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  1. RoyalAguila

    Italian Championship 1019

    I help SMFA on the feed and tickets against the SimoEl cheat, managing to even ban his main slewa1 account (I won and you lost). After the last cleaning, SMFA says that is "you shouldn't comment on the feed about SimoEl or we disable your comments". . . So I cannot defend myself on the feed from SimoEl?! Come on, SM! I quit SM forever, good luck!
  2. RoyalAguila

    max value bids

    1. No, not necessarily. The winner of the bid is choosed randomly between tied max bids. 2. It might influence the exit of the deal, if the other club chairman values more than the player that it's written in his CV.
  3. RoyalAguila

    Best formation to beat 4231?

    4231 defensive weakness is the flanks. A great tactic against 4231 is 433wingers
  4. RoyalAguila

    Is ibra worth selling?

    Players do have attributes (as seen is soccerwiki) and different affinities to positions - so it's not only the rating that matters. So the individual players attributes and the tactic are also play an important part to your team performance.... Putting an XI composed by high rated older players doesn't ensure automatic victory, especially if the individual attributes and tactics don't make the team balanced. Bottom line - both players and tactic do matter. Regarding selling Ibra or not, this depends on your project. If you are in for the short term, stick with Ibra... For mid-long term, find a new striker and sell Ibra.
  5. RoyalAguila

    No goals No points No fun

    If you still have this problem, send a pic of your squad sorted by positions - so it's possible to analyze a proper tactical solution.
  6. RoyalAguila

    Dybala or isco

    Depends on your squad needs. Go for Isco if you need an attacking midfielder with playmaking abilities, otherwise Dybala if you need a striker.
  7. RoyalAguila


    This. For future reference, any 88+ rated GK wants at least 90% of gametime. Since starting count as 1 presence and subbed in 0,5 therefore you can mathematically only keep one 88+ GK happy on mid-long term without developing concerns on other keepers.... Trying to keep two 88+ GK and give them 50/50 playtime will result in both getting concerned.
  8. RoyalAguila

    out of position players

    By using the old interface (url: soccermanager.com/my-home.php) when you set the tactics you can see the colored dots of the players. If the dot is green, the player might perform up to maximum efficiency (this depends on your tactic as well). If the dot is yellow, it indicates that the player might play well - but he will most likely not put up a good performance. With a red dot, the player most likely will have a poor game in that position.
  9. RoyalAguila

    Italian Championship 1019

    Sampdoria beat AS Roma 5 - 1 in a thrilling Division 1 encounter. Müller was impressive and scored a hat-trick, later being voted Man of the Match for his performance. Pulisic and Messi were also amongst the goalscorers.
  10. RoyalAguila


    Try checking IC1019, GW: 44244
  11. There is already a similar mechanism in place for which a player can refuse to join a team if his rating is too much high compared to the rest of the squad... SM should focus on more important priorities, like stadium building and fixing some flaws of the concern system (example: when a player changes rating he thinks he had that rating the whole season thus on most cases he gets concerned instantly and that should be fixed by applying the new % game time request only from the moment he gets the new rating instead; plus make the concerns faster and harsher, for example having 3 levels of concerns instead of 5: concerned, very concerned, request transfer).
  12. RoyalAguila

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Carvajal is arguably the best RB of the world, so swapping away Walker is not a loss. You already have a lot of talents and Courtois > Alisson. Yes, I would get Courtois.
  13. RoyalAguila

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Carvajal is arguably the best RB of the world, so swapping away Walker is not a loss. You already have a lot of talents and Courtois > Alisson. Yes, I would get Courtois.
  14. RoyalAguila

    Italian Championship 1019

    Mister Teufel said: "We are pleased to have signed Schmelzer. Due to the bad injury of Ricardo Rodriguez, we decided to sign Schmelzer as a temporary and reliable replacement for RR. Looking forward to see Marcel in action on the pitch".
  15. RoyalAguila

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Whoscored profiles of Kane: https://www.whoscored.com/Players/83532/Show/Harry-Kane and of Lewandowski:https://www.whoscored.com/Players/29400/Show/Robert-Lewandowski Kane is performing better than Lewandowski, especially in UCL matches. Plus Kane is younger, which means that you can create a longer term project for your team focused around him. I would go for Kane.