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  1. I know it's off topic but I have to say that somewhere: it's the entire game and forum that needs an earthquake, not only this game world. it was a four year break from the game for me, and it seems to me that the enthusiasm that was there at the time on this forum dropped. I hope however to be wrong because the game is really nice. (I think that a game world of this type four years ago would have been full of people active on the forum, and with a long enough waiting list).
  2. SAMUEL888 IS THE NEW MANAGER OF SPAL! "I have always looked for new and exiting challenges, and when I had the opportunity to strart coaching this team in the beautiful city of Ferrara I decided to accept the job. This is a great team and I hope to repeat the first great performance that led to victory last sunday on Tomorrow evening. We have already ensured the performances of Mauro Burruchaga, young talent of Chievo Verona, but the market is far from finished." These are the first words of the new italian coach.
  3. I came here after years because I wanted to play again. After a good half hour reading I came across this thread and I was assailed by an infinite sadness. I remember an extremely active Italian community that played and participated in the forum with great passion. You definitely killed it. You are complete idiots.
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