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    Name is Louis.
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    B13 Massive - England & proud!
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    Football, Xbox, Reading, Cinema.
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    BCFC/Barcelona supporter, soccermanager manager.
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    Birmingham City/Barcelona
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    Lionsel Messi, Samuel Eto'o, Zarate, Xavi

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  1. Re: UFC Official Thread We on about nudes here?
  2. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Don't see how people can say penalties are hard, there a piece of ****.
  3. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 a 5 in 1 throwing knife is impossible.
  4. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Just lifted the F.A Cup with Bham
  5. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Managed to re-sign Joe Hart from Man City, a expensive price of £15.8MIL though.
  6. Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion WHAT A BULLET 2-0 Chelsea
  7. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread I was going to go up Solihull tonight, but you know, i've got FIFA to play instead
  8. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Signed Bridge, Gassama & Lukaku for Birmingham.
  9. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Might aswell go to the midnight launch and return the pre-ordered copy and get a refund.
  10. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Got my copy today
  11. Re: The Inbetweeners - Official Thread Not up to the standards of the previous two episodes, but it was good nevertheless, the only major funny part was Jay falling off the bike at the start.
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