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  1. Re: Romanian ratings 09/10 by M.I.R.
  2. Re: Romanian ratings 09/10 by M.I.R. It is true that he had a pretty good season , scored one goal and made 2-3 good matches , but considering his team place and his previous seasons I don't think that he'll get more than+1 But who knows, maybe he'll transfer to a big club
  3. Re: Prikee's Romanian and Bulgarian Risers!!!
  4. Re: Bulgaria,poland,hungary and romania http://forum.soccermanager.com/showpost.php?p=756828&postcount=1
  5. Re: advice: left back 87+ due to rise. He was mentioned and it was also mentioned the fact that he's playing more on LM than LB and it's possible to see a change to LM/LB
  6. Re: advice: left back 87+ due to rise. it depends on what u mean by 87+ , but the first two names in my mind are Cissokho from Ol Lyon , rated 86 -->88/89 and Luis Filipe from Deportivo la Coruna rated 89-->90/91;)
  7. Re: Romanian ratings 09/10 by M.I.R. Look at Dinamo in database ' date=' he's there. Bogdan has a good season and some great appearances in Europa League , you should try to get him I think he'll get 86 now and 87 by the end of season.
  8. Re: Romanian ratings 09/10 by M.I.R. Main post updated , I added the players for Steaua , tomorrow's starting the week-end so I'll try to make more teams
  9. Re: Romanian ratings 09/10 by M.I.R. Costea has a chance at 79-80 based on his past appearances and on the fact that this season he was used as striker together with his brother... Daminuta is playing on Italy ... long time till the Italian ratings and I can't answer you yet... Rapa ' date=' I think there is a thread about him already and it's not a bad one I'd say 77/78 Rus is being substituted so fast because of his low fitness , his first season on Liga 1 is very tough for him , he played many minutes this season and for a beginner it's not an easy thing. I think he can reach 80 , although I have to admit that it's a little too much maybe especially for the first ratings , but considering his high number of matches played it is possible . Anyway , he is surely worth buying. About Grigore I can't say too much as I'm not totally sure that he will get back his place on the team . He's an interesting defender ,but we have to wait to see what happens
  10. Re: Romanian ratings 09/10 by M.I.R.
  11. Re: 86 - 89 rated risers. 88/89 he also played for the National Team already and is an important player at Ajax
  12. Re: Romanian ratings 09/10 by M.I.R.
  13. Re: Romanian ratings 09/10 by M.I.R. No , as I mentioned already , SM refuses to change anything at any players because as they said ,the Romanian rating changes are close and the player will be reviewed in the same time with the ratings changes , so he'll move to Dinamo in DB and will get a rise.
  14. Re: Romanian ratings 09/10 by M.I.R. Andrei Cristea , the CF is rated 83 and I don't think that he'll get more than 84/85 , he is in a good form , but not so good to deserve more than +1 or 2...
  15. Re: Romanian ratings 09/10 by M.I.R. Bogdan Stelea retired ...
  16. Re: Romanian ratings 09/10 by M.I.R.
  17. Re: Romanian ratings 09/10 by M.I.R. I don't know what to say , but they played very poor at Sevilla , maybe because of the lack of experience , but honestly I think you can get 4 points against them ... In Romania , excepting CFR Cluj and Timisoara, there's no other team prepared totally for an European cup , Dinamo is having good and bad matches with wins against big teams and loses against some small teams , Steaua is having the same old virus : George Becali , Urziceni has a lack of experience in Europe . I think that Rangers will go on together with Sevilla as VfB has some serious problems after the transfer of Gomez ...
  18. Re: Romanian ratings 09/10 by M.I.R. He's the captain of the U-21 team where he's having some great matches , recently named the captain of Dinamo too and as I said a National team call-up is very close. He scored the late winner this Sunday against the champions, Unirea Urziceni and till now he had an impressive season.
  19. First of all I'll start by mentioning that this is my first thread after a very long period and that I might not be so accurate on ratings like I used to be. Also I don't have enough time to post about every single player , but I'll add all the important risers and if anybody will have any questions I'll answer them . I'm going to start with the league table after only 7 matches , but considering that next week we'll have the Romanian ratings I have to do it now... Also I'd like to mention that in the past 2 weeks all my attempts to add a new player on DB were refused because the Romanian ratings are close , so I've missed a few possible risers Pos NAME 1 FC Brasov 2 Dinamo 3 Steaua 4 CFR Cluj 5 Urziceni 6 Poli Tim 7 Rapid 8 Pandurii 9 FC Vaslui 10 Poli Iasi 11 Astra Ploiesti 12 Medias 13 Curtea de Arges 14 U Craiova 15 Otelul 16 Ceahlaul 17 Alba Iulia 18 Gloria 1.FC Brasov Risers: HADNAGY, Attila CF played in all 7 matches and is the top scorer of the team with 2 goals . 80 --> 83/84 VOICU, Ionut RB he played in 6 matches out of 7 and I'm not sure if he'll win his place on the team till the end of the season , but I see a small rise coming 74-->77/78 ROMAN, Mihai RM/AM my favorite player this season , he made 2 great matches for the national team and was also an important player for FC Brasov , unfortunately , he injured recently and will be missing from the ground for about 1 month. 80--> 84/85 ILYES, Robert AM/LM the veteran of the team is still an important part of the team , but although he's old he's in a great form. It depends on SM ,but my opinion is : 80--> 83/84 SBURLEA, Sabrin CF he was out of the team in the first 2 matches of the season after one injury , but now with the new manager and with him getting in a better form , he got more and more appearances. He isn't a great riser right now , but it's a player who will shine pretty soon . 