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    Whats my name?

    Re: Whats my name? Yeah seems like a popular name around the world:) The Sri Lankan cricketer is actually Jehan Mubarak. Not very common, mainly Muslims in Sri Lanka have it and there aren't too many muslims. Jehan is actually prnounced differently to Johan. Johan is said more like Yohan right? Jehan is said more like Jayhan...so it is a different pronunciation. There are Yohans in Sri Lanka though. Usually in Burghers (European descent) So yes, it must be a name that is quite popular around the world.
  2. Re: juventus rating prediction He won't jump from 92 to 94. He is very worthy of a 93 though. Chances of a 94 is almost nil:o
  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Ah Sparky got my old Valencia and Bremen. At least they are in good ahnds. Good luck, i put blood sweat and tears into them, well Valencia mostly:o Nin got my Ajax GC 14
  4. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Haha fixed that now. Thanks Liam. Well I got them off to a good start then injuries and second season blues (As Simon calls it:o:p) kicked in. Lost about 3 on the trot' date=' and yes once to Allna 3-1:p Hopefully the new manager can do better and retain the title i won in season 1:) Good luck, Tony,Liam and Allna. Also congrats to SoP on his 100 honours. So they should be
  5. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread That was the first time you beat me;) We met twice last season, both were draws:). I quit 11 teams yesterday:p:o Kept; Hertha Berlin GC 20 FC Porto GC 23 Borussia Monchengladbach GC 53 Hope the Juve are in good hands now, its an awesome team but very difficult to keep out of debt. I saw on the new homes for teams that they went to a new home.
  6. Re: Zlatan to 97???? Ah ok:) And LOL:D Bit harsh there:o. Clearly you are not a fan of the Serie A lol:p
  7. Re: Zlatan to 97???? None right? Juventus, Inter and Roma were all knocked out. Zlatan won't get 97. Nothing to do with the league he plays in, just that he needs to improve on certain aspects of his game. Also Eto'o should be gettin 97...so i can't see Zlatan being level with him anytime soon. I personally like the Serie A. Some say its slow and all but i enjoy watching:)
  8. Re: Gold Championship 14 (News, Gossip, Match Report, Etc) Thread
  9. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Lol Simon. You've had no trouble beating me so far, i don't see you having any problems today:o:p Meeting you a third time now within a month. Anyways, don't beat me too badly:D Good luck:)
  10. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Schalke overcame Bayern by 3 goals to 1 in the Veltins Arena to move top of the bundesliga as Bayern drop to second place. Now gotta keep the momentum going. Top scorers: Altintop 8 Lovenkrands 5 Kobiashvili 4 Assists: Lovenkrands 9 Ave Performance: Rost 7.31 Altintop 6.90 Lincoln 6.82 Decent start to the season, unbeaten at home so far, so pretty pleased, it can only go downhill from here:D:p:o
  11. Re: Yohan Mollo-Monaco riser/talent? Look.... I am not trying to take the purpose of the thread away and I am not attacking you for making this thread. All I'm doing is giving you advise on avoiding the problem next time. As for the bit in bold... 1. I didn't find him, I just alerted the community about him when i read about him. I am not a professional scout and nor is anyone else on here. 2. Everything i know about the player is on that thread, and your question was answered. You asked what he would increase to and someone said 83/84 which i agree with. If you want another reference, there was a link to the original thread which you could have used and about 3 people have given a predicted rating. I have nothing to say about him? Hardly, i've said more than you... Stop acting like a little child. I was only trying to help. I am aware that i may have come across a bit harsh in my first post but i was only trying to help in the second post, but you are continuously going on the back foot as if i'm out to get you. Tbh, i don't give a **** if i mentioned him first or if i was the "finder" of him. To me that means nothing because i hardly found the player. Just don't see the point in duplicate thread so i said something about it... You have the liberty to post, make threads, just search before hand because what is the point in a duplicate thread? You are just wasting your time. If the search didn't work, ok fine...just listen to what people have to say to avoid the problem in the future. In an attempt to keep on topic. Yohan Mollo should rise to 83/84 IMO Happy now?
  12. Re: Yohan Mollo-Monaco riser/talent?
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Right so i want Keirrison and i am considering which of the following players to use as bait. A.Lafita (25 87) AM/W B.Selcuk (24 87) CM/DM C.Salihovic (24 88) CM/LM D.Drincic (25 88) DM/RM E.None I know that Lafita and Selcuk have VERY high chances to rise. My CM is packed and I have no problems on the flanks either. So losing Lafita or one of the other CMs won't really do my team any harm. I could however do with another forward. Any help appreciated:)
  14. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread In GC 33, it showed my next fixture as a Shield bye, so i assumed i didn't have any matches. Then i see that i had a match. good thing i won the match otherwise all hell would've broken loose:o:p However, it is still frustrating as i can't play my full team in the next league game and that could cost me. I obviously have to replace my whole starting eleven bar the goalie and the average rating goes down from 93 to 90:o 14th Mar Division 1 Away Game 4 - 0 Liverpool Liverpool [Won Game] Match Report Score Centre 16th Mar English Shield Round 1 Home Game - Bye 16th Mar SMFA Champions Cup Group C Home Game 2 - 0 Werder BremenWerder Bremen [Won Game] Match Report Score Centre Shouldn't an actual match have priority over a Shield bye? Anyways, yea:o
  15. Re: Yohan Mollo-Monaco riser/talent? You managed to spell his name properly on the thread title, so it can't be too difficult to type it on the search tool. I just typed it and a thread dedicated to him did come up (I made it before he was on the database)...so it can't be too different for you?. If it is a "joke" i don't see the humour? And...don't ask for rep;)
  16. sheva20

