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  1. I was just scouting and came across this lad and i think that he is a great player for the future. For those of you that do not know him i will explain a little about this lad. He was mentioned in this forum once before as a Turkish league riser (by TomOwen) but he is much more than just a riser...he is a fantastic talent so i have created this thread (devoted just to him) to stress my point. His Story He is a German footballer of Turkish descent. He had the choice to play for either Turkey or Germany and he made his U21 German debut in 2007. He has made 5 appearances for Germany at U21 level and has scored a goal. In Jan 2008 he said that he wanted to play for Turkey and didnt want to be called to the German team anymore. He had said this 10 months after his 21st Birthday but FIFA rules state that he has to apply for this change before the age of 21, therefore his application was not accepted. His position and attributes. He can play on the right wing and also as a support striker. He is said to be a very quick player. Although he isn't the tallest of players he is a decent headerer of the ball. His Club Career He started his career with German club Rot-Weiss Essen. He made 3 appearances for them in his first season with the club. The German club were really impressed with the lad and he was rewarded when he made 23 appearances for them in the next season. In his last season he made 29 appearances for the club. He managed 5 goals with the German club. He was becoming a crucial player for them. He was sold off to Galatasaray in June 2007, Galatasaray saw that this lad had great potential and was quick to sign him. He has made 15 appearances for the Turkish giants in his first season with the club(7 starts, 8 sub app.), the manager has put a lot of faith in the youngster. He has also scored 3 times for Galatasaray in the league and appeared 4 times in the UEFA cup and he also has scored a goal. On SM: Player Details Player Name: Serkan CALIK Club Name: Galatasaray Squad: Senior Squad Age: 21 years old Born: 15 March 1986 Nationality: German Position: Striker (F) Rating: 81 Last Rating Change: 0 SM Value: £2,549,000 Contract: 3 Years - £12,150 per Turn I assure you that he is a much better player than those details suggest. Defo a great one for the future. Would be a great signing for any club. We are lucky that he didnt increase when the changes came as he is still cheap now:p . Grab him while you can. Too early to predict what he will get when the changes come around as they are quite a long way off now, but if he continues playing the way he is and keeps scoring he will defo go above the 84 mark. Here is just one of his goals that i found on youtube (His winner against Sariyer) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rGfsPECzgI&feature=related Feel free to post any comments:) .
  2. Re: Need Info On These Players !!! Ahhh i see...np.Here to help:)
  3. Re: Need Info On These Players !!! Yea sure, ill help:) . Those 5 that made in romania stated are defo talents, and so is Nejc Pecnik. Nejc Pecnik was also a memeber of the slovenian u21 team. As for his league carreer he has made 64 appearances for his clubs and scored 4 goals. I dont think he has made any appearances for Celje (his current club) this season. Played twice in the UEFA cup in 2005. As for Matt Glennon, hes 29, not a necessarily a talent but he has been first choice goalie for his club huddersfield. He has made 31 appearances totalling 2800 minutes for huddersfield. And guevara i know nuthing about:o . Hope i've helped.
  4. Re: Some Talents Xavier Hochstrasser He is a 19 yr old Swiss midfielder that plays for BSC Young Boys in Switzerland. He usually plays on the Left of midfield although he is on the DB as a DM. He is a big talent in Switzerland and he is a regular for his club. He has made 16 appearances for his club, 15 starts and 1 sub appearance. He has played a total of 1385 minutes for his club. He has played only a little less than, highly rated midfielder, Hakan Yakin. He is on the DB rated 83. Surely he should be more. Should be rising to 85/86. He is valued at 4.2m on the DB...certainly not cheap but a gd talent nevertheless;) .
  5. Re: Some Talents Ohhh thts gd to hear...i just thought that no1 was interested anymore because no1 was posting replies...lol...i wasnt gettin any feedback. . Ill keep posting some here. Others that are tremendous talents that havent been mentioned before, ill devote a whole thread for them;) . Cheers REDDEVILFC.
  6. Re: Some Talents Seems that people have lost interest in this thread..lol:p . Ill post new threads when i find gd talents. .
  7. Re: Some Talents Simon Kjær He is a 18 yr old Danish defender who currently plays for Midtjylland. He is one of the hottest danish prospects and has already attracted interest from Liverpool, Real Madrid and Middlesbrough:eek: . He has recently signed for Palermo. He made a 4 appearances for his club, 3 starts and 1 sub appearance. He is a natural born leader. He was a aprt of the Danish U18 team and is currently captain of the U19 team. He has made 10 appearance for his country at U19 level. On the DB rated 77.Valued at 1million. Buy him while hes cheap...he will be a star;) . Can't guarantee any increases most likely by just 1 or 2 or he could even reach 80 for now, but a talent that could be a long term riser. His name is spelt "KJAR" on sm. Was mentioned very briefly before. I thought i would provide forumers with a greater insight on this talented player. In other words im not claiming he is my find...i dont want people jumping all over me...i have used the search tool:p .
