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  1. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC 44: Man City win the SMFA Shield Have the league pretty much in the bag too, so a double with city is looking good:)
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Had a deal accepted for Marin which was Dubarbier (23 87) and Leo Veloso (21 81). Now today i find that Marin's rating has increased before the transfer was completed. His value has shot up. I don't think the accepted bid reaches his chairman value anymore. Will the deal still go through? Or shall i cancel and make a higher offer?
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    Re: Who Am I? Olisadebe?
  4. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread An EXTREMELY tight finish to the season in GC 41. Had quite a big lead but then dropped some points due to draws meaning that i only had a single point lead over Fiorentina going into the last game. Fiorentina beat Milan 1-0 but Inter also managed to beat Udinese to win the title:D. Anything less than 3 points would have meant that Fiorentina snatch the title away from Inter Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts 1 INTERNAZIONALE 38 24 7 7 108 42 66 79 2 Fiorentina 38 24 6 8 73 39 34 78 3 Genoa 38 23 7 8 88 63 25 76 4 Juventus 38 23 6 9 81 38 43 75 4 points separating the top 4:). Overall a poor season, hope to do better next time:o GC 43: Bremen crowned champions despite losing their last game 4-3 to Bayern Munchen . Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts 1 WERDER BREMEN 34 22 7 5 96 42 54 73 2 Hertha BSC 34 21 5 8 61 41 20 68 3 Bayer Leverkusen 34 18 7 9 81 52 29 61
  5. Re: Belhadj or Bastos England caps, performing consistently well for a very long time. For me, he deserves 90. Would say he has a higher chance to get 90 than 89. My opinion anyways. You are welcome to have your own:)
  6. Re: Belhadj or Bastos 90/89 i would say:) Been excellent this season...
  7. Re: Belhadj or Bastos Yes i would. Bastos, definitely, being the more in-form player.
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Had a bid accepted for Petric. Djalo 22 87, Helder Postiga and 2 million. I think its a good deal as i don't see either Postiga or Djalo rising and i desperately need a quality forward for the team. Any thoughts? Shall i go through with the deal?
  9. Re: Gold Championship 25 Transfers / Match reports Thread Selection headaches ahead of Stuttgart clash As Trochowski was stretchered off the field after a bad tackle from Simone Lloria...the manager looked on worryingly and knew that things were just getting worse. The German winger has already made 3 starts since signing from Hamburg and has been crucial for Juventus down the wings since the departure of Nedved and Camoranesi. Trochowski however, joins, Martin Demichelis, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Claudio Marchisio in the sick bay. Marko Marin is also unavailable to Sheva for another two league games due to his suspension which gives Sheva very little options in midfield. Add to that Juve have 2 games to play in 3 days. The good news at the Juve camp is that key defender, Giorgio Chiellini, is back after spending a month in the sidelines. However, it is unlikely that the Centre back features today against Stuttgart. Danny also returns after being sidelines for just over a week. Juventus' injury problems have seen them drop some vital points which sees them lie in fourth place. Sheva says that Marchisio and Demichelis should be available to him within the week while Schweinsteiger may take a little longer to recover. Sheva has said that he will play an unfamiliar 5-3-2 ahead of their clash against Stuttgart in the Champions League. Felipe Mattioni will play in the wing back position while Ntibazonkiza is the most likely candidate to partner Amauri in attack with both Anelka and Del Piero being rested. Marin and Danny are also likely to play in midfield. Trochowski expected to be out for 2 weeks.
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I would say so yes. When i have seen Sturridge, he has been nothing short of class. I will never forget that game against Blackburn...he came on and literally won the game for City. The kid has potential but Man City aren't a team short of strikers and i just don't see him being a regular fixture in the city team for a while. Kalinic on the other hand is an international player and has immense potential as well. But the fact is that Sturridge is unlikely to be lured away form City while Kalinic will be a more popular choice and probably the easier one to lure out, as i said...he will get a move soon. Valencia were strongly linked, last time i heard but it didn't work out. He should be sold soon enough though...for a fee less than 10 million Euros:)
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Eduardo is world class and he is playing great since returning from injury so by all means try getting him but Kalinic and Robles is too much to pay. Kalinic is going to be hot property soon. Its only a matter of time before he gets a move to Europe. Also he helped my Hertha a lot:o Thing with Eduardo is, that no matter how talented he is...I can't see Wenger fitting him into a formation with RVP and Adebayor...so weighing it all out. Don't do it...
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Wasn't shooting you down for giving your opinion... Was just making it clear that it is not 100% that he is getting 96. If you had "IMO" in your post somewhere, then fair enough. Just didn't want people to think that he is guaranteed a 96. Thats all...
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Yea thats the thing. I doubt he will rise to 93 but yea he is likely to keep his 92 because of his good form in the UCL. Tough decision for me as i have to gamble with Erdinc. Bolton were rumoured to be after him and that's not good:p I might try really hard to get him to give me Sulkejmani instead of Erdinc because i would definitely take that deal. He also has Cvitanich...was wondering if he is a better option than Erdinc despite being an year older... If he refuses to give Sulejmani, i might just settle for Erdinc:o Anyways, Thanks hunty:) Thanks Munt And also Thanks Dai:)
  14. Re: Renan Leo or Papasthopoulos or Thiago Silva But did they? No they didn't... They have to finish in the top 4 of the EPL and no way is that happening. Besides, whether Pana is a big club or not (in your eyes)...Insider said that it is a great stepping stone for Europe so if he impresses there he could move to a club that you term big:rolleyes: You don't seem to know much about Leo and i doubt you have watched him or even know who he is. Its quite simple, if you don't know what to say, don't say anything. Only post if you know what you are talking about... As for the question that the thread starter posed.... Well, Leo and Thiago Silva are both decent choices. Thiago Silva will get his chances with the likes of Nesta,Maldini.Favalli,Zambrotta etc... being aging figures at the back. Also Kaladze is out for the season...could see the Brazilian becoming a favourable option at the back. Leo or Thiago Silva?...not sure, i don't think you can go much wrong with either tbh:)
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Been offer Luis Suarez and Mevlut Erding for my Lisandro Lopez. Tbh I'm very tempted as i think it is a very good deal for Lisandro who may fall to 91? I realise that Erding is once again in a relegation battle with Sochaux but if Sochaux do get relegated, they will struggle to keep a hold of their star man so i think his rating is safe. Would like some opinions... Its a GC btw, the guy is not willing to offer Sulejmani with Suarez so... Thanks.
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