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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I've got 2 questions : I try to buy Elia , but I've got an counter offer of 10M+ Chamakh . Considering that I'm in a game world with a limit of transfers at 90 , should I let Chamakh go ? Do you think that he has chances to hit 91 before Elia does it? Second:I can get Pedro (Barca) for Lisandro Lopez , no cash involved , just direct swap. I already have Aguero, Ibra , Torres , Benzema , Van Persie , Higuain and a few other 90-91 forwards in my squad , so I wonder if you think that I should keep Lisandro and use him in other transfers or just get this great youngster ?
  2. Re: Goalkeeper Scoring After a transfer I've made , one of my strikers left the team and in the first XI he was replaced by Buffon. He scored one goal and still got 3 . I think that the match engine isn't looking how good they play in the match if they're having a wrong position , it's only about the mark they get in the end. BTW... Boffon's goal was in 80+ minute and helped me win with 2-1
  3. Re: Does anybody use 4-4-2 Diamond over 4-4-2 With 4-4-2 Diamond I've defeated last night Marseille with a 85 average rated Metz in GC 77. Marseille used 4-4-2 simple. All their players were fit and the average of the team was 91. Currently I'm second , close to first place with my Metz after 28 turns. I'm using 4-4-2 Diamond for almost all my teams and I like it.
  4. Re: Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Discussions Thread lol of the day Suarez for GK/F & 90 --> 92 for being such a great keeper Anyway he's a great team player and you can't blame him .
  5. Re: Russian Premier League Ratings & Analysis Ok here we go.. but why so many reserved? can't you make 2-3 teams in same post? good luck with these rankings I'll keep an eye on them;)
  6. Doru


    Re: gerrard this game is gonna die .. Gerrard to 95 .. screw it .. it's so unfair !!!
  7. Re: Adrian Mutu banned for 9 months Mutu will go down to 92-91...
  8. Re: Alexandru (Max) Iulian Maxim[Massive Prospect] OK , nice why don't you simply take all my talents from there and post about them without asking me anything then?
  9. Re: Romanian ratings predictions I'm not a Timisoara fan and I am 100% sure that I'm not wrong about my ratings. I'm doing this for almost 3 years and till now I was always right about them . You'r a clear Dinamo fan and I have to apologize for not seeing their last match , but still Dolha is a good Keeper , he won't drop only because you don't like him. And Niculescu ? .. I was a fan of him a few years ago , but it's time to admit that he's close to the end of his career ... Baciu deserving a rise? Let's be serious ... And Dani is not playing? He has suffered an injury a few weeks ago and after that he was benched in 2 matches , but he'll be soon back , this can't affect his rating since he played match by match in the first part of the season .
  10. Re: Lacina Traore CFR Cluj Starter only rated 74 (snap him up quick) He'll get 84 for sure. I'm not too sure about 85 since he was on bench in the last 3 games .
  11. Re: Romanian ratings predictions I think I have to make a short review around here as this guy seems to make the rankings based on some numbers only. CFR Cluj: RICARDO DANI 86->84 --> the best DM from Romania in my opinion .. no way for a drop , a rise is closer than that. my prediction 86->86/87 LACINA TRAORE 80-> 85 --> this is ridiculous. He already got that 'star' attitude and missed the last 3 matches because of it . Unless he's changing and start playing again he won't get more than 83-84 . My prediction : 80-->83/84 . He's still a great player to buy. CRISTIAN BUD-- TRANSFERED TO MEDIAS 82->83 --> Transfered FROM Medias. he joined CFR this winter and has some good matches . Also considering his past appeareances for Medias he might be lucky enough to get a nice rise. 82-->83/84. Steaua Bucuresti PARPAS 77->80 -- Did nothing to desrve it excepting from the fact that he moved to a better team . Steaua's defence is on the ground , or better said in the air .. . 77-> 78/79 , but only because he moved here from Greece. BACIU 83->84 --> kidding me ? ) This guy is at Steaua for ages and he has always been the useless substitute . This season although Goian and Ghionea are gone .. he still proves how useless he is. 83->83/82 ARTAVAZD KARAMYAN 87->86 --> one of the best players at Timisoara . Too early for a drop. 87->87 KAPETANOS 85->87 --> One of the luckiest strikers. Has no quality but he's simply lucky and in the good place. Scored even a goal with his backside. I'm not allowed to say the word unfortunately . 85-->85/86 FC Timisoare sepsi 86->85 --> he moved this winter from Benfica ... make some researches and you'll see that he's a great player. 86--> 86/87 . Dinamo DOLHA 83->82 SHOULD DROP MORE, HE STARTS GAME AFTER GAME BUT IS THE WORST KEEPER I EVER SAW!!! --> And you'r the biggest idiot I've ever seen . Excuse my expression, but I couldn't stop from saying it. Dolha saved the team in many occasions this season and because of his mistakes against CFR which weren't so big he has a bad period . He'll be back. 83-->84/85 CLAUDIU NICULESCU 84->85/84--> Why don't you call him the worst player you've ever seen? Old and hardly moving on the ground. 84-->83/82. the other rankings look ok .. there aren't many big risers and the championship's quality is lower , but the teams are finally balanced and we can see more than 2-3 teams fighting for the title. I'm waiting for the other rankings , hopefully you'll pay more attention .