  8. Re: Some Talents Rawez Lawan He is a Swedish Forward currently playing for AC Horsens. He has made 18 appearances for his club this season. 16 starts and 2 sub appearances. He has also scored 4 goals. He was called to the Swedish U21 team in late 2006 and he hs played 2 games for them so far. He is on the DB rated 83.Valued at 4.5million. Not the cheapest option but certainly a talent. Could even hit the 84 mark when the changes come around but that is also a doubt. Could stay the same at 83. He has the potential to become a very highly rated striker. Keep an eye on him. Maybe he will get a call up to the Swedish national team:p . I wouldnt recommend splashing your money on him just yet as i said he MIGHT rise to 84. So u can decide. .
  9. Re: Some Talents Janus Drachmann He is a 19 yr old Danish Midfielder who currently plays for AC Horsens. He was a member of the Danish U20 team and he recently got his call up into the U21 team. In the 2006-2007 season, he didnt have much luck making just 3 appearances. This season. because of an injury to Allan Søgaard, he has played more games and he has made 9 appearances already, 6 starts and 3 sub appearances. He has played a total of 409 minutes this season. Despite being young, this lad has shown that he can play at the highest elvel as he impresses playing the Defensive Midfield role. Another future Danish star. He is rated at just 77 on the DB.Valued at 1million only. Another sure riser and a great talent as well...no reason why any1 shudnt buy him (unless they dont have money of couse!). Shud rise to aorund 81/82(for now) because of his games and impressive performances. Could get even higher as he plays more.
  10. Re: Some Talents Thomas Enevoldsen He is a 20 yr old Danish midfielder currently playing for AaB Aalborg in Denmark. He was a member of the Danish U18,U19,U20:eek: and not surprisingly now...hes an U21 international:rolleyes: . He has made 17 appearances for his club this season, 10 starts and 7 sub appearances. Not bad for a 20 yr old at one of the top clubs in the SAS Ligaen. In the 2005-2006 season he made just 5 appearances. The next season he made 8 appearances and now this season he has made 17 appearance, a clear sign showing that this man is becoming more and more established in the team. He also made 6 appearances in the UEFA cup, 5 being starts and 1 sub. He also scored 2 goals in the UEFA cup. I'm pretty sure that this lad is going to be a danish international soon. He is on the DB rated 80 . Valued at 2.1m. Clearly due for a rise to at least 84. Buy him now if you have the money. You wont regret it. He will definitely rise. . Fantastic signing if you are managing a lower league club that wants a player due for a substantial rise or a gd team just looking for good youngsters or to make money. Either way..if u got 2.1m...get busy:cool: .
  11. Re: Need Info On These Players !!! Wrong section mate, player assistance would be a better section for this thread.
  12. Re: daginators super league Match threads New Manager at Villa Park Aston Villa have unveiled Sheva as their new manager. Sheva was delighted to take over the club as he said that he thinks that there is already great potential in the team but there are also places where it can be improved. He relishes the challenge. He was a bit late on the big popular signings but got away with signing French star Hatem Ben Arfa quickly without any competition. Other big signings included Kevin Kuranyi and Christian Lell from german clubs FC Schalke 04 and Bayern Munchen respectively. Signings: Christian Lell-£1.3M & Thomas SORENSEN Macauley Chrisantus-350k Kevin Kuranyi-£8.2M & John CAREW & Wayne ROUTLEDGE Diego Buonanotte-£700k & Patrik BERGER & Stuart TAYLOR Sadick Adams-£0k & Didier AGATHE Hatem Ben Arfa-£6.0M & Luke MOORE & Marlon HAREWOOD
  13. Re: Ragnar Sigurðsson Thx for the positive feedback mate, appreciate it:D
  14. Re: Off for a bit. Shame that we are losing two top forumers:( . But newayz...gd luck with ur exams stevie and rishabh.
