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  1. Re: Norwegian Talents Anders Karlsen He is a 18 year old midfielder currently playing in Bodø Glimt.He made his league debut for Bodø Glimt at the age of just 16:eek: .He is considered one of the hottest talents in Norway.It is reported that Blackburn Rovers are heading the race to sign this super-talent.It is said that he was recommended to Mark Hughes by Morten-Gamst Pedersen's father.Should definitely be added to the database.He made 13 appearances for Bodø Glimt in 2007.Not on DB.Definitely some talent:D .
  2. Re: Norwegian Talents More to come...as soon as i find some info on them.
  3. Stefan Johansen He is a Forward currently playing in Bodø Glimt in Norway:rolleyes: .He is a member of the norwegian u16 national team.He has made 9 appearances for norway scoring 3 goals.He has made 9 appearances for his club.Sadly..he is not on the DB.But just keep an eye on him..He is definitely some talent;) .
  4. Re: Brazils Youth Ratings Chelseano1youth...u gta stop making these threads...i agree with welshman.Just use the existing thread as welshman sed.Saves ur time and no useless threads.Every1 wins:D ...u r just wasting ur time...just take a look at what has happened on this thread.Plz...go read from the beginning and now think to urself...have u got ur question answered??...I dont think so..instead..uve wasted ur time and indeed welshman's.So use the search tool and post ur question on the existing thread.Dont take this the wrong way..im just givin u some helpful advice..tht u shud take:cool: .Look at the havoc on this thread:rolleyes:
  5. Re: Player Rating Another thread gone bad.
  6. Re: Young Talents - Footballs Future. Tudor08...if u are really interested in scouting, u shud try ur best to find talents that havent been mentioned before. .It isnt easy, but if u devote some time, u could end up unearthing some real gems.good luck:D . Some people werent very pleased with your thread, because you had mentioned players tht have been mentioned countless times b4.But its ok.Just look for unmentioned talent and you wud get some positive responses.
  7. Re: Young Talents - Footballs Future. I was only trying to help. I wasnt being harsh.lol....i think gizb was doing the same.
  8. Re: talent from around the world Gd find.Keep them coming.In the England under 19 team.Lets see some more.
  9. Re: Young Talents - Footballs Future. Fernando Gago and Yoann Gourcuff arent defenders:rolleyes:
  10. Re: TomOwen's Argentinian Rating Changes Cant wait Tom...You are usually spot on with the ratings. :D
  11. Re: Some Talents Lachezar Baltanov This lad was mentioned very briefly, quite a while ago by a forumer named Trent. I have to give him the credit for discovering him first, but to those of you who want to know more about him...here goes. He is a Bulgarian Midfielder currently playing for Levski Sofia. He is said to be one of the most promising young players in his club.He is also a member of the Bulgarian u21 team.He has already played 33 games for levski at the age of 19:eek: .He even played once in the champions league in the 2006-2007 season.On DB rated ONLY AT 76.Surely he must be around 84/85. Massively underrated.Buy him now!! Another one for the future;) . Trent has mentioned him b4 in a thread named "Bulgarian football"...he had said that Lachezar Baltanov will get more of a chance to play and how right he was.Made 33 appearances since.I have mentioned him again on this thread with more information to emphasise wat a great talent this lad is, so those of you who havent heard of him...you know now!!Get busy..hes only 680k!!
  12. Re: Some Talents Mihail Aleksandrov He is a Bulgarian Midfielder currently playing for Borussia Dortmund.At the age of 18 he had already made 3 first team appearances for his previous club CSKA Sofia.Liverpool had watched the youngster closely and was very close to signing him, but the deal didnt go through as his work permit wasnt approved. He was then transferred to Borussia Dortmund, who also saw the talent this young man possesed.A Bulgarian soccer legend, Spas Dzhevizov said that he has never seen a bigger talent before and the current manager of Borussia Dortmund, Thomas Doll, has said tht he has the ability to become a great footballer in the future.On DB rated 74 and can be picked up for 270k. Get him now!! He is definitely one for the future.
  13. Re: Some Talents Thats all im scouting in Russia for now. I am moving on to other countries now.I might come back to russia if i find a real gem though;) .
  14. Re: Some Talents Ruslan Kambolov He is a defender currently playing for Lokomotiv Moskva.He is another member of the Russian u19 team.Rated as low as 63 on the DB . Im not so sure if he will rise or not, because he hasnt made any first class appearances for his club(to my knowledge), but definitely one to watch.Perhaps he should be in the low 70s, because he is in the u19 team. I think 63 is way too low.Definitely a talent. Can be picked up for almost nothing at 20k;) .