  12. Re: Alexandru (Max) Iulian Maxim[Massive Prospect] he really is a great player .. and I don't want to look like a bad guy here.. but please use the search button from time to time... http://forum.soccermanager.com/showpost.php?p=392782&postcount=51 I've mentioned him back in 2008 . Thanks Doru
  13. Re: GEORGIAN PAUN-- next big romanian forward Wow from where did you appear ? Paun hitting 87/88 in one year ? And going to nt ... I don't even think he the next big forward since he's pretty old ... he scored a goal against Steaua and then he had to stay away from field for 2 weeks because of an injury ... haven't seen too many information about him .. EDIT:Sorry if it's you'r first scout... but try to get better information next time ... He's just a poor player who had to move at a small team to get a chance to play .. till now he was loaned at different small teams
  14. Re: Ultimate Football Brain Teaser Walter Bressan ... I remember it since my name is Doru Bresan ...
  15. Re: SCOUTING ---- models around the world !!!!! Just one thing to add at Andrea Mantea ... she has an HUGE nose ... You have only seen her 'photoshoped' , but trust me..in reality she has a big nose
  16. Re: "What Can Influence Changes?" - Is this still valid? Finally a thread where Lucas is defended . I've been watching this player since he was at Gremio , I'm rarely watching South-American football , but when I do it , it means that I've really found a great player. To be honest I was a little worried when he arrived at Liverpool that he'll warm up too much the bench that he'll be loaned out in League One or even worse , etc. But the whole idea is that I've never heard somebody saying anything about him when he arrived at Liverpool , nobody said he has no quality. It's strange how he's criticized only now after he finally got his place in the team, after some good appearances , after a great goal against Chelsea (you blue ones , I'm sure you remember it ... it was a great one ...and the result was unfair , but...this is the football ) and after all the other stats you mentioned here . And the most annoying thing is that SM seems to listen of what the newspapers are saying and some jealous blue or red or whatever color fans ... So Ben , I'm totally on you'r side .
  17. Re: Zidane or Ronaldo? Ronaldo is by far the best player in the past 10 years . Zidane comes second
  18. Re: BIG youth BIG cleanup - Calling on All Good Scouts Anything you do , you'r free to do it , but SELL Dumitru Copil . He's rarely playing for UTA Arad in Romanian second division ...his talent is gone ... maybe in 2-3 years we'll see him playing more but it's not worth waiting
  19. Re: 10 Players to keep from this list ? ASENJO, Sergio GGk 20 88 CISSOKHO, Aly LB 22 89 THIAGO SILVA, Emiliano CB 25 89 BADSTUBER, Holger CB/LB 20 85 ALDERWEIRELD, Toby CB/RB 20 85 PABLO HERNANDEZ, Dominguez RM/Wing 24 88 BUSQUETS, Sergio DM/CM 21 88 MULLER, Thomas Wing/AM 20 85 HULK, Givanildo Vieira Fwd 23 88 BALOTELLI, Mario Fwd 19 88 NEYMAR, Silva Fwd/AM 17 82 ALEXE, Marius Fwd/Wing 19 77 NEGREDO, Álvaro CF 24 90 LUKAKU, Romelo CF 16 83 TRAORE, Lacina CF 19 80 try to keep all these players
  20. Re: Spanish Ratings I know there are 1 start and 7 sub , but those are still enough to keep his rating in my opinion ...
  21. Re: Spanish Ratings You must be kidding or using wrong sources.... Maybe you wanted to say that he only started one game for Spain ... He has 73 minutes on field in the match against Bosnia . 4 matches in Champions League 8 in Primera and 2 assists. 2 in Spanish Cup with 1 goal and 1 assist and 7 matches for the U-21 national team of Spain ... These stats can easily make his 90 rating sure and even increase it , but it's more like 90,35 , so he'll most probably remain the same ...
  22. Re: Help with recent Risers COPPENS, Jo GGk 18 78 FIORILLO, Vincenzo GGk 19 74 RAUSCH, Konstantin LB-LMLB/LM 19 85 MANGALA, Eliaquim DM-DDM/Def 17 85 CARCELA-GONZALEZ, Mehdi AM-LMAM/LM 20 84 HAZARD, Eden W-AMWing/AM 18 87 KEKO, Sergio Gontan W-FWing/Fwd 17 75 KADLEC, Vaclav FFwd 17 80 EMILIO NSUE, López CFCF 20 78 Make sure that you keep these players , they are very good , about the others I don't know much . also Andrei Sava , the Romanian player is currently playing in second division , so I think you should sell him and shortlist him after that ... he is a good player , but he won't rise too much in second division ...
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