76-->78 Droppers: STELEA, Bogdan Gk - he's now part of the national team staff , so he's out of football. OROS, Cristian CB/RB - no longer the player he was last season ,he might drop with 1 or 2 points , but it's not sure. 2.Dinamo Bucharest Risers: SCARLATACHE, Manuel RB/CB - won the Rb place at Dinamo and started a new season in which the team is fighting for a title . he was impressive both in league and Europa League . 80-->84 GRIGORE, Dragos CB - started in the first two matches , but got a red card and lost the first team . Anyway, he played another 90 mins this Sunday and it looks like an interesting player .He'll get a small rise now , but he's a player worth to keep for future... 73--> 76/77 DOLHA, Emilian Gk - although he hasn't featured in the historical match from Liberec where Matache was the hero , in Liga 1 he's the first choice keeper for Dinamo and if we look back at his past we can realise that he really is a great player considering his great period played at Rapid and also the great seasons from Poland. After the transfer of Lobont to Roma he's now the first choice keeper , so my rating is 80-->84/85 with another 1 or 2 points rise next time. TORJE, Gabriel Wing/Fwd - the best young midfielder from Romania at the moment should have been 86-87 for a long time , but after every rating change I saw him 85 , but this time it would be really strange for me to see him with 85 again as a national team call-up will come soon. 85-->86/87 RUS, Laurentiu DM/RB - in June this year , nobody knew who this player is , he played on second division and I've never heard of him before he joined Dinamo . Now he's already linked with a national team call-up although I think it's a little exagerated , he's a great player. 75-->79/80 and a position change as he is more a D/DM Djakaridja Kone - not on DB is an Ivorian player who joined this summer and he looks pretty impressive , he's fast and strong , I can't give a rating for sure , but Id say that he'll be added at a rating around 76-77 , if he's lower you should get him fast , else just wait till the next ratings are closer . ALEXE, Marius Fwd/Wing - was added recently , so his rating is pretty high . This season he'll most probably replace Danciulescu who moved on Spain. Not a big riser right now , but a great player for future again . 77-->78/79 Droppers: TAMAS, Gabriel CB/RB -he's not a certain dropper , but his rating is pretty high in my opinion . 88-->87/88 3.Steaua Bucharest Risers: IONESCU, Andrei CM/AM - last season he failed to impress at the first team , but this season the Italian manager, Bergodi , offered him all the support and this great youngster played in all matches in league and was pretty good. I don't know if the new manager will give him so many time on the pitch. 81-->83 TATARUSANU, Anton GK - this young keeper will soon be fighting for the national team place with Pantilimon and Lung Jr. . This season he was in a great form and although he made some mistakes , he still managed to keep his place on the team in front of the experienced Zapata. 82-->84/85 ONICAS, Mihai DM - What can I say about him ? He's simply a great player , in my opinion , he'll replace very well the ex-captain , Radoi and will have a bright future in Ghencea ... 75-->80/81 SURDU, Romeo Fwd - I always knew that he's a great player , since he was playing at CFR and although he had a bad period at Steaua last season , after the loan time at Brasov , he's now back in the first team of Steaua and is making a very good impression . He also got some national team call-ups because Lucescu Jr was his manager at Brasov, but he really deserved those call-ups. 81--> 84/85 TANASE, Cristian Wing/AM - considered by many peoples as the new Mutu , he is a great player , talented and with some great skills . The perfect play-maker and I only hope that he'll feel good at Steaua and will leave the club fast , moving to a better team in another country. He hasn't played for Steaua because of an injury. 82-->85 Droppers: GOLANSKI, Pawel RB- this guy is like an old maths problem which needs years to be solved , you never know what to do to make him play well , he has some random appearances and I don't think that he deserves that high rating anymore. 87-->86 MORENO, Dayro Fwd/AM -Bad boy of the team , he missed the pre-season trainings trying to find another club. He's back now , but I don't know how much time he'll need to get back on the good shape. 86-->85/84 PETRE, Ovidiu CM/DM - long term injury ...unfortunately too long... 86-->85/84 EMEGHARA, Ifeanyi LB/LM - same like Ov Petre 84-->83/82 PLESAN, Mihaita CM - he was sent at the second team after a fight with the captain , Ghionea and now the new manager want to get him back , but only because they want to give him some time to play and to sell him for a higher price ... 84-->82 RADA, Ionut CB - I don't know why but he's always a substitute , Baciu was always prefered in his place although Rada is much better than him . 84-->83 I will continue the list tomorrow .
  20. Re: 86 - 89 rated risers. Cissokho Keirrison Elia Bocchetti Dembele Hulk Giovinco M.Motta T.Motta Vermaelen Busquetes van der Wiel
  21. Re: Prikee's Romanian and Bulgarian Risers!!! what are you talking about here ? The season just started and Mihai Costea played in all matches , he's a great player and he'll surely rise to 78-80 ...
  22. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here!
  23. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! I'm looking for a new sig ... Who want to make one for a poor old member of forum My preferences : To be either with CFR Cluj or FC Liverpool , to have MIR on it , and to be good If it's a hard task , I'll do one by myself ... Thanks MIR
  24. Re: RB to rise from 88,89 to 90,90+! I think there is a guy called Marco Motta at Roma ... but I'm not sure if he's RB/RM or RM/RB ...
  25. Re: Romanian young talent's! He's new Adam ...I did the same when I started ...lol
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