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  1. Arsenal won the Europa League with a 2-0 win over Charlton. Two free kicks from Iniesta was enough. My first trophy in 106 and ensures that the club will be playing in European competitions again next season. Will be looking to improve the squad even more before the season kicks off. I'll be throwing loads of offers around Cant see anything mate . Really need/want two 91s for him at least, with one being a replacement striker.
  2. I dont understand why some clubs are getting massive cash injections (One guy in EC 106 got a £67million injection). Thats bull. Either everyone should get that amount (Which I really dont want to happen) or northing should happen. Or go back to the system of years ago when at the start of the season you got around 8 million investment. I assume the huge investment is due to clubs being in a large amount of debt. But why should they be bailed out while someone like me who puts in the time and effort to keep my finances balanced be punished due to having to sell players? Fix this please. The game has already died a massive amount since you brought this awful forum into place, this investment just makes it seem pointless to play anymore...
  3. Took over Arsenal about two weeks ago. Managed to bring in Jackson Martinez, Jordi Alba, Santi Cazorla and Aubameyang. With Lewandowski the only major depature since my arrival (Musa and Koneplyanka aswell to a degree). Very happy with the rebuild so far but still looking to sell Schweinsteiger and potentially Higuain for p/e. Have a load of cash too if anyone is selling for cash only
  4. Blackpool move up to 6th with a 1-0 win over Leeds. A change of formation from 5-4-1 to 3-5-2 on the hour swung the game in our favour, aswell as the introduction of Gerard Deulofeu. The young Spainyard set up his fellow countryamn Andres Iniesta to score the winner minutes after coming on. Iniesta won a 6th MOM award aswell, the joint most in division 1 and is really back to his best form after struggling last season.
  5. Tevez haunted Man City again after scoring in the third consecutive game against his former club. He scored in the European Super Cup and in the previous league game. He scored last night in a 2-1 win over City. Three wins against his former club, a very sweet feeling for the Blackpool skipper
  6. Couple of sweet goals for jack today. Also six MOM awards from the last 7 england games. Probably not too hard considering the England squad is the poorest its been for a while, but great to see him performing the best Played the defensive holding role pretty well too today
  7. Rochdale opened the season with a 2-2 draw with Doncaster. Farfan and Doumbia with our goals. We have agreed to sell Taison (89) to Coventry for £15million. Shame to lose one of our starters and a versatile player but the money is really needed. We have a ready made replacements in Rafa Silva (87) and Carlos Mane (85), aswell as Colak (86) who is currently on loan with us. Will hopefully be dipping into the market to make one big signing and some young risers
  8. Remember guys, Sanchez is average What a goal and a fantastic team performance. Ozil was MOM for me, didnt do a thing wrong. Fair play to Wenger for playing Theo as it payed off, his pace helped with Villa sitting back alot. Need to build on this now and mount a serious PL challenge. ST, DM, CB is priority (In that order) and if we can get someone like Cech that would be great. Im happy with Ospina / Szcz though.
  9. Blackpool came so close to beating Manchester United. Carlos Tevez once again scored against his former club in the 86th minute and look to have sealed a famous win, only to be denined by a last minute equaliser from Gareth Bale. Pretty even game so a fair result.
  10. Its really dumb to change something that was very easy to use before and there wasnt any issues with the old forum.. Struggling to find subsribed posts (Why get rid of the User CP which everyone used to find there subscriptions with ease). Wont use it for a few days and hope it gets reversed, or atleast improved (Unlikely). Shame you dont update the pretty poor match engine and ruin a perfectly good forum.
  11. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread
  12. Re: Reality Check 2 Hope its third time lucky. Wont be putting my name in though after the last two died, but hope it can work. Need someone very dedicated to run in consistantly if you want it to work imo, gl
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Very good performance, needed that before the final. Very tough decision to who plays up front on Saturday. (Walcott / Giroud). Personally would want Giroud despite the huge stick hes getting from some fans. Walcott was great today and will be a very good impact sub if required. Same with Jack. Szczesny - Bellerin - Mert - Kosc - Monreal - Coq - Santi - Rambo - Alexis - Giroud - Ozil (Prefer Ospina but Szcz usually plays cup games this year). Looking forward to next weekend
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