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  1. Higuains is probably the most impressive league score of the lot.
  2. Nice, i swapped toprak + cash for him as a long term replacement for thiago.
  3. Any chance of a rise for Kostas Manolas?
  4. Is there a dark mode on the desktop version any more because its too bright, you cant read the defence positions in the squad tab, also why is there a need for the managers name when they post on the news feed to be massive and can the writing on the news feed and messages be increased to match the font size in the old UI and on the forum to make it easier to read.
  5. Those are the players i own i would nearly give lucas H 84/5 because of the quality of opponents he has faced and kept out as part of the atleti defence, i would also add Dabney dos santos to the list 2,840 minutes this season and 11 assists with 3 goals deserves a +1/2.
  6. Wrong side of the forum try here someone might know, but from my little experience of it its you'll have to restart http://forum.soccermanager.com/forum/1123-soccer-manager-2016/
  7. is pablo sarabia worth buying, looks like he's been linked with arsenal
  8. Looks like hes off to Dortmund, basically an in house deal as Rennes owner owns puma and puma has major shares in Dortmund.
  9. And Ronaldo 99 and probably gets the ballon d'or if they win the CL
  10. Iv just sold my BFS for wijnaldum, money is worth nothing on my game world.
  11. Make the font a size or two larger, or just make it the same size as the old layout because reading it at an arms distance is quite hard, keep it at this size and i'll need to get new glasses because i will be squinting to see the words and this is a comparison between an old and new message font, in case you didn't get what i was doing.
  12. What do ye think of Joao Mario. he looks to be having a decent season, is he worth holding onto after the season and is there any chance of a rise in the soon.
  13. Anybody else think Dabney dos Santos should get an upgrade in all competitions this season he has 10 assists to go with that +1/2.
  14. I am currently running one of these on another forum, i made a stipulation the player had to be in your squad and i picked Vadala over sanchez, gerson and cervi.
  15. They are still there, but they are not increasing or decreasing at the moment. I have been playing a player with a level 2 concern from the previous season all the current season only missing games when injured so around 22 games out of 26 and he hasn't budged a bit same goes for the rest of the league and by the looks of it the whole game.
  16. Is Roberto Pereyra worth buying, i know he he's been injured for a while.
  17. Just wondering what do ye think of : Thiago Maia Guilherme ARANA Ferreira VALDÍVIA i think he done his cruciate, is he worth keeping as a prospect still?
  18. What is going on with soccerwiki and the names of the german clubs , bayer Leverkusen is now just leverkusen, both borussia clubs are just dortmund etc, i know its a small thing but its a bit annoying if you are using the search feature.
  19. It would certainly make more sense than these cash injections also in doing this you could also add in options to make stadiums upgradeable to certain sizes instead of the current randomness of the cash injections and stadium upgrades, thus leading to less people giving out about the state of them>
  20. Why not make the rest of the wage system more realistic, by only getting paid once a week instead twice a week, after all Messi in real life Comes out with £256K after tax no matter if his team plays 1,2 or 3 games in a week
  21. With the move to make the wages more realistic, I think to make it even more realistic is that they only get paid once a week not every match day after all that's how it work in real life football @stephen
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