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  1. Now also enter with the old version . We hope it holds
  2. Something works !!! It's the store, if you want to renew gold membership this is the best time
  3. Nice game. Belgium deserved something more. But how nice to see that number 25 play, Honestly I would have put it on Spinazzola in the second half bu my name is not Martinez
  4. Today SM is undoubtedly a much nicer place
  5. It doesn't happen but if it happens........
  6. Ajax have acquired Joey Roggeveen (gk). He comes from FC Volendam 23 years and one year of contract . This seems to me to be an anomalous situation. Someone knows him. Thank you
  7. Rahul W's rating predictions Lo scrivo come so fare . Maggior RISPETTO per chi si spende sempre per gli altri . Queste polemiche gratuite sono stucchevoli .
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