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  1. Rule of thumb: if the person you are discussing with is portuguese and the manager of said team is Mourinho, that team "plays the most useless and boring football in the world, literally worse than a championship side". Also most of them never watched a game of United, or just watched the champions league, which tbf the 2 Sevilla games were embarrassing to say the least. They probably don't even know that United defeated every team in the top 6. They just see the amount of money spent by United and assume the players are top quality, which they are not, and have to win every game they play. (source: am portuguese and a united fan so i hear a lot of these) Obviously there were bad games this season, as other teams have had. We were obviously not perfect. Saying Liverpool are the saviours of english football on pair with city is ridiculous tho, can't even remember the last time they won a trophy... They have a good front 3, not much else (not counting with new signings). Put a team that is able to defend well against Liverpool and watch how entertaining their football becomes...
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