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  1. And if play from 60 min. its count ? Strange. That way u are not able to keep 2 good players/ same position as u wont be ablee to play them both.
  2. 20 november is mentioned at concerns report. 9 games only, possibly another five for national team . So i will looose him...hmmm. We talk about Donnaruma .
  3. Rated 91/have no iddea../ game week...i dont understand../ 9 games till now. And 6 games left this season
  4. It was already there with another manager but i will play him and see. Thanks.
  5. A player level 4 at concerns....can be saved if i will use him regular?
  6. Can u please rate Wenderson GALENO , Diego Rossi P. DAKA and Gvardiol ?
  7. Thanks. France and Mexic left....so i will find some players im sure.
  8. Ok thanks. But what are the teams/ country that i should look ? Or all was updated ? As im not sure how things work here on your page.
  9. Mate, need some players around 2,5 m as value that will rise . Can u tell me where to look on your page?
  10. Gyan’s prediction...where i can find this? I didnt noticced on 1 page...
  11. Founded Diop and Zubimendi. Not enough but i appreciate. Thanks anyway.
  12. Thanks Sir Rahul. I try desperate to find for 1 of my team some players that can grow. My budget are 40 m so im thinking to buy 11 players rated 82-85 that can grow ...at 2,5 m -3m /player. And keep aprox 5-10 m for some youngsters as reserves. Need some talents to keep or some risers to sell and make money. I have a lot of names rated maximum 80 but only a few 80+ but all are over 3 m as value. If u have some raisers around 3m i would appreciate.
  13. Pos Nat Player Club Value Rat Age Remove Gold F(C) B.EVANILSON FC Porto 2.8M 82 21 AM(RL),F(RLC) A.BARRENETXEA Real Sociedad 2.8M 82 18 AM(RLC),F(RL) S.ANTONY Ajax 5.0M 85 20 AM(RLC),F(RL) F.STEVANOVIĆ Manchester City 3.0M 83 18 AM,F(C) L.OPENDA Club Brugge KV 2.0M 82 20 AM(RLC),F(RL) K.KVARATSKHELIA Rubin Kazan 2.0M 82 19 AM,F(RLC) C.TZOLIS PAOK 1.4M 80 18 D(LC) J.GVARDIOL Leipzig 2.4M 80 18 AM,F(RLC) W.GALENO Sporting de Braga 4.0M 86 23 D(LC) J.LUCUMÍ KRC Genk 3.0M 85 22 AM,F(RLC) C.DE KETELAERE Club Brugge KV 2.0M 82 Players from this list who are under 85 - can reach 85 some of them next few months? Thanks
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