  15. Re: CHELSEA - Rating Changes You guys can go at it forever...Opinions noted:p .lol.
  16. Re: Some Talents Rasmus Elm Sry if hes been mentioned before. I used the search tool and about 6 threads came up and 3 of them were short threads that actually didnt have his name (only has Rasmus and some other name) the other 3 or so threads were about 50 pages long and it would be pointless going through that to see if he has been mentioned before. So im not claming tht he is my find...just bringing him into attention because he is a good player. Now ill carry on. He is a 19 yr old Swedish midfielder currently playing for Kalmar FF in Sweden. He a good swedish prospect who is getting more chances with the first team. This season he has made 20 appearances, 15 starts and 5 as a sub. He has scored 3 goals as well and he has played 1441 minutes. He is currently on the DB rated 82...valued at 3.8m. A bit high but he is a quality player. Should get a rise to around 84 when the swedish ratings come around. As he plays more he will become even better. Klamar FF finished 2nd in the league and for their youngest player to make 20 appearances...surely they must see something in the lad. .
  17. Re: left mid help asap please Aiden Mcgeady...proved that he can play at the highest level with a stunning performance against Barcelona in the champions league. Gave Puyol a hard time with his pace and skill. Hope i've helped:D
  18. Re: CHELSEA - Rating Changes Alex....93??? sry mate...tht does make me laugh. I agree 200% with welshman. He was used because terry was injured and he dint impress me at all with his defensive abilities. He can go up for a free kick and toe punt the ball...but wud tht get him a 93. True that he has been playing but now tht terry and carvalho are back and the eng rating changes a long way off....i dont see alex rising to 93. Will he even play??? Dont think so. Just my thoughts.
  19. I just stumbled upon this lad. He is an Icelandic defender currently playing for top Swedish side IFK Göteborg. He was a former icelandic u21 and got his international call up in May 2007. He has made 5 appearances for his country till now at the age of 21. As for his club, he has played every minute of every game and has been crucial for them at the CB role where he partners Mattias Bjärsmyr. He is on the DB rated at just 83. I think he should be at least 85. Could also be a gd signing for a lower rated club, if im right that is;) .Any thoughts? Wasn't too sure to post in player rating or talent scout...gd for both i reckon. Feel free to comment.
  20. Re: Now i'm getting cheesed off !!!!! o yeaaa..same case here and it was p***ing me off as well. . But as long as u sent a ticket, thts gd:) .
  21. Re: A few talents worth a buy Top stuff mate, thumbs up for u:D . Gd call on Dmitriy Kombarov, gd info on Tijan Jaiteh, great shout on Aydın Karabulut, he is a great talent i hear and finally Birkir Bjarnason...another gd shout. Fantastic scouting and brill posts, rep comin ur way. Keep it up! .
  22. Re: Relegation Warriors -Match Report and Transfers Thread Charlton brush aside the Latics It was a blistering cold afternoon at the JJB and the Latics fans entered the stand with high hopes and returned with broken hearts as Charlton, convincingly, beat the Wigan side. The Charlton manager had said that the Wigan side was much stronger, boasting big names like Crespo, Jorge Andrade and Ambrosini but the Charlton manager had also said that his side was more than capable of an upset. It started brightly for Charlton who forced Artur Boruc into a fine save after just 40seconds of the match. In the fifth minute Wes Brown made a surging run into the box and was clearly tripped inside the box by Jonathan Woodgate but the ref waved play on, despite the angry comments from the furious manager. Artur Boruc had his work cut out for him when he was forced to produce another fine save just 2 minutes later. Encouraging signs for the new manager. It was no surprise when Charlton finally took the lead when Argentine giant towered,Franco Di Santo, above the defenders and connected with a Andy Gray cross. 1-0 Charlton. 6 minutes later, things got better for the away side, this time Di Santo the provider as debutant Sebastian Blanco struck a fine shot from outside the box giving the goalie no chance. The score remained at 2-0 at the break. 5 minutes into the second half, Wigan Centre Back Erik Hagen was sent off after diving in the box to earn a penalty and the referee wasnt pleased. the goalies had their work cut out as Chalrton looked to finish the game off and Wigan tried to find a way back into the game. Hernan Crespo gave the home side a glimpse of hope when he struck a beautiful shot giving Nicky Weaver no chance at Charlton's goal. The Charlton performance seemed to be incomplete as Andy Gray, who had scored for them in every game didnt find the net at the JJB. At 86 minuted Gray finally rounded of the game after he casually dummied the keeper to make it 3-1 Chalton and 3 points back to the valley. "I am very proud of the boys today. They showed no fear facing a stronger side away from home. They weren't intimdated and went all guns blazing in the early stages. The boys bombarded the Wigan goal with shots and that was key in our victory today. I am proud to be manager of such a brave side. Its a happy day in my career." said the proud manager. The manager commended, once again, the performance of Andy Gray who got his 4th goal in 3 matches. Special Performances "Andy was instrumental in our victory today"-Sheva Encouraging signs for sheva as Blanco scored on debut.
  23. Re: Spanish Talent Gd finds mate...lets see more:D
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