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  1. Re: New Setup " Top 20 " Sure there are...read the first post mate:D . Choose a team u want.
  2. Re: New Setup " Top 20 " Hmmmm...justa thought...the shield being an under 21 competition...hmm..it cud get complicated as there is gna be a lot of competition for the best youngsters and some teams may not have 11 u21s in time for the shield. Also unmanaged teams will not play their u21s:rolleyes: . So...i was thinking..how bout 3-5 u21 players. Im sure a team dusnt even have to buy ne u21s to do this. Again just a thought. Any feedback would be gd:D .
  3. Re: Which young winger and why? Are my eyes playing tricks on me or am i seeing Matias Fernandez last on tht list:eek: ..lol. .From the five i know and have seen play...the order would be: 1.Nani 1.Mcgeady 2.Matias Fernandez 3.Babel 4.Lennon. Just my opinion newayz..lol.Yes, its not a mistake...i cant choose nani or mcgeady..so they r both no.1 lol.
  4. Re: Which young winger and why? I've only seen five of those play:o . The five are aiden mcgeady,nani:D ,lennon,fernandez and babel.So my choice is limited. Guess who i chose:D .lol...newayz...i think nani...because he has so much confidence...the way he went at the arsenal defence in that game was just incredible. He has the skill and the confidence to back up that skill...perhaps he will never be ronaldo(i dont think he will) but he will be nani. , great player...he will get the chances that he deserves when giggsy retires. He still has to mature but tht wud happen once he starts playing first team football.If ashley Young was on that list....definitely Young...not playing for the biggest club and he is a dead ball specialist. He sparks up the villa midfield. Carew and gabi might get the goals...but people often overlook the the skill of this young man. Villa dont look convincing when he is not playing. Aston Villa vs Fulham...some of u may remember..."Jimmy Bullard day" might spark up ur memory lol....villa lost:eek: and they never looked convincing going forward. Newayz young is a fantastic player..hes got skill, pace, intelligence etc...will be a gr8 player.
  5. Re: Help! Left Back Needed Hi mate, You probably will get more answers if u search the forum and find wat u want. Use the search tool, its very useful. If u dont find what u want...heres a thread created by REDDEVILFC...http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=19539&highlight=lefteris+matsoukas it is made so people stop asking; "i need a young RB" or " i need a young LB". Look through that thread, and u will find what u need...hopefully.Unfortunately the thread didnt get sticked. Hope i was of some help. In future just search. :D
  6. Re: ADEBAYOR higher then 91? Im a man utd fan and i fail to see y he is 2 ratings lower than berbatov...just an opinion:rolleyes: . Dont want ppl going nuts and arguing with me. I watch him play because i watch all arsenal games i can..praying tht they will lose:p .Unfortunately..it doesnt happen very often...lol
  7. Re: Lil_kick_kid's U-21(age) U-79(rating) 2. Bundesliga risers/prospects Great post, some real moneymakers there. Rep for ur hard work:D .
  8. Re: Relegation Warriors -Match Report and Transfers Thread Well done ross mate, i have to admit, i was clearly beaten by the better manager. I look for revenge though next time around.
