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  1. 12 hours ago, Sir Rahul said:

    50/50 +1 for both


    Yeah, 92 for him too

    Yeah i was thinking that, both of them are playing good though in there positions in there systems, if not now they will get it at the end of season, if they keep playing like they are now.

    Another 2 who should get a rise at the end of season review is jones and Rojo if they keep getting selected and jones doesn't get injured:unsure:, Rojo has shown how good he is once he is played in his best position, he is hung out to dry when he plays LB but CB he bosses it.

  2. On 24/08/2016 at 7:53 PM, tupac_healy said:

    JUST when we get a glimmer of hope..... they changed the mobile layout today and what looks to be a CHAT ICON! REJOICE!!!!!!! in the top right hand corner, turns out to be nothing more than another gateway to show members yet ANOTHER part of the game they have managed to mangle lately....


    Endless, mindless stupidity from  SM. FFS now the mobile home screen  (hint is this lads, mobile screens should not be cluttered with tiny useless icons. It should be user friendly) is destroyed with various links to filters and PM and friends list blah blah blah..... all the things that NOBODY ASKED FOR. 



    we should be able to swipe through the screens instead of pressing a button

  3. Badly need an overhaul int he ratings department, by moving it away from user preference in terms of votes for ratings to a statistical one linked to transfermarkt or some other stats based site, where we the users can still in put the data needed for the ratings but have no say on the what the rating is, 


    I know a very disgruntled player who is basically making his own game and he has the ratings system already designed.

  4. Hey -JMH-, thanks for the insight! Forgot there was the Copa America coming up, so that might shake things up a bit you're right.


    So to provide some stats on players you've mentioned that aren't in the top 10 list:

    • Matheus Sales has been in and out of the starting XI for Palmeiras, but did play 90 mins in his last game. Currently ranked 17th in the list.
    • Thiago Maia has played every minute so far for Santos, but is currently only ranked 26th (so not playing too well presumably)
    • Gerson – should I know about him? Has only played 72 minutes so far for Fluminense.
    • Clayton has also been in and out of the team and also doesn't seem to be playing that well.
    • Carlos Carvalho played 90 minutes last game, but again has a pretty low WhoScored rating considering SM rate him at 84.
    • Andrigo has quite a lot of minutes, but would be ranked 27th in performance.

    Is Leo Duarte on the SM database!? 

    He signed for Roma last summer for E17m, there was interest from barca and juve, rated as one of the big young talents in the world.

  5. Baston and Duarte +2 is very good. Well done sm

    Hoping for Lemos +3/4, Ceballos +1/2, N'Diaye +1/2, Ruben Castro +1 and Victor Ruiz +1 next.

    after nabbing lemos in my league when no one was looking that would be nice along with Lucas H +4/5 and ceballos, whats the odds on Vallejo getting a rise as that would set up my cup defence nicely for next season

  6. I used Malaga as a basis due to them being the start of the poorer teams in La Liga. 


    No doubt the English teams have been poor on the European stage but that is one game, two on the rare occasion. 


    I fear you are getting confused on the issue of best and tougher, I never said that the EPL was or had the best teams. On average though I believe that the EPL is tougher than La Liga.


    The very top teams in La Liga are definitely better than the top EPL teams. However I think that the quality over every single team and the level that every team plays at is tougher than all the teams in La Liga.

    The difference between bottom half teams in the EPL an La Liga by the looks of it is the English teams are more realistic in terms of approach to the bigger teams in the league and just shut up shop, park the bus and would go out not to lose, whereas in Spain they look to play football and the whole bottom half look like villa when playing the big teams.

  7. I agree with Christy, I think he's the best in the world. If he went to Real Madrid it wouldn't take him long to be around the 95/96 mark.

    I hope not, here's to hoping Courtois signs for them. With Jose as our manager it should solidify that defence with a few signings and shaw back from injury, also we should be playing less possession football this year and a bit more winging it, face paced football, which would lead to less errors by the midfielders giving it away in the middle of the park.  

  8. I really don't understand all the hate for De Gea...... played of the year for the club 3 seasons in a row.... he's pretty much regarded 2nd best keeper in the world behind a vastly underused (not through any fault of his own) Neuer.....

    De Gea is simply world class, 94 is 5oo little for him.

    Does anyone watch football anymore?

    He's the best in the world in my books, he is tested every week, just lost out on the golden gloves in the PL as well and his defence was inferior to the rest of the top 5 no mind the euro teams defences, he dragged us along for most of the season, think of that save vs Southampton. 

  9. Was reading about him today supposedly Everton and Barcelona are after him, started 8 games since he came on loan in January and finished 7 of them, also las Palmas finished much higher than I taught they had in 11th (I think) so I would be hoping for a +3 to 83 , las Palmas have a pending transfer of 2 mill to sign him full time in July so it might stop him from moving to a bigger club though sadly ☺

    I thought that deal was done already with las palmas, what to they put in the water in Uruguay to keep producing good defenders at the moment. 

  10. I'm not wishing him ill! I don't hate him, au contraire of others who hate Ronaldo, and the notion of others recognizing his talents and putting him at the same level as Messi. Plain sick and blind, fanatism, which is commonly associated with the catalunya club.


    But one cannot ignore the GHD treatments and who knows which other substances(illegal) he has in his body. Come on, we all know he's a cheater (tax evasion anyone?), its just a matter of time.

    Fuentes blood bags, which the Spanish judge ordered to be destroyed, currently awaiting appeal, probably has half the madrid team as well. 

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