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  1. Re: DAiS Genesis | Media Watford up or down?? A conversation has been caught on tape between watford manager craig sinclair his best mate danny dyer. While sitting in a Newcastle Casino stuffing wads of £50s down a dancers knickers and snorting a good looking crystal white powder they where caught talking about how watfords season is going!! Sinclair spoke about a few of Watfords newest signings including Yohan cabaye and Alexander Buttner and almost confided in Danny that he is worried about watfords current standing of 6th place in league 3. Sinclair said 'i am worried about the clubs place in league 3, even tho there is only one point between 3rd placed cardiff and bottom placed Dnipro its so tight anyone could go down' later adding 'all the clubs in the league have a strongish squad and everyone has a chance of being the team to claim 3rd and a spot on the playoffs but also every team has a chance of being in that bottom 2' On his new signings sinclair spoke of a drug fueled party in a Miami mansion during pre season where he was introduced to an agent who has helped push through deals for Cabaye, Buttner and the 2 Brazilians Silva and Fred. Sinclair also added 'i am quite pleased with squad as a whole but i no the defence needs help and we do have a player in mind who we are talking to' that player now believed to be dejan lovren. After the night out the 2 were spotted leaving the casino in a taxi with 2 women now believed to be the wife and grandmother of one prince william. A source close the family said both denied this accusation as neither could remember what happened tat nite other than the grandmother woke with a sticky white substance around her mouth!!!!
  2. Re: Where can i see all the player's changes? i can still not find it. whats the name on the tool bars??
  3. Re: DnA Season 2 - Auction 2 (Mid and Fwd) fellani - 14m cazorla 15.5m EDIT (by Gozzy) : He's not editing his bids,he's just adding Cazorla bid as he only put a bid for Fellaini previously
  4. Re: DnA Season 2 - Auction 2 (Mid and Fwd) LAVEZZI - 15.5m FELLANI - 13m GOMEZ - 21m
  5. Re: CUSTOM 2012 - The Final the ID is 171473
  6. Re: CUSTOM 2012 - The Final Dais for me all night long. It has very quickly become my favourite game world ahead of my own creation.
  7. Re: 8 Nation youth league In an update to this the 8 nations shall be England, spain, germany, italy, france, holland, usa, scotland. current clubs taken are newcastle, manchester united.
  8. Re: Riferimento: 8 Nation youth league hi mate craig sinclair. add me rating about 160
  9. Welcome all to the newsest concept in youth game worlds. I am going to create a leage that consitsts of 8 Nations over 4 leagues with 8 teams per league. Each team starting out with a budget of only 100mil and the economy level of Normal. The rules are simple, you can not buy players over the age of 21 and each squad starts with no players. You must log in every 10 days, no managers are sacked The challenge is for each nation to work together and try and get all 4 of there teams in the top league. Please contact me if your interested.
  10. Re: DAiS Genesis | Media THE NEW SEASON!!!! The new season is here for Watford (yep I no it’s late) and I have started off pretty shat!!!:mad: After what seemed to be a near perfect pre season racking up 5 wins out of 5 and only conceding 2 goals we went and lost 2v1 to a very good Birmingham team. I was hoping to build on last season after only missing out on promotion on the final day and then losing the play off to betis. A very good betis side at that. During the summer I have had very little money to strengthen my squad and even considered begging on the corners of Watford town centre for extra cash, this failed and did not get any new first team players in. More recently a bid came in for the aging Florent malouda and he was shipped on for just over 9 million pounds. This has given me the funds to now push on and bring some new blood into a team which really needs it. I am also spending a lot of time looking at and working with the young under 21s of Watford and we have some really good prospects on our books, Romelu lukaku, Nathan Redmond and Mario Sampirisi to name a few. Hopefully these players can get into the team and give us some strength in depth. Looking forward to this season i am hoping a nice little cup run may be in the offering and that the new players I bring in can prove to be the catalyst to a excellent season for Watford. I am expecting Lukaku and Cisse to bring the goals in and the bags of experience of Brad Friedel to keep a team of young heads level and on course.........
  11. Re: Custom Game Worlds | Suggestions Pretty sure {C} already exists or something very similar. {D} would this not take the whole point of promotion and winning the championship away from the game. if you stick with a team for 5 plus seasons you want some sort of progress.
