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  1. Re: Gold Championship 19 Match Report and Transfer News Bolton and a good Necaxa free. Was tempted but decided that i wouldn't let the work at Bologna go to waste:o Report on Bologna's progress will be up soon. I hope:p
  2. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  4. Re: Graphic Design Feedback Stop making fun of sheva' date=' the lot of you:mad::p Good sig, nice effects.
  5. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  6. Re: Graphic Design Feedback He left before as well, after a bust up with Dai over sig sizes, then he came back, and now he is leaving again:rolleyes: Grow up when you come back kid, if you ever do come back that is:)
  7. Re: Great talents but who is best?
  8. Re: Gold Championship 23 Match Reports/ Transfers Thread Pekarik 86, Prodl 86, Kombarov 88, Perotti 86, Obasi 87, Buss Henrique 88...take your pick.
  9. Re: Graphic Design Feedback It looks horrible.... There is your feedback. If it was an attempt to be funny, you failed miserably.(to the more mature forumers anyways)
  10. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! Got Sao Paolo like a few mins ago haha:o
  11. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread ACCEPTTT Then cancel:p On a more serious note, Giuseppe Rossi scores 7 as Porto kill a neglected Benfica team 12-0...mehehehe:) PSG GC 65 fall to 19th after losing again... (Nantes:D) GC 20 Hertha in third place now after winning 5-1 to some weird team. Tom love, your Bremen is poo:) B.Mon'bach GC 53 climb to 4th after beating Hertha 5-1:cool:
  12. Re: For those of you who were wondering... Almost smacked my monitor the first time i saw it:o:D
  13. Re: Philippe Coutinho I've been trying to understand the purpose of that post, but i still don't get it. He has been added, each person have their own set of eyes to see he has been added with a rating of 78. The people who bother to check will see and the people who don't will miss out. Before someone else knows? Everyone knows now:o
  14. Re: Summer Transfer Rumours Thread. Juninho to Al-Gharafa Now i can watch him I knew he was leaving, but coming here to Qatar?
  15. Re: juventus rating prediction Do NOT sell him. The guy is absolute quality. He will carry on developing and buy him for the teams you don't have him in!
  16. Re: Davide Santon : Inter Milan's young star ! Depends. We have to see how things go for him once the season starts. It would be ideal if he can make the LB position his own but so far hes shown that he is more comfortable on the right side, and there is Maicon there. 89 yes if he becomes a regular fixture in the lineup:)
  17. Re: Gold Championship 20 Match Reports/Transfer Thread An uncharacteristically poor start for Hertha. A loss, win and, last night, a draw to some unmanaged team with the second team. Even George is doing better:o:p:D Acquafresca, Mandanda and Essien are the big name signings recently. Willing to listen to offers on Gervinho, Castillo and possibly Carlos Eduardo. Looking for a defender 89+, can try and offer you a good deal. Good luck everyone:)
  18. Re: juventus rating prediction Mmm, bad call indeed. My apologies for that. He is one of my favourite defenders but i didn't expect that jump at all. He was going to be 94+ sooner or later anyways. Doubt anyone was put off when i said he would only get 93:)
  19. Re: How did Man U get Beat by Barca No Fletcher. I'm no guru but i think if Fletcher was available to us in midfield, the outcome might have been different. Its not necessarily about the quality Fletcher possesses, because yes i agree hes nowhere upto the standards of lets say Xavi but it is more about the balance he would have given to the midfield. I think if he was available he would've been picked ahead of Anderson. Fletcher is the most defensive midfielder we have and his presence would have been important. United's midfield lacked balance and the midfield was dominated by Xavi and Iniesta. United were outplayed, Barca were better on the night, Barca deserved to win.
  20. Re: Guillaume Hoarau Nice one Gaz. I remember when you first made this thread, i kinda ignored it because of his age and also the fact that he was in division 2:o Turned out to be something really special though, Nice one;)
  21. Re: Official Russian Premier League '09 Thread Krasic is injured with a pulled leg muscle. He shouldn't be out for too long but hes missed the last 3 games or so. Should be back soon enough.
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