  9. Re: Relegation Warriors -Match Report and Transfers Thread Charlton outplayed by classy hearts A lot was expected from the new manager. After making a good impression to the fans, they were expecting good things from him. It was a full house at the valley, with the addicks fan looking for an upset, but sadly for them, the better team won as hearts outclassed the charlton side. New hearts signing, Diego Capel Trinidad, was causing havock on the left side with his great dribbling and finally got his goal after some neat footwork. After just 24 minutes the deadlock was broken. It got worse just 7 minutes later after debutant Jean Claude Darcheville struck a low shot under the keeper making it 2-0 at the half-hour mark. Things werent looking good for charlton and their new manager. A moment of magic came 8 minutes after, but this was for the home side as Darren Ambrose proved his worth to the manager by scoring a spectacular long range effort...2-1!. The charlton manager would have wanted to go into half time with the score at just 2-1 but Jean Claude Darcheville had other plans as he got his second of the game just before the half time whistle. 3-1 at half time...but the fans still had hope. The second half started brightly for Charlton as they took the games to Hearts playing a more attack minded game. A lot was on the shoulders of experienced striker Andy Gray. Gray had 3 great chances in the first 15minutes of the second half and one of which he saw crash off the woodwork. 7 minutes passed the hour mark the Lithuanian Andrius Velicka put hearts 4-1 up as he struck an early shot giving Nicky Weaver no chance. Andy Gray managed to get a consolation goal for the Addicks at 80 minutes as he converted the easiest of chances after the defence was nowhere to be seen. The match ended 4-2 and the disappointed Charlton fans didnt stick around , Although many had left after Velicka's goal. "Yes it was very disappointing...i had hopes that we could cause an upset or perhaps even give them a better game...but it was disapponting to see the final result. The boys worked hard and we have to lift ourselves up from this defeat and hope we can play better for games to come" said the manager. He credited the performances of Diego Capel, Darcheville and Velicka and also Andy Gray who he said played very well. Charlton Scorers "Andy played well"-sheva Darren Ambrose gave the Chalrton fans something to cheer about as he scored a wonder goal Hearts Scorers "Diego Capel was brilliant"-sheva Darcheville had a superb debut, scoring 2 goals Andrius Velicka celebrates after scoring the fourth goal for hearts.
  10. Re: Best Young Players All Over Yea Liverpool signed him...known as one for the future. Signed from Bilbao i think. In new setups hes a free...i snapped him with most of my clubs already as if liverpool saw something in him...he must be gd.lol. . Long term riser perhaps.
  11. Re: Relegation Warriors -Match Report and Transfers Thread Charlton Transfer News With the manager being happy with the young blood that has come to the valley he had to sign "Bigger Names" to make his side a bit more competitive. He was required to do this if his side are to get promotion. "It is tough competition, even in division 2, there are a lot of top sides and I would admit that we are indeed one of the weaker sides" the manager had said in a press conference."It was essential to sign some more bigger names if we are to have any chance for promotion. It isn't an easy job, considering the stronger sides and hugely experienced managers, but i am up for it!" Transfers IN: Franco Di Santo The Argentine striker will be a key player for the Addicks this season. The Argentine giant will be pairing up with Andy Gray in attack. "Franco is a great player and he will serve as a big advantage for us as he is tremendous in the air. I'm hoping to see him score a lot of goals this season" said the manager. Federico Fazio The centre back was signed from Sevilla this morning. "He will be another pivotal player for us this season and i wish him great success" said the manager about the young Argentine. Yoann Gourcuff Charlton confirmed the signing of the French midfielder this morning. The man from AC Milan was happy with a move to the valley as he wasnt getting as much games for Milan. He had said that it is going to be a new and interesting challenge for him. "He is yet another key player, he has tremendous talent and potential. He will be playing in behind our 2 strikers and will be our key playmaker this season." said the manager. Wes Brown He was probably the biggest signing for Charlton this season. Another crucial player. The Manchester United Right Back was signed this morning after he had made it clear to Alex Ferguson that he wasn't interested in signing a new contract. After making a lot of young signings the manager was keen in making a experienced signing and Wes Brown was the man. "Wes is a great player and has played at the highest level, he is going to fill in the right back position and probably captain the side." said the manager. When asked, this morning, on how the manager felt ahead of tonights matches(going against a stronger side and a more experienced manager in Ross) he simply said ; "Lets just say...we are capable of causing an upset"
  12. Re: New set up.. i would be interested in joining.
  13. Re: New South Americas League? I have taken over Atlas...I hope u dont mind.
  14. Re: New South Americas League? May i have Monterrey...if not can u tell me the clubs that are not reserved...i don want to join a reserved team.Thx.
  15. Re: New South Americas League? May i join the league Mr.NiceGuy? cheers:D
  16. Re: Tudors Dream League Match Reports And Transfer Thread. Lyon-no longer after Ribas Diego of Werder Bremen. It was said that Ribas Diego was a big target for the french club when manager sheva took charge."Ribas is a great player and we would be more than happy to have him here at Lyon but Bremens release claus of 36million is just too much for us." said the disappointed manager.Ribas had said that he would be delighted to join Lyon and leave the relegation threatened Bremen but the chairman isnt quite ready to let him go. Ribas Diego-No longer a target.