  12. Re: DAiS Genesis | Media SO THERE'S 5 GAMES LEFT!!!!!! Coming to towards the end of the season we all have 5 games left, so now is the time when titles, promotions, and relegation can be decided. So a little run down of this weeks matches and what clubs need to do to finish this season off well!! Division 1 - Turn 10 [/url] The top clash of the week seems to be Atalanta v West brom, 3rd v 1st. West brom are 6 points clear of Atalanta and seem to have the title all wrapped up, apart from the challenge of 2nd placed hannover whos squad consists of league top scorer Van Der Vaart. They play 2nd bottom swansea a point adrift of safety. Wigan in my eyes are all but down bottom of the league on only 5 points and 5 adrift of safety, can anyone see them pulling off a huge upset and staying up? not me!!! League prediction..... Hannover for title, west brom 2nd. wigan and either swansea or leeds for drop. Division 2 - Turn 10 Division 2 is far from wrapped up, any of cardiff, sochaux or celtic could take the title along with promotion to the top league. Cardiff play bottom of the league orient, looks a easy win for cardiff (i would weee myself laughing if they lost). sochaux play celtic in what could be a very close encounter and leave the winners cardiffs only real competition for the title. Down the bottom Orient look dead a buried with 1 point from 9 games and any of the remaining four teams could go with them, by the way they all play each other tomorrow. League predictions - Cardiff for title if they beat orient. sochaux and celtic to battle the promotion play off. orient gone and manager less mainz to follow them down Division 3 - Turn 10 Divison 3 looks to be a straight fight between the top 2 monaco and basel. Monaco have a battle with relegation threatened chievo (who won that cheap w**k cup this week) and basel look to shrug off 3rd placed southampton, can basel keep the chase up or is it just to late? Down at the bottom braintree and leicester 8th and 7th respectively face each other and a loss for either team looks to send them down. League predictions - Monaco to beat chievo and win the league, basel to finish 2nd and win the playoff against either southampton or trabzonspor. relegation i feel braintree are all but gone and leicester could be the ones to follow ith there poor goal scoreing record. Division 4 - Turn 10 The title is still wide open in league 4, current leaders watford, Blackburn and forest green all still in with a chance. watford face a tough task away at real betis. Blackburn away a sofia is not easy and forest green play Birmingham at home who could also force there way into the top 3 with a win. Lens look to be finishing bottom the league and face a tough game at home to promotion chasing Blackpool who could also force there way into the play offs. League prediction - Watford to take the title on the final day and Blackburn to follow them up. lens bottom!!!
  13. Re: The Barclays Premier League U21 Championship i want in if any room!!
  14. Re: Offer Club i fully understand what you mean as i have seen it in other games worlds. have you reported this as a bug or listed it as multiple accounts, as far as i can see the 2 managers have created a new account and use it as a filler account, check if the managers are in any other leagues together no doubt they will be and they will be using the same trick(cheat)
  15. New game world. started between my mates, looking for managers who will come and stay here to enjoy the game. plenty money all teams start with 250mil 2 transfer windows, no sacked managers. all top European teams included. many have already been called but there are still many available. who interested let me no
  16. Re: People not responding to transfer offers it would remind people that an offer has been made and a decision should be made then again the sm bosses havent shown alot of brains recentley so i cant see anything happening
  17. Re: People not responding to transfer offers if hes waiting for a better offer why not just reject the offer and say this.
  18. Re: Limit The Number of Players Why cant this be an option in create a game. give a game world owner that chance to limit squads. say 50/75/100/150/200/250 unlimted something sm should think about!!!!!
  19. Gets right on my *** this. Why cant people just see your offer and say yes or no instead of ignore them untill they run out? So why dont soccer manager say if you dont respond to a transfer offer the message cant be deleted and remains at the top of your messages. DISCUSS!!!!!!!
  20. Re: DAiS Genesis | Media NEAR PERFECT PRE SEASON FOR WATFORD After a change of manager at the end of last season and introducing Craig Sinclair as the new man to take them forward, Watford have had a very impressive pre season. It all started with a huge overhaul of there squad with only 3 players remaining from the squad that was relegated to division 4. A combination of big name signing and a batch of youth talent brought in by Sinclair has given the fans a huge boost for a very pivotal season. The new names on the fans lips include papiss cisse, romelu lukaku, abel hernandez and Georginio Wijnaldum, then you throw in the experience of brad friedel, diego lugano and florent maluda Watford look very strong. Pre season started with a bang a quality 3v2 victory over sochaux (lukaku 2, denilson) followed by a 0v0 with hertha berlin set the pace. then came three 2v0 victorys over leicester (cisse, denilson) blackpool (santana, cisse) and Leeds united (denilson 2). Pre season comments by Sinclair indicate the board look to stableise a club who looked lost and gone before sinclairs appointment. Sinclair thinks he has a very good squad and looks to push for promotion back to division 3. Either way we look to have a very exciting season infront of us watching watford. c.sinclair.
  21. Im already in a league like this and enjoy it. Am looking for a league where u cant buy anyone over 21.
  22. Re: All GW Including Gold Yea this is a major problem in all new GW. I always say when i create a league apply for a club but i will not accept any untill 5 days into the league
  23. Re: The Squad Advice Thread The squad seems old and dated. I agree with 99% of ur choices other than delec the keeper is not worth and sturrage wait till jan see where he goes.
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