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  1. Re: Relegation Warriors -Match Report and Transfers Thread Orite guys. If there are any vacancies at all...just reply to this. I will gladly join the setup no matter how bad or w/e the team is. I will remain active and do the best i can. If there are no vacancies...thts not a problem, but if there are. Just reply. cheers.
  2. Re: Some Talents Oleksiy Antonov He is a Ukrainian football forward, who currently plays for Metalist Kharkiv in the Ukrainian Premier League.He was a member of the Ukraine U17 and U19 teams and he has got his call up for the U21s as well quite recently:rolleyes: . Oleksei started his career at Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk at the age of 15. He remained with the club till 2004 without any luck as he didnt make any appearances for them at first class level.He was bought by Kuban Krasnodar in 2004 and remained at that club till 2007 and made 5 appearances scoring one goal.He was slowly starting to get games at first class level. He was bought by Metalist Kharkiv in 2007 and has since made 8 appearances for them scoring 4 goals.He had made 17 appearances for Ukraine under 17s scoring 9 goals. In the u21s he plays alongside Oleksandr Hladky(who is a well known hot prospect). Antonov has made 11 appearances for the Ukraine U21s and has scored 5 goals.Oleksandr Hladky has only played 5 more games than him and has scored 6 goals. Antonov scored 3 goals in 2 matches in the Euro 2009 qualifiers. All against Liechtenstein. The man is really finding his form of late and i believe that he will be a real star. On the DB rated 81. Far better player than that IMO should get a rise.Perhaps 83/84 for now. Great talent. Keep an eye on him. He has a great a eye for goal. Becoming a more and more important player for his club and the U21s. Lets see wat he will do if Ukraine qualify for the euro 2009.Can be picked up for 2.6m..hes not cheap but he COULD get an increase. Im not a guru:rolleyes: .Remember...one for the future.
  3. Re: Some Talents With the Ukrainian ratings coming around the corner, i've decided to do some scouting in Ukraine. Who knows...they could be some young "moneymakers":D .
  4. Re: Aiden McGeady Rep Of Ireland and Celtic Yea...i fail to see how malouda and cole have the same rating:confused: .If Malouda is 92..i think cole shud be 93...just an opinion.lol.I don want ppl goin all nuts.
  5. Re: Aiden McGeady Rep Of Ireland and Celtic
  6. Re: Sneijder deal Sneijder is a great player but i think 50m and toulanan is just too much. When i was new to soccermanager i used to waste so much money . I didnt understand the value of money until i started buying youngsters.So many to buy...but sooo little money. Try to counter the offer as SmartDoc said...trust me...u will need the money...u can buy so many prospects with tht money.If the counter offer gets rejected...Toulana will do. Just an opinion. Also sneijder didnt increase in the spanish rating changes:eek: so he will be 93 for a while.
  7. Re: Some Talents Good call Krucinho! He hasnt got much chances last season, but he made the most of his oppurtunities. Hopefully he will get some more appearances. Still very young:D .
  8. Re: Some Talents No worries mate. He will stay a Right Midfielder. He can also play on the left...so the position is spot on.He will stay a RM/W...He is known for his speed down the flanks.Prefers his right foot over his left;) .
  9. Re: Some Talents Thx for tht!!I will be posting more later tomorrow.
  10. Re: Aiden McGeady Rep Of Ireland and Celtic Absolutely QUALITY player. Has brilliant turns, great control and can really fool defenders.I think he should be 92. Was 89 when i bought him with one of my clubs.Increased to only 90 during the scottish changes. TBA honest i thought that they wud give him a rating of at least 91, but hey..hes still 21...he has time. Will be a great player one day.
  11. Re: Some Talents Patrik Bordon He is a Slovenian forward that was swooped up by Italian side Lecce from Slovenian side NK Koper. He is also a member of the Slovenian U19 team. He had started his career at NK Koper. He had to wait a while till he got his first appearance. He finally got his first appearance in 2005. He remained at the Slovenian club till 2007, where he made 13 appearances scoring 3 goals.He was boughy by Lecce in 2007, who obviously saw the talent this young man possessed.He has yet to make his debut for Lecce.He is on the DB rated 76. He can be picked up for 690k.A bargain for perhaps a future star? You decide;) . Perhaps also a rating of 76 is still too low for this lad. Not so sure if he will rise, but as soon as he starts getting some games for Lecce, a rise is definitely on the cards. Remember, hes still only 19...time is on his side. .
  12. Re: Some Talents Ljuba Baranin He is a Serbian defender currently playing for Bezanija Beograd.He has made 2 appearances for his club in the UEFA cup.He is slowly becoming a regular for his side.He is on the DB rated 75....He can be picked up for about 400k.He should get a rise IMO as he has made some appearnaces for his club.A rise to 81/82 seems fair for now.Another to keep a close eye on.
  13. Re: Some Talents Aleksandar Lazevski He is a Defender currently playing for FK Partizan in Serbia.He is of Macedonian descent and he was born in Serbia.He has chosen to play for Macedonia instead of Serbia although he doesnt have a Macedonian passport.He recently got a call up to the Macedonian U21 team and arrangements were made and he made his debut against Norway U21.He has made 17 appearances for FK Partizan.He is on the DB rated 77 as a Serbian.He is definitely one for the future.Keep an eye on him;) .Should get a rise to around 83/84 as he is playing a lot for his club.
  14. Re: Some Talents Allright...i noticed that this thread was slowly dying away...so i will continue my work on this thread.Some more talents to come.
  15. Re: The Argentine Pato I noticed tht too....he isnt in some of my setups. .Just be patient i guess...he will be added sooner or later.
  16. Re: under 20's Scout Good posts:) .keep em coming.
  17. Re: South American Superstars Part 1 Yea i know...i found him after doing some research. :D ...snapped him up quite a while ago:p
  18. Re: South American Superstars Part 1 Unfortunately........not yet.
  19. Re: South American Superstars Part 1 Just looking through ur thread Joe and i think this lad "dentinho" is actually on the DB. You have to search BRUNO BONFIM.He will come up...is this the lad u r talking bout? Sry if im talking bout a different person.But this lad is also wanted by arsenal and his name is dentinho.BRUNO BONFIM, Dentinho Ferreira:D
  20. Re: Norwegian Talents Thanks for the positive feeback lozza...and the rep;) .Hmmm chelsea....nahhh...lol.
  21. Re: Norwegian Talents Thats all for now...i will try to scout for more though:D .Sry that none of these players are even on the DB but lets hope they get added soon.I have high hopes for them. :D .
  22. Re: Norwegian Talents Joshua King He is 15 yr old norwegian who was playing for Vaalerenga. He scored and got an assist on debut for his club at junior level.He was a member of the norwegian u15 team.Manchester United has signed him after being given a trial at the club, where he impressed.Not on the DB.Another one to keep a lookout for.A very hot norwegian prospect.I mean he must be if United signed him. :eek: .Being a united fan..im am very excited.Lets hope he becomes a star;) .
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