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  1. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Aye, it was embarrassing, no other word for it. Whilst Liverpool played very well, and Coutinho and Sturridge would have been a handful for any team that day, NO Premiership side should concede six at home, whoever the opposition are. This needs to serve as a kick up the backside to EVERYONE involved at the club. Oh for the days of Ginola, Asprilla, Ferdinand...
  2. Re: Alexandre PATO or Samuel ETO'O I'm really not sure Pato will improve any more, don't be fooled by his age. Milan saw he was never going to be the same after his injuries and offloaded him. He won't improve back in Brazil.
  3. Re: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for 10 mil? If the rumours are to be believed then a number of top European sides are tracking him. Could be a smart investment if you have the money lying around.
  4. Re: Agree /disagree- new football game Disagree (too soon). Bayern Munich will be in at least three of the next five Champions' League finals (including the 2013 one at Wembley) .
  5. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Regardless of who gets to the final, it won't be the free-flowing, all out attacking 90 minutes that some are predicting, regardless of the quality of the two sides. It's the most important match of the year, think about it. It'll be won 1-0.
  6. Re: Substitutes You can watch the games, but you can't influence precedings whilst you're watching them. Go to 'Tactics' on your menu bar, then select 'In-Game Instructions' and 'Create New In-Game Instruction' and from there you can choose which substitutes come on at a pre-determined time.
  7. Re: Match engine bug Constructive and enlightening as ever.
  8. Re: Player Concerns No, it just freezes it. The concerns are for the lack of games at the club that employs him, i.e. your club.
  9. Re: Ozil, Muller, Suarez. I'd go with Muller. Great player with a great future in a great side.
  10. Re: Casillas or Valdes? Go for Casillas at any cost. His rating will remain in the mid-low 90s for seasons to come, and who's to say what you'll be doing in a couple time, let alone in 5 years time when Ter Stegen will be making a real name for himself.
  11. Re: should i swap varane and modric for hazard???? It all depends on who you have to step up and fill the vacant positions. If you have a weak attack, but a talented and well-stocked midfield and central defence, then it could be a good deal. Think of the overall squad picture as well as the starting XI. That said, barring a horrific injury, Varane is destined to be one of the greatest defenders in the game before too long, and, as has been pointed out earlier, Modric is beginning to come into his element at Madrid.
  12. Re: Swap De Gea by Thibaut Courtois? I'd stick with De Gea. Remember you have to look at how the team as a whole will perform, and how many trophies they may win, as well as a straight up player v player comparison. Historically Man United win more than Chelsea, and will probably continue to do so over the next few years.
  13. Re: Bale, Suarez, Gotze, Mata, pick 2 100% agree with this. Bale will leave Spurs within a couple of seasons and his rating will go through the roof. Ditto Gotze.
  14. Re: pato.. I'd put money on him dropping further too. He can carve out a good career for himself still in Brazil, but he'll never hit the potential superstardom that he could have done before his injury. Neymar has such a high rating in an inferior league because he is an extraordinary player, and is heavily involved in the national team set up, but he is very much an exception.
  15. Re: loan players playing against parent club He didn't 'demand' it, he suggested it. In the suggestions section. You're quite the most objectionable person I've seen on here. You comment on almost everything and almost none of it is constructive. Why not chill out a bit rather than stress yourself out about boosting your post count?
  16. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Very disappointing. You can't afford to give that much space away at this level. That said, all three mackem finishes, as much as it pains me to say, were quality. I got word that Krul is out for the remainder of the season now with a dislocated elbow. Can anyone confirm this?
  17. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Can't wait. I don't get to see many Newcastle matches over here in China (they tend to only air matches involving the title-chasers), but they've shown the derby every year since I've been here. Luckily the Chelsea-City game is on later. Roll on 7.00pm!
  18. Re: Brand New Juventus Any more spaces left, mate?
  19. Re: 'Int' and 'LnL' Badges Perhaps once a player's transfer stated is changed to 'Not Available To Transfer', the 'INT' sticker could be removed? This might help to find a middle ground between the points made above.
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