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  1. Hi, I have seen in one of my worlds few strange transfers, for example one manager have signed Fabregas value 37.9 mil from an unmanaged club for 1.73 mil plus Christian riksen value 15 mil and Kevin Mirallas value 7.7 mil - there is 14 mil difference,any thoughts? or selling a player Gary Bocaly (who the hell is he?) to an unmanaged club at 15 mil when is value is only 5.9 mil I would appreciate your opinions on this subject. Thanks
  2. Re: Is there a specific forum for each league or world? If there was a world/league forum/discussion window in the same widow where we log in to our club the percentage of participants in those discussion would have been much higher because of the accessibility. As it looks right now I can roughly say that less than 10% of the worlds here have an active forum discussions.
  3. Re: Is there a specific forum for each league or world? As I have said I know you can do that by logging into the forum and finding your world forum, but looking at the forum site it seems that less than 10% of the worlds have actually ''live'' forum here and it seems to me much easier, accessible and efficient if we could access the forum directly from our Club page In that way other manager will be aware of the posts of other managers even though they did not have any interest initially. By resurrecting the forums you could add more ''salt and pepper'' to the game and more members.
  4. Hi, sorry but I am new and it might be a silly question, but can I interact with other members of the same world/league that I play with only by entering this forum? Or there is an easy way to interact with then through the club page ? I am not sure but maybe the newspaper is the way to interact here with other managers, though the newspaper at my world has only one article.... Regards
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