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  1. Re: Luis Suarez' rating He will rise to 95 if liverpool win premier league or if he perfomrs good with uruguay on world cup this summer
  2. Re: Next German rating Mkhi stay auba +1
  3. Re: Daniel Sturridge 100% 91 in next review.
  4. Re: Martinez and D.Costa ??? Costa +1/2 Martinez +1
  5. Re: Zlatan As long he plays fantastic he will remain his rating. If he lose his form he will start to drop.
  6. Re: Who sell? I would sell these: PARDO, Rubén MD,C© 20 86 MAVRIAS, Charis CO(DSC) 19 85 VAN DER HOORN, Mike D© 20 85 FOULQUIER, Dimitri D,MD,C(D) 20 83
  7. What do you guys think will he rise to 91 in january, february?
  8. Re: Pick 1 of the 3players..... I preffer De Bruyne
  9. Any chance of Matic getting +1 in next few months?
  10. Re: Psg ratings????? Sirigu +1 Matuidi +1 Menez 50% +1 Jallet +1
  11. Re: Zakaria Bakkali people are talking that Bakkali is biggest talent ever in PSV and in what i have seen he would be great if he continue to perform like in previous matches. Should be 90+ in few years.
  12. Re: de sciglio or carvajlho De Sciglio for me
  13. Re: Marco Reus He should rise to 93 soon.
  14. Re: Up and coming RBs De Sciglio Van Rhijn
  15. Re: Ratingggsssssssssssssssssssss Calm down. Jovetic got +1 in last season, and Negredo haven't but playe very good. So if Jovetic keep play good in city, he'll get 92 in about half year.
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