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  1. Re: Spanish Ratings Is anybody going to make the full rating changes for Spain , because just going on with these kind of questions we'll only waste our time ... so ,is here any active guy who has enough time to do them ?
  2. Re: Romanian talented players It's nice to see how you'r translating these articles from Romanian sources (I think I remember these scouts from somewhere , word by word ) very good job , but I'd like to announce you that Doman I going to fail . As u mentioned , actually translated he's spending a lot of time in night clubs and although he's playing in Liga 2 he considers himself a star already although there are more better players than him. And about Alibec , I think he was mentioned a lot of times already in forum .
  3. Re: pedro barcelona I'd say that he'll rise from 83 to 87 if he keeps with these good performances and even 88 if he can get a place into the first team ...
  4. Re: MsF and Radebe20 Appreciation Thread Since in the last time I couldn't be too active in general because of the school , the only threads where I was going were the ones with risers and new talents and if there are 2 names to remember those are surely Radebe and MsF ... I've been always chasing you and we discussed during the time on MSN about risers and so and all I can say it's a censored word unfortunately ... as I can't express in another way right now ... I'm really sorry that you guys are leaving . Good luck from now on One of your fans and friends , MiR
  5. Re: TOP 5 LBs rated between 80-90 Marcelo Salvatore Bocchetti (he might as well become simply CB , but he has a lot of potential) Edson Braafheid Kieran Gibbs
  6. Re: Will Piotr TROCHOWSKI Drop/Stay/Rise? I say a +1 rise....
  7. Re: I can't believe it Problem solved , sorry for any problems guys ... I had a full day and you know...sometimes you simply reach that limit and you move from a clam guy to an angry one ... Thanks a lot Dev
  8. Re: I can't believe it Sorry if I'm a little aggressive , but I'm really annoyed to see a guy who's already high on the translators chart while I'm still waiting for approval , I don't even know if I have any chances for any reward or so ... and I'm still waiting for their approval ...
  9. Re: I can't believe it
  10. it looks like since the translations began , there are only 2-3 Romanians who can do it ... I replied to their mail from the first day , but I'm still waiting for the approval to translate while one Romanian guy is already on top translators list... I sent a mail to support@... whatever is the address asking them to let me translate it too ... still no answer or approval ... Can somebody please give me an advice about what should I do ? I don't know who to PM or to e-mail since from that address I get no answer and I really want to translate because I'm here for more than 2 years waiting for this to happen , there are also 2 years without a gm and I'd really like to get into the race for that GM because if there's one reason why I'm still in SM it is because I want to play where's the real competition in a GC , because in rest I won everything from Div 4 to 1 with different teams and different players ... I hope somebody can give me an advice Thanks MIR
  11. Re: who to buy: Luis Fabiano or Gomez? Fabiano is much better , he scored loads of goals for Brazil and he has some better matches at Sevilla in a higher ranked league , I even think that he has a chance to get 94 ...
  12. Re: Compilation of 80+ Rated Risers.
  13. Re: Compilation of 80+ Rated Risers.
  14. Re: Can anyone beat this debt record? But I still don't get the idea ... What happens if I'm in debt , is there any punishment , will I be kicked from the club or what? I have a CFR side with -15 and 10M transfer budget ... what should I do
  15. Re: New Info Bar (Player Information) I want to old SM back :(
  16. Re: Mihai Alexandru Costea- romanian riser Rise to 80 he's just another one of my talents who's reaching the 80 limit and is confirming his talent .
  17. Re: Mihai Alexandru Costea- romanian riser I'd say 80-81 and he's surely a worth keeping guy
  18. Re: Internazionale Rating Changes by Edox Exactly , why 92 for Chivu ?
  19. Re: Romanian ratings 09/10 by M.I.R.
  20. Re: Romanian ratings 09/10 by M.I.R. I'm working on it , I hope I can finish it today and tomorrow , before the Romanian changes will start
  21. Re: Mata or Ronaldinho Mata for sure , Ronaldinho is going down , down , down , by the end of the season he'll be 91-92 and Mata will surely be 93
  22. Doru

    Transfer Help

    Re: More leniency from the chairman please It looks more and more with real life Just two examples in my mind , AC Milan and Berlusconi and Steaua Bucharest and the owner-manager, Jiji Becali i agree with you that some times , the chairman stops some ridiculous transfers and I can't use my young risers as player exchange in transfers with unavaiblle teams , because the chairman refuses to sell a youngster ? it's annoying many times ...
  23. Re: Prikee's Bulgarian Risers!!! Whatever , I don't know why I'm bothering to reply in your thread ...
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