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  1. Hey man, i see you took the reigns of Eintracht. Hope you do well with them! Gordon, I was out of my home for 3 weeks, and forgot to login, as i'm not too much into SM anymore... Unfortunately this GW was the one that i lost my club. But it's ok. I'm down to 4 now, one more is ending soon, so i might keep a couple or 3 that don't need much maintenance. Good luck guys! Btw, if anyone is playing FIFA on ps4, send a message here, to be friends
  2. You always bet against me Frankfurt and i win, now that you bet for me i'll probably lose edit: i was wrong, yay
  3. So this goal happened yesterday... Olympiacos is always fun! They try to invent new cheats to amuse us every day https://twitter.com/TrollFootball/status/787430816989089792/photo/1
  4. It's funny how both Portugease guys here don't think high of Fernando Santos. Even after winning the Euro for first time in history, being an outsider, and even if he has a record of 0 losses with Portugal national team. Almost everywhere he goes he makes wonders with crap incredients, always overperforming by far, yet due to his defensive, realistic and not beautiful style of play, people always demand more. I think it's probably his physique and personal style too, that people don't seem to respect very much. As for this Euro he should "take it to his home" plain and simple. This trophy is h
  5. Congrats Pedro! I'm very happy for Fernando Santos above all! I also remember saying in this forum that Eder is a bad player, i did not know him, but he was great today. And oh my god, what a goal that was! Although if my country would lose in such a manner in a final, with the chances and especially with the 90th minute chance.. i would be crying for days probably...
  6. Croatia-Portugal was one of the worst games i have ever seen in my life. It was like watching a 3rd tier greek league match. I root for Fernando Santos normally, but i pledged during the match to support fanatically Poland over whoever of those 2 progressed, due to the gruesome thing i watched. ...and i'm an Italian tactical kind of football lover, i like Atletico Madrid over barcelona style etc. But this, man...this was infuriating to watch. No hero defence, no counter, no chances, no plan, nothing, just 22 guys scattered not doing anything significant for 114 minutes...and the world just wat
  7. Mino Raiola is that you? lol No you don't get it at all. It did not hurt my feelings or anyone's at all. If you could read between the lines you could read that he was playing bad most of the time, and sometimes just ok, and the talk between the fans was that he plays only just because he had the legend uncle. It's called nepotism. This thing with players leaving for rivals has happened many times with other players and it hurt indeed. Manolas was not one of those players. That's perhaps the motive behind his behaviour afterwards. So calling nonsense what a greek resident who knows what's he'
  8. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/insight Perhaps you should check this out and refresh your english? It seems you confuse the definition of "insight" with a "scout report"?
  9. I hope Ibra won't sign for United, i really truly want to see him again with the Milan shirt on.. Doubtfull, but one can hope. I really don't get what big European clubs see on this guy. He is just a good player, nothing special. His main attribute is that he is fast for a 1,87 player. A good CB for a mediocre european side, not a world class player at all. In the meantime for example a much much better greek CB like Sokratis Papastathopoulos is being overlooked, although he's fine at Dortmund which is a big club. Whichever team buys Manolas will know he's not what they thin
  10. I'm curious, what is your opinion of Manolas, before i state mine?
  11. Sadly no, we would if Sevilla won barcelona in the Cup too, but they couldn't.. I guess we're gonna have a difficult seed to get in since we haven't played in Europe the last years. Yeah i made a post in the greek topic just below this one, read it haha And i also saw the result for the portugese cup that day and i thought about pedro in heaven, but i didn't know you hadn't lift a trophy for 50 years, which is even more exciting! The Europa final and general good european presence in EL and CL had me thinking you would have won some cups here and there
  12. Congrats pedro, real nice to hear stories like that. The dedicated fans of these clubs really truly deserve it! So this year we're both cup winners
  13. What bayern is doing is a shame and under the belt really.
  14. Yesterday AEK Athens beat for the 2nd time this year olympiacos in the cup final and lifted the trophy, after just this year return to the top league division. I already have analysed the Greek championship and the so-called monarchy of olympiacos and how this has happened in another thread. What's easy to say is that without the referees olympiacos possibly could not win a team by a nearby cafeteria. It's funny to see this small video, which is of the final minutes of the game, after they had scored the 2-1 goal at the 84th minute. They dive like cheapwhores, BUT it seems for the firs
  15. Yes an unmanaged division (relegations and stuff) is far more interesting
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