  17. Re: Tudors Dream League Match Reports And Transfer Thread. Lyon News The news grabbing the head lines of late (for Lyon) was the signing of Argentine star Carlos Tevez but he wasnt the only big signing the new manager has made. Hes made a couple more and has some BIG TARGETS in mind. Tevez was signed for a fee of 28million Ezequiel Lavezzi (dubbed "the new maradona") was signed on the 13th this month Edison Cavani was signed on the 13th. Felipe Joao Moutinho is set to join Lyon on the 16th of February for a fee of around 21million. Arsenal's Gael Clichy is a target Arsenal's Emanuel Adebayor is also a target.
  18. Re: Relegation Warriors -Match Report and Transfers Thread Charlton News The newly appointed manager sheva has also made his signings.Perhaps the busiest on the transfer market, desperately trying to bring in young blood to his ageing squad.He signed as many as 25 new players this morning. Some of the stand out signings were the following; Alessio Cerci was signed from the struggling Italian side Pisa, for a straight swap with Svetoslav Todorov, who was no longer needed at the valley. "Cerci is a very useful player, he can play a forward role and he can also play down the flanks. I wish him great success at the club" said the manager sheva.At the age of just 20 he will most definitely be playing first team football at the valley. Sadick Adams, the Ghanian star, was also signed by Charlton but not without competition though as Levante was also trying desperately to land the Ghanian from Ashanti Gold. Adams completed his move this morning for a fee reported to be worth around 1.2million. "Adams will be in our youth squad and he will continue improving and when he is ready he will be playing some games for Charlton. He is a great talent." the pleased manager said. Reimond Manco, the Peruvian star, was also snapped up by Charlton and yet again there were other clubs breathing down their neck. Levante again was in pursuit of this rising star. He joined the club for a fee reported to be worth around 1.6million and the manager said that he was "relieved" and "overwhelmed" to sign the youngster. Toni Kroos was the most expensive of the "big signings". Charlton landed the Bayern Munich startlet this morning for club record fee of 1.7million. The manager said that he was "ecstatic" when he heard the news in the morning that kroos was coming to the Valley. The fans are excited and expect him to do great things at the club. The last of the "Big Signings" was the young arsenal star, Fran Merida, who also joined Charlton this morning for a fee reported be around 1.1million. The manager was pleased to have Merida with the team and wished him best of luck for the future. He believes that the Spaniard will do great things. The manager said that his job in the transfer market was far from over. He had said that he has more targets, who will remain anonymous. The fans expect great success from the manager and he has already made a good impression on the fans by bringing in some fantastics young talent to the team. The manager was disappointed that he coudnt sign the two argentinian starlets; Patricio Rodriguez and Diego Buonanotte as they were snapped up by Levante, but he was very pleased with the players that joined his team.
  19. Re: RM who are bound to have a high increase Lachezar Baltanov.Only 680k.Will rise with the next ratings but wont be going up above 90 anytime soon. I dont think u can get a player that is currently worth 1.5 million that will rise over 90 anytime soon.Lachezar Baltanov...You might want to consider him. If u wanna know more detail...go to the thread "some talents".http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=19742. Could possibly get 83/84 in the next rating changes.Perhaps you should post this on the player assistance topic. Just a thought, Hope i was of some help. .
  20. Re: Relegation Warriors -Match Report and Transfers Thread srrry....tht was rather silly of me:o .
  21. Re: Relegation Warriors -Match Report and Transfers Thread So just to make sure...We r free to buy any1 we want rite?....ne specific rules?
  22. Re: Relegation Warriors -Match Report and Transfers Thread Thanks a lot. Appreciate it:D .
  23. Re: Relegation Warriors -Match Report and Transfers Thread ahh...cheers for the response rishabh.I sure hope he lets me join. Would relish the challenge. So ill contact either birmingham city or niks.Got it.
  24. Re: Relegation Warriors -Match Report and Transfers Thread So whos the owner of the setup and which is the club available. Any reply is appreciated:D . I dont mind if i cant join...i just wanted to because it is much more exciting than other leagues that are created everyday.Some people are inactive and dont reply to bids etc...
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