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  1. Re: The quintessential worst defender in the world thread. Ridiculous poll and ridiculous choice of players for said poll. How you can suggest these are the worst defenders on the world is beyond me, do you actually watch football? And yes I realise they have all made high profile mistakes but so do all players. Really bizarre choices.
  2. Re: The New Players Thread I have never had to do this.
  3. Dazzer

    Prize Money

    Re: Prize Money Apologies as the figures are not as clear as I thought they would be.
  4. Dazzer

    Prize Money

    Re: Prize Money Below is the problem' date=' the season figures add up however for the week in question I started off with £-36k given the incoming and outgoing on the week I should have ended up with circa £5.3m whereas I actually ended up with £1.7m as stated below. This is evidenced in the weekly balance section. To me it looks like a bug that has been reported many times on this forum however SM continue to ignore it. To be honest I am more let down by the fact that SM have just ignored this problem. Their customer services needs some work especially as a Dev (Vicky) was online yesterday and answered two very basic questions that other users already had and ignored many questions that she should have looked into. If this game was completely fee then I would get it but as many of us contribute (myself included) in a financial manner I find it pretty poor. [b']Income[/b] SeasonTurn: 32Season Ticket Receipts£2,168,238£0Gate Receipts£11,757,697£1,140,424TV Revenue£13,935,680£1,045,176Sponsor£4,915,922£685,014Merchandise£1,638,641£228,338Cash Injection£0£0Transfer Money In£44,144,700£0Prize Money£5,400,321£3,500,000Other Income£0£0Total Income£83,961,199£6,598,952Expenditure SeasonTurn: 32Player Wages£26,947,645£689,230Ground Maintenance £2,934,141£113,536Transfer Money Out£49,898,000£305,000Other Outgoings£0£0Total Expenditure£79,779,786£1,107,766Summary SeasonTurn: 32Starting Balance£1,003,825 Season Income£83,961,199Weekly Income£6,598,952Season Expenditure£79,779,786Weekly Expenditure£1,107,766Current Balance£5,185,238Weekly Balance£5,491,186
  5. Re: Philippine National Team Now there's a FM legend!
  6. Re: Player's contracts Hi Vicky why do Dev's pick and choose which questions on here to respond to? There are a lot of unanswered questions on this forum which appear to get ignored.
  7. Re: Money missing in my club. What I can do? Regrettably not an awful lot as you can see from my thread below. There is clearly a problem but not one SM want to look into nor own up to. Shame really. If you get any response keep us informed. I for one will not be holding my breath waiting for an explanation. Or the money I my poor little club is owed! http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?p=2502975#post2502975
  8. Dazzer

    Prize Money

    Re: Prize Money Not really as the game weeks have moved on meaning I would have to post a lot of them. The strange thing is that if you look at the overall it looks right which is probably why SM think it's correct. Having said this the maths I quoted below on the week in question show I am not going mad right? Still no response from SM and their fantastic customer service. I have kind of given up if I am honest. I also note that similar incidents have happened to others and like mine been ignored, which is nice...
  9. Dazzer

    Prize Money

    Re: Prize Money I have chased SM again regards this as they have ignored my (new) updated ticket. Nice to see that in two weeks they haven't even bothered to say they are looking into it, excellent customer service.
  10. Re: Dwight GAYLE - 67 rated Wing/Fwd I swapped my Dwight Gayle for Mauro Icardi. I actually don't know why I am telling anyone this as I am sure no one cares. I'll stop boring you all now. Sorry.
  11. Dazzer

    Prize Money

    Re: Prize Money This is the response I got and my subesquent response. They are definatley wrong. "Hi Darren, We have checked against our database and all the finances are correct. Regards Soccer Manager" Could you please explain to me how I can start with a balance of -36k, gain £1m from gate reciepts, £1m from sponsors and £3.5m from prize money yet have a balance of £2m. Income was £6.5m and Outgoings were £1.1 which should mean I have a balanace £5.3m ish. I have £1.7m and therefore this is clearly incorrect. Could you please have a look again.
  12. Dazzer

    Prize Money

    Re: Prize Money I would accept that if I had not al;eady got thr gate reciepts!
  13. Dazzer

    Prize Money

    Re: Prize Money If you click on the 'More' tab one of the options is finances.
  14. I have just won the Shield in an English Champio ship game and was advised I got £3.5m in prize money. I can see the amount on my balance sheet however it is not showing in my available balance. Has anyone else experienced this? It has been 24 hours and I would log a bug if I could find where to do this!
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