham Bolton 1–2 Fulham Chelsea 3-0 WBA Sunday August, 15 Liverpool 2–1 Arsenal (FGS Gerrard) Caen 1–2 Lyon Bordeaux 1–2 Toulouse Lille 1-1 PSG
  19. Re: Biggest risers ?? Mazola wasn't ... great research anyway ..I guess it exhausted you in the end. yeah.. good boy ..you got a cookie
  20. Re: The Lucky League Table Challenge - **NEW** I'm in too...let's hope that I'll end in same position like the pool competition
  21. Re: Who's who in the game? Forumer name to in-game name Romanian MIR and Doru 'The CFR fan' Bresan These are my main accounts..I have 2 others but since I got the gold membership on Romanian MIR one I'm thinking to leave those teams ... edit:u can see one of the accounts in my signature
  22. Re: Álvaro Morata-Mourinho's CF. I don't think they add players based on how good they look But if he'll really make it to the first team then it will be a good thing. Real needs another true team-lider like Raul/Guti
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