    Who Am I?

    Re: Who Am I? Well done Lob Boblaw:) Ah darn it, shouldn't have said Legend:o I can only get better:D:p
  17. Re: Official Red Devils thread Bit in bold is contradictory:D Actually Tottenham has been in good form. They have improved their form considerably and i would seriously be shocked if they are relegated. How can you say that they have no chance of sneaking out of the relegation battle if they are not even involved in it? They are 11th, which is about mid-table and they beat Aston Villa yesterday so they are going to be tough. They look a better team with Robbie Keane back.
  18. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread What happened about tht new and improved match engine? Yuri Berchiche (LB) rated 74 playing as a CF, scores a double against my Man City and the game ends in a 3-3 draw. The manager hasn't done tactics in a while as Berchiche has been playing as a CF for a while now. He now has 4 goals in 3 games. Ave rating: 3.64:confused: Very frustrating that a manager who doesn't even bother with tactics has caused my team to drop points.... The player was randomly put in there since Pavlyuchenko got injured, i think managers should be penalised for playing a player waaay out of position, like in this case, absolutely ridiculous. He got a match rating of 4:rolleyes: And its not just a case of my stronger team getting beaten by a weaker team, you can argue that this can happen in real life, so i don't complain when it happens. But you don't see a LB emplyed in a CF role and ending the game with two goals. I haven't seen Yuri Berchiche play, let alone as a centre forward...
  19. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool Agreed Neller. Mascherano gave that extra reinforcement in defence. Saw him make one dodgy pass in the beginning but he was tirelessly working in the midfield for the remainder of the game. Also chased after Tevez in one of the Man utd moves and kept him at bay. I thought it would be a chance for a goal but he spoilt it for us. The best DM in the premiership IMO. No doubt in my mind. Carrick is a better passer but at breaking down moves, they don't come better than Masch.
  20. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool He certainly doesn't deserve 97 based on THIS performance. SM don't rate players based on one game though:rolleyes:. I was tipping him for 96, and i think he is still on track to get the 96. Still been one of United's best performers this season. I hope the bit in bold was a joke?
  21. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool Well played 'Pool:( Title is still ours:o:p:D...I hope:p Vidic wasn't the last man, Evra was. But i doubt Evra would have gotten there so a red card wasn't a horrible decision to be fair on the ref
  22. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Thanks Jack and Allna:p Yes it would have been nice to play your Leverkusen:D Now that i have an SMFA Shield, just need a Champs Cup now. Doubt it will come though:rolleyes:
  23. sheva20

    Who Am I?

    Re: Who Am I? I started my career at Leeds United in 1983 and then moved to Oldham Athletic in 1986. In 1990, i moved to a bigger EPL club and stayed there for 12 years amassing 368 appearances. I then moved to Wolves where i finished my career at the age of 38 in the 2003-2004 season I have been capped 56 times for my country. Legend:) Who am I? Sorry its my first time:o
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