  15. Re: Some Talents Fedor Kudryashov He is a Defender currently playing in Spartak Moskva. He is a member of the Russian u21 team and has made 7 appearances for his club.On DB rated 82.Should get a rise to around 84/85 because of his games at Spartak.Keep an eye on him.
  16. Re: Some Talents Aleksandr Salugin He is a Forward currently playing in CSKA Moskva. He has made 10 appearances for the CSKA Moskva Level A team.He is a member of the Russian u19 team and is soon getting a call up to the u21s...if he continues like this, he can make the national team;) ...definitely someone to keep an eye on.On DB rated 80.Should rise to about 82/83.
  17. Re: Some Scandanavian Talents Hmmm, he has got some games for Lokomotiv Moscow. Mainly because of an injury in the team, but hes young and with age could become a regular.Should get a rise IMO, because of his starts.Had a late call up to the national team, again because of injuries, but didnt end up playing.maybe a rise to 88 whenever the changes come around.From this, u can decide if you want him or not;) . Sry for the late response, i was watching the manchester derby(and was very disappointed with the result:mad: )
  18. Re: Some Scandanavian Talents ooo rite...i see...thank you very much for the feedback...i will pm the moderator.rather embarassing.lol.
  19. Re: Some Scandanavian Talents im sry bout the topic title...none of these players are scandanavian.sry:o ...how can i change it?i dont know wat i was thinking.except the finnish guy.
  20. Soslan Dzhanaev Member of the russian u21 squad.Signed by Spartak Moscow frm a second division club on Dec last year.Currently on DB rated 80.Made 28 appearances for a club that he had played for previously. Roman Eremenko Member of the finnish national team and has already made 4 appearances at the age of 20. Currently playing in Udinese after returning frm a loan spell at Siena where he made 11 appearances.He was offered a new contract by Udinese which will hold him up with the club till 2012.On DB rated 83. Oleg Kozhanov Also a member of the russian u21 team.Currently playing for Ural Yekaterinburg on loan from Zenit St Petersburg.On DB rated 77.He has made 35 appearances for the club and has scored 10 goals.should definitely be in the low 80s...perhaps 82/83 by the next changes. Yuri Lebedev Another member of the russian u21 team.Currently playing for Zenit St Petersburg.On DB rated 73.He is actually a midfield player, and not a RB/CB as in the DB.He has made 1 appearance for zenit.Gd for a young player player playing first team football for arguably the best club in russia. Pavel Plaskonnyi He is a defender currently playing in, greek club, Panionios F.C, after being signed from Shakhtyor Soligorsk in january 2008. He was called up to the Belarus national team in 2005 and has since made 10 appearances for them (scoring 1 goal).He is the second most capped defender in the belarus team (after Sergei Omelyanchuk 44 caps).On DB rated 81. 23 yrs old. Sergei Golyatkin A defender that is currently playing in Rubin Kazan.He is a member of the russian u19 team.Will get better with experience and age.On DB rated 75.19yrs old.Can pick him up for 400k. Viktor Faizulin An attacking midfielder who played for Spartak Nalchik.He is another member of the russian u21 team.Has played 28 games for his club, scoring 3 goals.On DB rated 82.Definitely needs a rise.I'm seeing an increase to 84/85.Zenit St Petersburg has signed him because of his impressive performances at Spartak Nalchik. Artem Pershin Is a midfielder currently playing in Spartak Nalchik, after being signed from a lower division club, where he made 7 appearances in 2007.He was also a member of the russian under 19 team.Currently on DB rated 78..Cud get a rise of around 80/81.Could rise even more if he starts playing regularly for Spartak Nalchik. Sergey Pesyakov Is a goalkeeper currently playing for Shinnik Yaroslavl.He is a member of the russian u19 team.In 2007 he made 13 appearances for the club Textilschik Ivanovo.On DB rated 76..Surely a better player than that...i can see him rising to 79/80(for now). Any Feedback appreciated.
  21. Re: The youth good or not full squd view(help needed) yea...u shud sell them....perhaps a gd young striker frm the cash u receive frm henry?.tevez,adebayor......
  22. Re: Show us you're the real talent scout i wud be interested in joining.
  23. Re: Spanish Ratings Sergio Ramos increased by 1...but it dint come up in the club messages:confused: ...but i dont rele care...hes 94 now:D
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