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  1. Re: £5 - £1000 in 8 bets Challenge! I've seen this thread and it caught my eye and fair play Matt for trying to make this happen for us all BUT the down fall for many is greed. Doubles and trebles are probably the limit in trying to make money through football and plenty of cash can be won if you do the right things and do your homework. I'm an odds compiler (lots of you saying what is one of those) im the one who prices the matches up and have my own little attempts are making things easier for people who are new to it or haven't got a clue. www.burnzysbets@wordpress.com or follow me on twi
  2. Re: some expert opinions needed!! First Team H. LLORIS - 92 NC F. COENTRAO - 91 +1 B. SAGNA - 92 NC G. VAN DER WIEL - 90 Poss +1 M. RICHARDS (Man City) - 89 +1 N. SUBOTIC - 91 NC T. VERMAELEN - 91 NC A. SONG - 91 NC C. FABREGAS - 95 Poss +1 Y. TOURE -92 +1 A. VIDAL - 91 NC R. KAKA - 94 -1 S. CAZORLA - 91 -1 T. WALCOTT - 90 NC R. VAN PERSIE - 93 +1 R. VAN WOLFSWINKEL - 87 +1/2 M. GOMEZ (will get him tonight!) - 93 +1 Youth Team (only some of the top rated ones) J. ZOET - 75 +5 C. COOSEMANS - 78 +4/5 A. AHAMADA - 80 M. TER STEGEN - 78 N. BOILESEN - 77 +6 S. VRSALKO - 84
  3. Re: some expert opinions needed!! Wasnt difficult to put them in was in pal ?? As for commennts above, some of the players i do not know of but can research and give a decent enough increase plus i like having more details..
  4. Re: some expert opinions needed!! If you added ratings that would help..
  5. Re: Shall I sell CABAYE FOR 13 m? Get rid ASAP, looked very average yesterday against Arsenal, he will not get any higher playing at Newcastle, get rid for that kind of money mate...
  6. Re: Norway And Sweden Division I 2011 He will get reviewed because he has scored 15 goals in Allsvenskan 2011 plus he played 18 games so he will get a change this time around..
  7. Re: Norway And Sweden Division I 2011 Teteh BANGURA. 76, should get a decent rise, 15 goals so far this season wel worth a punt as he only is a 76..
  8. Re: Scottish Premier League Predictions Not gonna happen that mate !!
  9. Re: Scottish Premier League Predictions Joe Ledley hasnt been that good in the SPL and has been overshadowed by Brown and Kayal so far this season, I wasnt having a go at your predictions mate you've done some good work but expanding on just ratings is what i have tried to do..
  10. Re: Scottish Premier League Predictions Hi guys ive been reading through and what people have to understand is the likes of Stokes and Hooper will thrieve in the SPL as other then playing Rangers or Celtic the rest of the league is way below average.. Celtic have conceeded 19 goals all season, 9 at home and 10 away from home which goes to show how poor the attacking sides are in the SPL considering how poor both Celtic and Rangers have done in european competitons... Ive watched a lot of scottish football over the last 5 years and the teams you see playing in the SPL in 2011 didnt have a p
  11. Re: Andy Carroll If anybody watches the EPL they will know that andy Carroll is only getting games because of the injury crisis @ Newcastle ... He was on loan and Preston and scored 1 goal in 10 apperances he is a local lad but is nothing special... He will get a rise but only slight .. 78 to probably 81/82..
  12. Re: Manchester United Talents. James Chester: Birthdate: 23 Jan 1989 Birthplace: Warrington Position: Defender Appearances: 1 Goals: 0 Joined United: 01 Jul 2005 United Debut: 20/01/09: Manchester United V's Derby County (Carling Cup) James Chester is an agile, tough-tackling central defender from Warrington. He was first spotted by United scouts playing for his local team, Winwick Athletic. James began playing for the team when he was five, when he played with boys four years older in the Under9s. By the age of eight, United had taken an interest and invited him down for trai
  13. 4 Lille Risers !! OBRANIAK, Ludovic 88 - 89/90 MICHEL BASTOS, Fernandes 88 - 89/90 RAMI, Adil 87 - 89/90 CHEDJOU, Aurélian 78 - 84/85 OBRANIAK, Ludovic 88 - 89/90 Nationalité : Française Date de naissance : 10/11/1984 Age : 24 ans Taille : 1,74 m Poids : 72 kg Poste : Milieu Club actuel : LOSC Stats: 1538 minutes, 7 Goals Started his career @ Metz and played over 90 games for them before moving to Lille in 2007. He usually plays as an attacking midfielder but has had licence to roam this season and has played all over midfield left and right and has been
  14. Re: James Chester and Sam Hewson James Chester is from the same area as me good young player and may get his chance now Evans looks like he has a knock...
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