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  1. Re: How to change my advanced rules? You can't change the rules once the pre-season friendlies have started....once a season means one instance only
  2. Re: Where are my Game Worlds? What do I have to do to get a reply on here...beg?
  3. I haven't played the game for 2 or 3 months. When I stopped playing I had 30 Custom Game Worlds of varying sizes. When I logged on today my Game Worlds had gone all I found was this. What happened to my Game Worlds and what do I do with this?
  4. Re: Squad Caps Thanks for your lengthy reply but you still haven't give me your opinion as to why you think that there's lots of game worlds almost empty...you would make a good politician....they never give a direct answer to a question either....never mind.
  5. Re: Squad Caps Excuse me but I never made any suggestion at all about why they're empty...I just asked you to tell us why you think they're empty.
  6. Re: Squad Caps Please enlighten us to what you think the reason is for some game worlds being almost empty.
  7. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) I'm all for the change but with all due respect why didn't you see that happening when you allowed teams to loan to unmanaged clubs? Because I did and I bet a lot more people did too!
  8. Re: Should This Really Be Happening On SM? No not at all...like I said at the beginning of this topic I couldn't care less about losing...I lose matches all the time....what I'm saying is that Fulham would never beat Barca even on their off days...the game is slowly slipping into the realms of pure fantasy...lol...the team was unmanaged as well....I've got teams I log into just once or twice a week and they're winning matches all the time...overall the the result's no better when I manage it than when I don't....so where does that leave tactics and strategy?...I think it just spits random results out regardless....
  9. Re: Should This Really Be Happening On SM? You guys are hilarious.....Celtic are a lot better than Fulham....Liverpool are nowhere near as good as Barcelona...they haven't even won an EPL. :D:D:D:D
  10. Re: Should This Really Be Happening On SM? Fulham are unmanaged..default settings....regardless of team instructions...Barca had more possession, more shots, more shots on target, more corners...just a better team overall...but if you're happy to try and justify why results like this happen go ahead....all I'm saying is its just too far fetched...then again since christmas I've spent far less time on the game in general yet I'm winning matches and trophies right, left and centre. So I couldn't care less really.
  11. This result makes little difference to me...but it makes the game look more like a lottery every day....isn't this taking shock results a bit too far? Fulham were unmanaged too.
  12. Re: Club History Ideas There's a top scorer table under the league table...unless you're after something different.
  13. Re: Squad Sizes I'm not so sure about that though...an idea occured to me that could be very advantageous without scouting!....if I can't beat the opposition I could buy it! ....all I have to do is wait for the key players to become available...like when teams become unmanaged...then buy them!...I have teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid in custom game worlds where concerns are turned off so I could do this without any problems!!
  14. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen I watched The Impossible a couple of weeks ago...its totally overrated...what a yawn...if you've seen the trailer you've seen the movie!
  15. Re: Squad Sizes I've argued on behalf of capping several times on here over the past few years but I've come to realise its never going to happen. So now I've decided I'm going to fill my squads to the max...255 players I believe. The way I see it is...if you can't beat them join them.
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